Maddison Falls: Bridging Classic Rock Reverence with Modern Innovation in Their Electrifying Single “Both Sides”

In the pulsating heart of the Los Angeles indie rock scene, a dynamic duo is rapidly ascending the ranks, capturing the zeitgeist with their multifaceted [more…]


In the Heart of Alpha Circle’s ‘Limerick City’ – The Sounds of Resilience

In the independent music industry, few bands possess the power to captivate audiences with their raw energy, compelling narratives, and infectious melodies quite like Alpha [more…]

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Captivating Soundscapes: A Journey Through Human Moods’ ‘Capsule Temporelle’

In the echoing corridors of indie rock, where authenticity is king and emotion reigns supreme, there exists a Maine-based gem, a sonic powerhouse known as [more…]

Twenty Questions

Unveiling the Narrative: Winchester 7 & The Runners Discuss ‘The Waking Giant’

Step into a world where imagination meets musical ingenuity, where Winchester 7 & The Runners beckon you on a sonic voyage with their latest creation, [more…]

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AI, Ukuleles, and Rocking Landscapes: Inside Winchester 7 & The Runners’ “The Waking Giant”

Prepare yourselves indie-rock aficionados, for a journey into the depths of imagination and musical innovation, as Atlanta’s very own, Winchester 7 & The Runners, are [more…]

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The Musical Evolution of Sanity of Illusion: Inside the Mesmerizing “Another Day” EP


Sanity of Illusion, the brainchild of the talented musician, producer, and songwriter Steven Garcia, unveils a poignant and introspective journey in their latest EP, “Another [more…]

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Indie Rock Sensations Human Moods Release Enigmatic ‘Timepiece’ EP

Step into the vibrant world of Human Moods, the indie/modern rock sensation hailing from the heart of Maine. Chris Muccino and Sheridan, two local veterans [more…]

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Tony Venuto – ‘20 Years’ exists outside of any fad, phase or trend, and has an almost timeless quality!

Tony Venuto, a guitar-wielding singer-songwriting virtuoso hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, has unleashed a sonic tsunami of indie rock with a distinct New [more…]