JamSphere https://jamsphere.com The Indie Music Magazine & Radio Network! Thu, 01 Dec 2022 02:21:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Cynthia Washington drops the single “I Forgive You” https://jamsphere.com/news/cynthia-washington-drops-the-single-i-forgive-you https://jamsphere.com/news/cynthia-washington-drops-the-single-i-forgive-you#respond Thu, 01 Dec 2022 02:21:32 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54100 My name is Cynthia Washington, and I’m from Hollywood, FL. I attended; Elementary, Jr. High, and High School in Broward; County. I also attended Community College, and a Private College & Vocational School in Broward County. The schools I attended provided Academic, and Skills, so I can get a productive career when I’m an adult. Later, through the years, the courses that I took in art, singing, and writing, became important and more productive in my life. Also going to Church played a big role in my spiritual life, career and growth by being in the choir and shaping, and strengthening my vocals.

I remember when I was in my 40’s I saw a newsletter saying, Makemeasong.com. By NeilEbanks from Pembroke Pines. So I immediately grabbed the Newsletter and since that day I had been writing, and eventually took some of my poems, and turned them into songs. Sometimes at night words of love, and relationships was ringing in my head and I had to do something with that, so I called Neil Ebanks and we started recording, but eventually he , and his wife moved to Nashville and started a family with their newborn child.

That didn’t stop me, because I knew I had a destiny and purpose in life. Eventually, I was referred to other studios where I recorded an Album called’ Sincere Love’, and I’m now working on other releases, based on relationships, and I’m streaming on different platforms. I also took out time to write a book called ‘Growing Up With My Family’, and it’s now being sold on Amazon, Barnes Noble, and Publishing Company Xlibris Books & Platforms, and my own website.


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Crystal Mia pulls heartstrings across the globe with her single, ‘Hope Avenue’ https://jamsphere.com/news/crystal-mia-pulls-heartstrings-across-the-globe-with-her-single-hope-avenue https://jamsphere.com/news/crystal-mia-pulls-heartstrings-across-the-globe-with-her-single-hope-avenue#respond Wed, 30 Nov 2022 23:02:53 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54096 Crystal Mia pulls heartstrings across the globe with her single, ‘Hope Avenue’. The song stands as a powerful reminder that there is healing after heartache. A powerful combination of beautiful instrumentation and profound lyrical sincerity are sure to make this song a go-to choice for anyone looking to add something special to their favorite playlists. This is one of her first releases since her rebrand in 2021 and has been greatly anticipated by her followers. She promises there is more great music on the way. So give it a listen today and let Crystal Mia show you what heartfelt pop music really sounds like.

On a cold winter night, the Texas native strummed her guitar so gently it was barely a whisper in a basement bedroom of her brother’s Utah home. She’d just returned from a date that had left her feeling happy and whole, something she hadn’t felt in years. Crystal wanted to capture the moment and scribbled away the lyrics for her song, ‘Hope Avenue’. She knew right away she had something special. “It felt different.” Crystal said. “I’d written a lot of sad songs, but this was one of the first happy love songs I ever wrote that felt fully authentic to me. It was so personal.” The singer was freshly divorced from a man she’d been with for the better part of a decade.

Heartbroken, she’d chosen to leave Texas and move north for a chance at starting over. Not even 24 hours into her new adventure, she found herself on a lunch date with the guy that would eventually inspire ‘Hope Avenue’. Crystal played the song live multiple times and it was a crowd favorite everywhere she went. It also caught the attention of her listeners all over the world on her live streams. Her family, friends, and followers begged her to record it and distribute it online to popular streaming platforms. When she finally announced the song was in production, her followers banded together to make sure nothing would stop its release. They donated enough money to cover all remaining production costs and the song came out only a short time after.

In a world where so many things seem uncertain, Crystal reminds us that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how much pain we have in the past, love can always be found in our future. There is always hope.


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Cristine Capitulo rolls out the single ‘You’re Not The One’ https://jamsphere.com/news/cristine-capitulo-rolls-out-the-single-youre-not-the-one https://jamsphere.com/news/cristine-capitulo-rolls-out-the-single-youre-not-the-one#respond Wed, 30 Nov 2022 21:58:05 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54093 Cristine Capitulo is a Southern California native and Filipino attorney, singer and songwriter who is taking a leap of faith, detouring from her focus on a legal career so that she can create music that is relatable and inspiring. This emotional tune, inspired by a blend of personal experience and similar situations she’s observed of others, takes a deep dive into the feelings explored when reflecting on the end of a toxic relationship.


