Jamsphere is an independent music magazine and radio network that aims at discovering, promoting and divulging top indie music acts around the world, as well as tending a watchful eye towards major music artists of particular interest.


The Jamsphere Indie music magazine looks into and beyond the music, across platforms such as Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Datpiff and Bandcamp, checking out the top indie music players across all genres.

Jamsphere also run a series of music reviews, radio play, press releases and banner advertising campaigns that enables all independent music artists, music labels and music promotion agencies to get themselves promptly promoted and played to a large market, without  the forced “who you know” and “need to know” options.

Jamsphere also runs a prestigious Printed Magazine for indie music artists that is distributed throughout the world and aimed at giving independent music that extra kick. The Jamsphere indie music network also comprises various radio stations, music video hosting services and music magazines dedicated to promoting indie music and independent music artists. Already a major force in the music industry, Jamsphere continues to introduce many more features and services to turbocharge independent music careers and leveling the playing field between major and indie.





Rick Jamm

Jacob Aiden

Buddy Nelson


Dani P

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