Space Owl Blasts Off with “Skidoo”: A Blast from the Past with a Future-Proof Groove!

Fasten your sonic seatbelts, music lovers, because Space Owl is taking flight with “Skidoo,” a previously unreleased gem that’s guaranteed to ignite your inner groove [more…]


In the Heart of Alpha Circle’s ‘Limerick City’ – The Sounds of Resilience

In the independent music industry, few bands possess the power to captivate audiences with their raw energy, compelling narratives, and infectious melodies quite like Alpha [more…]

New Releases

Elevate Your Spirit with Michelle Miller Bell’s ‘I Trust In God’ EP

In the heart of Michelle Miller Bell lies a passion that transcends mere melody; it’s a soul-stirring devotion to her faith, which resonates powerfully through [more…]

Twenty Questions

INTERVIEW: Saxophone Sensation: Duane Parham’s Impact on the Detroit Music Scene

Duane Parham, hailing from the heart of Detroit, Michigan, has sculpted a distinguished 50-year career in jazz, celebrated for his innovative fusion of Smooth Jazz, [more…]


Beyond Limits: The Story of Jonathan Scott and the Singing Carrots Discovery

Jonathan Scott, a rising singer/songwriter from Little Rock, Arkansas, has recently made a groundbreaking discovery in his musical career. After years of singing and practicing, [more…]


MCL’s Musical Alchemy: Inside ‘I Think Of You’ Amberseed 7″ Remix

In the landscape of contemporary music production, the effervescent fusion of eclectic influences and heartfelt storytelling is a rare gem. MCL, the seasoned maestro behind [more…]


Charly Black, Crazy Russian and No Joke Join Forces in ’24 Ball Game’: A Sonic Fusion Redefining Dancehall Brilliance!

In the bustling musical kingdom where contemporary dancehall and reggae meet hand in hand, the collaborative venture of Crazy Russian, Charly Black, and No Joke [more…]

New Releases

B.Gossett’s Musical Baptism: ‘Use Me’ ft. Honcho Smoov & Darnell Williams Echoes Spiritual Resilience

In the realm of emergent talent, B.Gossett stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and musical symbiosis. His debut single, “Use Me,” a [more…]