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Folk-Rock Band 2AP drops the single ‘Passing By’ https://jamsphere.com/news/folk-rock-band-2ap-drops-the-single-passing-by https://jamsphere.com/news/folk-rock-band-2ap-drops-the-single-passing-by#respond Wed, 30 Nov 2022 12:10:58 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54089 2AP is a folk rock band, our strengths are songs in duets, original guitar riffs and chord progressions in different tunings seasoned with silky tones of piano and bass. About ‘Passing By’: Even this song shouldn’t have been produced at all and yet in three weeks after it´s release, it is reaching more than 5000 new listeners per month with almost 0 fans at the beginning.

‘Passing By’ was written after one of those “family” mornings, when… , when everything is passing by… A few hours later I (Jarek H., frontman of 2AP band) took my guitar and I started playing with tuning and capo and even my fingers were passing by before and after my capo, so after a few minutes the main melody with our lyrics idea “Going through or Passing by” was born.

Btw this jumping over a capo became the basic picture of the artwork of our single. I sent this demo to Lenka K. (cowriter, singer and co-founder of 2AP) and she liked it, so she wrote the “women´s” part of ‘Passing By’ and the song was complete.

In ‘Passing By’ is something evergreen. You can listen to it many times and still you want to listen to it again. Maybe it´s the guitar riffs or layering of our vocals, or a combination of everything. Either way we are very happy that people like it, and we believe it´s just a starter before release of our LP ‘Two Alien Planets’ (coming soon).


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Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine November 2022 https://jamsphere.com/printed-magazine-issues/jamsphere-indie-music-magazine-november-2022 https://jamsphere.com/printed-magazine-issues/jamsphere-indie-music-magazine-november-2022#respond Tue, 29 Nov 2022 18:26:49 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54086 Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine November 2022 – FEATURED THIS MONTH – Shad Rabbani, Josh Karch, Colony Couch, Hartsel, PUPPENGOTT, Luscious Immortal, Prince Prodigal, Dub Propulsion, MOON AND ARIES, Wes Dean, Storied Windows, Rootspence, Ish Soul  – Jamsphere covers all news, reviews, interviews and events of the world’s top independent music artists from all genres. Every month we choose the cream of the crop for our magazine, ready for digital download or to be delivered as a physical printed copy right to your door. Copies are also distributed to industry professionals and music’s top tastemakers, as we continue our quest to make indie irresistible!

Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine November 2022

By Rick Jamm in JAMSPHERE Indie Music Magazine

32 pages, published 11/29/2022

Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine November 2022 – FEATURED THIS MONTH – Shad Rabbani, Josh Karch, Colony Couch, Hartsel, PUPPENGOTT, Luscious Immortal, Prince Prodigal, Dub Propulsion, MOON AND ARIES, Wes Dean, Storied Windows, Rootspence, Ish Soul – Jamsphere covers all news, reviews, interviews and events of the world’s top independent music artists from all genres. Every month we choose the cream of the crop for our magazine, ready for digital…
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MAKI scores ‘FORECLOSURE’ The Movie https://jamsphere.com/news/maki-scores-foreclosure-the-movie https://jamsphere.com/news/maki-scores-foreclosure-the-movie#respond Tue, 29 Nov 2022 01:26:30 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54082 The art-house film FORECLOSURE produced by Natalis Group is now available for streaming and film festivals.  A science fiction drama re-imagined within the classic footage of ‘The Last Man On Earth’ by Italian director Ubaldo Ragona.  Along with the new script is a dynamic music score featuring Maki and the two brilliant composers Alex Pfeffer and Kevin MacLeod.

Building the score for ‘Foreclosure’ Maki uses strong acoustic drum rhythms to capture the movie’s action sequences. Peculiar instrumentation alongside of unusual recorded sounds bring forward the apocalyptic moodiness of the visuals. In several sections, he places the music on equal footing with the Foley to complement each other into a single musical instrument.

