The Dennis Lee Foster Project Unveils New Album and Songs of Summer

Kailua-Kona, HI – The latest album from the internationally acclaimed Kailua-Kona band The Dennis Lee Foster Project showcases the group’s signature sound and includes two [more…]


Championing Mental Health Through Music: Dual Diagnosis’ Powerful New EP “Nature of the Beast”

Following the Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s vital to recognize the creative ways artists contribute to this cause. Music has always been a powerful medium [more…]

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First Look: ‘Closed The Very End’ from’s Upcoming Album

“Closed The Very End” is the first single promoting’s second album. Since September last year, the band has released sixteen singles and their debut [more…]

New Releases

Electric Temple Unleashes an Explosive Sonic Odyssey with “Big Black Hole”

In the modern arena of rock music, a new force has emerged, poised to captivate and electrify audiences worldwide. Electric Temple, formed in 2024, brings [more…]


Space Owl Blasts Off with “Skidoo”: A Blast from the Past with a Future-Proof Groove!

Fasten your sonic seatbelts, music lovers, because Space Owl is taking flight with “Skidoo,” a previously unreleased gem that’s guaranteed to ignite your inner groove [more…]

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“Falling” in Love with Saints Down’s Latest Musical Masterpiece

From the heartlands of Southern Ontario, Canada, emerges Saints Down, a band renowned for their masterful blend of emotive lyrics and compelling melodies. Their latest [more…]

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The Unstoppable EH Releases ‘Explore Past and Present’

Eric Hall, or simply EH, is a name synonymous with the raw energy and unyielding power of heavy metal. His latest album, “Explore Past and [more…]

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Breaking the Mold: Boonie Mayfield’s Creative Evolution with ‘Boon Pop: The Mile High Theory’

In the boundless expanse of modern music, where innovation is both the mandate and the mantra, few creators stand as tall as Boonie Mayfield. Known [more…]

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EH’s ‘Fierce’ Album: A Thunderous Return to Rock Dominance!

In the tumultuous landscape of rock music, where trends rise and fall like the tides, one artist stands unwavering, ready to defy expectations and claim [more…]


Dive into the Soul: Rhett May’s Journey of Emotion in “Rock and Roll Emotions – Part One”

In a world where rock music often struggles to capture the raw essence of human emotion, Australian-based artist Rhett May emerges as a beacon of [more…]