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X! & Shad W. – “LOVEinDARKNESS” ventures off in a free-spirited sense

Valdosta, GA talents, 19-year-old producer/rapper, X!,  who has a dark themed sound mixed of highly reverbed ambience and hard 808 bass, and 21-year-old producer, ShadDidUMakeThis, who has been creating for about 5 years now, both feature as, X! & Shad W., on a new 7-track + 2 Bonus tracks collection, called “LOVEinDARKNESS”.


“LOVEinDARKNESS” makes your dreams come to life. It doesn’t sugar coat and it doesn’t manipulate your emotions. What it does do is take you to a special place that is indescribable. Yet the feeling never seems to wear off. It takes you there every time you listen to it. The reason many people have not heard this album is that the music just doesn’t have mainstream appeal; it’s strictly for hip-hop sophisticates to enjoy only. The album is X! and ShadDidUMakeThis expressing themselves, which is fine with me. I always want to hear boundless expression in music and this album certainly represents freedom of expression.

The highlights on this album include the bouncing “X! – In Your Shoes [Featuring Shad W.]”, which features a great performance from Shad W, “TREATULIKEUNEED”, a mind-blowing laid back song with dark melodies and harmonic loops, “Telephone Social [All Night Interlude]”, which has an original beat and lyrical choice, “Not Used 2 This”, an original and interesting R&B jam, and “YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT REMIX By X!”, one of the most superb tracks on the album as it has that celestial female vocals and an amazing drum and bass concept. Every song could be a highlight, but as they moves between chilled-out loops backed by equally laid-back, but high energy beats.

Shad W.
Shad W.

The dark melodies prove the album is titled correctly. X! gives straight raw energy, not even the rhymes or vocal hooks can sugar coat his beats, or hold him back. Shad W. on the other hand represents only himself, not caring what others are going to say. Completely in the zone, his tracks compare to no one from this world. His mind state is beyond normal comprehension, as he switches into ecstasy mode in these songs.

This ventures off in a free-spirited sense. “LOVEinDARKNESS” lyrics and beats come together to form a rough and raw feel with plenty of explosive material set to blow up every time you listen to it. Lyrically the album delves in-between the shadows of obscure love relationships and the random acuteness of the sexually unspoken.

Currently there’s not enough variety in the genre because everybody’s trying to cash in on the same monotonous beats and themes – striving to get rich – and hip-hop is dying while they’re trying. We need people with adequate attention to creativity and detail in order to produce better music. X! and ShadDidUMakeThis are fly without huge budgets and anything that has nothing to do whatsoever with true skill. True dealers of dope music, they will expand your mind and have a genuine good time while doing it!


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