A notable part in the anatomy of the ‘Foreclosure’ mix is the realism of the environment the audience feels within the film. Foley, so often the neglected stepchild of dialogue or the muted musical background, is treated as an equal partner in the soundtrack. Maki crafts a Foley track that keeps the audience alert to the reality the characters live in.

Emphasizing the mystique of the ‘Foreclosure’ environmental and political backstory are those unnerving sounds emanating from the sky on a global scale. Strange. Unexplained. Undeniable. We listen to the Earth’s authentic howls, groans and trumpets foretelling the coming end of our existence.  To spice things up even more we hear the shrill of an Aztec ‘death whistle’.

Joining Maki is Alex Pfeffer, a highly sought after composer with numerous credits for triple-A game sound design and music. If you played ‘Wolfenstein II” or ‘Fade To Silence’ you are hearing the talent of Alex in full force. In ‘Foreclosure’ he brings in an enticing Taiko drum section that stands on its own. Kevin MacLeod has worked with Maki on previous film projects and has music credits for box office movies such as ‘Bruno’ and ‘Where The Heart Is’. Kevin’s cinematic percussion beat delivers the movie’s finale in act three.

Driving guitars, orphic synths, orchestral accents and the siren voice of Francesca breathe life and nuance to the hypnotic beat that defines ‘Foreclosure’. When asked about his take on scoring for this short-film Maki said, “Without a doubt the soundtrack reached its full potential with Alex and Kevin’s musical genius. The first showing of the movie received positive reviews and quite frankly the music score we put together does it justice.”

Listen to the soundtrack and watch the movie at https://natalisgroup.xyz/maki-foreclosure/

FORECLOSURE-TRAILER-MakiNatalisGroup from Maki NatalisGroup on Vimeo.

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Memphis-based, Grammy Nominee, Southern Avenue covers Genesis classic, “That’s All” https://jamsphere.com/videos/memphis-based-grammy-nominee-southern-avenue-covers-genesis-classic-thats-all https://jamsphere.com/videos/memphis-based-grammy-nominee-southern-avenue-covers-genesis-classic-thats-all#respond Mon, 28 Nov 2022 23:45:31 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54079

Memphis-based, Grammy Nominee, Southern Avenue puts a funky, groovy spin on the 1983 Genesis classic “That’s All.” While on tour in the UK, Israeli-born guitarist, Ori Naftaly played his bandmates some of his favorite music from UK-based artists that he grew up on. He went deep playing the first three Genesis albums back-to-back and the band went further down the rabbit hole by watching a documentary on the group.

Vocalist Tierinii Jackson had always been a fan of Phil Collins and when it came time for the band to vet songs to cover, Naftaly suggested an 80s-era Genesis hit. Southern Avenue takes the already groovy pop-rock song and gives it a soulful spin with controlled command in the studio that translates into an electrifying banger at live shows.

With Southern Avenue’s funky re-imagination of the classic driven by luscious vocal harmonies and vintage organ and guitar tones, the song is a perfect fit to release on Color Red, record label and music platform founded by Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds.

The band shows no signs of slowing down after their 2020 GRAMMY nomination for Best Contemporary Blues album and maintains an active tour schedule around the globe, earning slots at coveted festivals including Bonaroo and Austin City Limits and supporting prominent acts such as Sheryl Crow, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Jason Mraz, Los Lobos, JJ Grey & Mofro, and more.


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LIFE OF 5AM – “Get On Down” weaves melodic sounds and kinetic percussion! https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/life-of-5am-get-on-down-weaves-melodic-sounds-and-kinetic-percussion https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/life-of-5am-get-on-down-weaves-melodic-sounds-and-kinetic-percussion#respond Mon, 28 Nov 2022 14:47:23 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54075 LIFE OF 5AM is a 22-year-old Swiss producer who has been fascinated by the effect of music since a young age. He eventually taught himself the art of music production and has been on his grind relentless for the last four years.  He mainly producers electronic music and hip-hop- The song “Get On Down” represents his EDM stylings with a subtle experimental flavor. This is the first in a series of releases that LIFE OF 5AM has lined up for 2023, to establish himself in the industry marketplace, alongside his popular peers and contemporaries.

“Get On Down” is a short but sweet track, which serves as an intro to this exciting new world that LIFE OF 5AM is finally letting us into. It’s a snappy and sophisticated arrangement that simultaneously retains that powerful and driven dancefloor feeling. Throughout the track, the producer shows a mastery of arrangement and harmonic elements that most electronic performers do not grasp – let alone possess.

