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Ray-Ray of Smoke One ENT: ‘Hittin Bowls Stealin Souls’ is Blazing From Start to End

Charles Ray Hill II, better known by his stage name Ray-Ray of Smoke One ENT, is an American rapper and music producer. Born in Flint, Michigan, hailing out of Memphis, TN, Hill moved back and forth from Columbus, Ohio, and Memphis, TN during his childhood and teenage years. He found himself with music in his middle school years, and later started recording in his home studio inside his mother’s house.

In late 2008, he founded the record label Smoke One ENT, accompanied with fellow rappers: C.Childz, J-Stoopid Gutta, Mz. Propa, and his younger brother, Landoe The Great. Smoke One ENT is in conjunction with. Jap Squad M.O.B as of 2009, founded by C.Childz.

By 2010, Hill furnished his home studio, Smoke One Headquarters, located in Horn Lake, MS where he recorded all his music and fellow rappers. He can and could be seen on the Memphis underground rap scene, where he joined other native rappers in Open Mic sessions.

In 2012, Hill released a mixtape consisting of all Smoke One ENT’s artists, on behalf of his incarcerated brother, Landoe The Great, titled “Free Landoe: The Mixtape”.

Hittin Bowls Stealin Souls released April 15, 2014 by Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT features Koopsta Knicca, Five Drexler, J Stoopid Gutta of Smoke One ENT, Amsterdamish, Nasty Andy, & Kaymi Kazi. With production from Carnage of Smoke One ENT, Brownsville Beats, Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT, & Red9Piece.

On Hittin Bowls Stealin Souls the whole set is blazing from start to end. Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT  delivers some tight unheard of lyrics. Though Ray Ray has been down the road some, I never expected this album to be as tight as it is.

Aside from Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT himself, production duties are also shared with Brownsville, Carnage and Red9Piece across the 14 tracks. Over and above the production qualities though, this dude can flow relentlessly over some bouncy beats. He can get hardcore and hot-headed or real raunchy if need be. Mixing cool production, sick flows and some hilarious rhymes too!

With great tracks like “Go To Church”, “Do It For Satan”, “Horns Up”, “Poisonous”, “Mask On”, Took My Soul”, and “Killa Killa”,  Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT has delivered a solid effort that surpasses most of his colleagues and counterparts. He’s as punctilious and confident as someone who’s been in the game for many years.

He flows so well throughout the whole album that it is almost unbelievable.  Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT also has an instantly recognizable voice with tons of punchlines in every song. Along with the features, Koopsta Knicca, Five Drexler, J Stoopid Gutta of Smoke One ENT, Amsterdamish, Nasty Andy and Kaymi Kazi, he really did his thing on this album.

From track one to track fourteen, you won’t need to hit the skip button once. Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT’s wordplay and dope beats are a must. There are lots of down and dirty lyrics too, if that’s your thing!

Hittin Bowls Stealin Souls is an all-round great album. The beats are kicking and the rhymes are tight!

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