So while the beat is banging with its forward-pushing momentum, everything else is in perfect harmonic sync with each other. With the release of “Get On Down”, LIFE OF 5AM shows off his amazing musicianship, but this can also be described as more mature and developed sound than you can normally expect from a relative newcomer. The track stands out in originality, memorability, and overall quality.


There are enough redeeming qualities about the music itself to warrant “Get On Down” with a recommendation to any electronic music fan. While the concept of gently stretching boundaries is not new, the content itself is.

LIFE OF 5AM is taking a fresh approach without totally ignoring EDM’s most popular tropes, as he works to entice fans to join the ride. He delivers rich and detailed songwriting, advanced sound design, and plenty of other elements that make this track stand out.

The composition of “Get On Down” is enlivened by LIFE OF 5AM’s ability to weave melodic sounds and kinetic percussion and derive energy from their combinations. He is also able to add texture to busy moving parts.

The ragged vocal shards and synth interruptions peek through the track’s bouncing rhythmic surface. The song is at its best when it revels in LIFE OF 5AM’s dexterous instrumental tinkering, which is bolstered by his infectious sense of discovery and ear for experimentation.

Some songs try too hard to impress with musical creativity and integrity, while others overdo the search for popularity or and commercial success. LIFE OF 5AM has a little trouble figuring out what he wants to do, and ultimately strikes a perfect middle ground for accessible creativity built into an easy listening experience. Bustling with sonic color and possibility, LIFE OF 5AM pulls it all off with such sincerity and uncomplicated wonder that each sound and melody feels utterly new and exciting.

“Get On Down” is clearly an artistic leap forward for LIFE OF 5AM. It’s dynamic and ambitious, as well as personal, avoiding the use of a guest vocalist, and depending entirely on his own instrumental and producing prowess.

OFFICIAL LINKS: https://instagram.com/lifeof5am?igshid=ZDdkNTZiNTM=

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Rootspence – “Hello Summer” – strong vocals, intoxicating rhythms and ingenious melodies! https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/rootspence-hello-summer-strong-vocals-intoxicating-rhythms-and-ingenious-melodies https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/rootspence-hello-summer-strong-vocals-intoxicating-rhythms-and-ingenious-melodies#respond Sun, 27 Nov 2022 23:39:23 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54070 Born Helio Sixpence in Malawi in 1983, Rootspence discovered his talent for music from a young age, championed by his church and school educators. And now, while half of the world is engaged with the freezing and restricting temperatures of winter, Rootspence, along with the rest of the planet says “Hello Summer”. This is the title of his freshly released 5-track EP. From Afrobeats to Dancehall, and Reggae, to Afropop, and a whole lot of stylings in-between, the recording delivers a collection of vibrant rhythms, earworm melodies and feel-good vibes.

Leading with a resonant bass, a snappy beat and commanding vocals, “Ubuntu” opens “Hello Summer” and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Rootspence’s voice reaches sky-high as it dances across the hip-swaying beat. His delivery is exciting and lends a certain authority to the proceedings.

Moreover, he flaunts sheer confidence, and unlimited charisma. The rolling percussion and warm keys form a grounded reggae foundation on “Follow Me” ft. Jhalil Wilson, which evolves into different sonic shapes to hold listeners’ attention at all times.

“In Those Jeans” ft. Jhalil Wilson brings on the smooth and sultry vibes with skittering percussion, rumbling basslines and mellifluous vocals wrapped into catchy studio wizardry. The groove is slow and mellow, as it builds a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Fueled by a voice capable of belting high notes with both clarity and grit, Rootspence’s performance toggles between a midrange of sincerity and introspection. It allows the song to sound hypnotically spontaneous and intimate.

“Conqueror” has a nice harmonic structure and a luscious arrangement. This is Rootspence’s in his element and it’s nothing short of awesome. Melodically, this is the most spellbinding track on the project, and it has top 40 written all over it.

The track will satisfy pop listeners looking for music a bit more refined than bass-thumping club songs. All throughout this EP, Rootspence manages to walk the tightrope between conforming to an accessible style and experimenting with song structures while showcasing his immense talent as both a formidable vocalist and a meaningful lyricist.

“Mohamad Aly” delivers the core flavors of roots reggae, with its sticky rhythm, sweet harmonies and ringing horns. While the sheer enjoyability of most of the songs on “Hello Summer” does have a lot to do with the wonderful vocal performances from Rootspence, the production often stands right beside him, as is the case with this track. Nowhere is the combination of Rootspence’s irresistible charisma and the wonderful production more of an unstoppable force than it is here.

Each song on the EP illuminates a different sonic aesthetic, heard through the scope of Rootspence’s tuneful and resonant voice. Throughout, “Hello Summer” retains some of music’s most crucial elements: strong vocals, indelible hooks, intoxicating rhythms and ingenious melodies. These songs come off as very real and genuine, and Rootspence’s nearly perfect vocal performances show his passion for his craft. What we have here is an artist with full confidence in his abilities.

“Hello Summer” leaves a strong impression of an authentic musician. He fits all the right rhythms and rhymes together, anchoring the album down into a superlative feel-good vibe, while showcasing a marvelously combustible voice. You can stream or download Rootspence’s music here: https://songwhip.com/rootspence


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BreakBomb Teams Up With Singer-Songwriter Maxine For New Transcendent Single ‘Gasoline’ https://jamsphere.com/news/breakbomb-teams-up-with-singer-songwriter-maxine-for-new-transcendent-single-gasoline https://jamsphere.com/news/breakbomb-teams-up-with-singer-songwriter-maxine-for-new-transcendent-single-gasoline#respond Fri, 25 Nov 2022 22:26:21 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54065 From the imagination of musical genius Brandon Greenstein, The BreakBomb Project, or simply BreakBomb for short, is a rising outfit that is revolutionizing the EDM scene. After dropping his debut single “World” in 2018, BreakBomb has gone on to create an extensive library of melodic hits. Showcasing his artistic vision, BreakBomb’s first album, The Project, was a booming success.

Carrying on the momentum garnered by his first two years as an artist, BreakBomb’s 2020 anthem “Deep End” received a massive amount of support from TikTok and other social media platforms. Exponentially growing his fanbase, BreakBomb followed this up with “WHY”, which climbed up the radio charts and even earned placements in Spotify’s featured playlists. Now, BreakBomb aims to continue his hot streak with his brand-new single “Gasoline”.

Searching for the perfect vocalist to fit his distinct sound, Breakbomb joins forces with singer-songwriter Maxine on the track. While attending Berklee’s College of Music, Maxine conveys her experiences in life and strong emotions throughout her lyrics. She delivers heavenly vocals that blend seamlessly with the mesmerizing instrumental in “Gasoline”.

Radiating a thumping bassline and interstellar progressions of future bass, “Gasoline” is a dark and cinematic masterpiece. It fuses elements of electronic, indie, and pop, before transitioning into a jaw-dropping drop towards the end of the song. In addition to taking listeners on an ethereal adventure, “Gasoline” foreshadows the bright future that lies ahead for BreakBomb.

BreakBomb’s Bio: The BreakBomb Project (TBBP) is an experimental EDM outfit founded by Brandon Greenstein in July 2018. After the debut of his first single “World”, Greenstein hit the ground running with the production of other popular electronic anthems, like “Breakdown” and “Fly Away”. Wrapping up 2018, Greenstein released “Up ‘Till the Morning”, garnering much success for the young artist. Then, this rising artist went on to drop a new single “One Love”, a teaser that was released at the start of 2019 for TBBP’s debut album, “The Project” which featured hit singles like “Goodnight” and “Ticking”.

In 2020, TBBP began the year with the catchy original, “Deep End.” The song found massive success on TikTok and other social media platforms. Later in the year, Greenstein worked with singer-songwriter Ava Petrillo on “WHY,” which made its way onto radio charts and curated Spotify playlists. Soon came a collaboration with upcoming singer Ryan Violet on “Drugs Don’t Work,” including a music video and support from various producers and DJs. Through its innovation in sound design and infectious style of EDM, The BreakBomb Project continues to set the standard high for future artists.

Maxine’s Bio: Maxine Edmonds is a singer-songwriter currently attending Berklee College of Music. She is constantly writing music with the intentions of expressing her life’s story and creating art that people can relate too. At heart, she is a California girl who loves outdoor adventures and just wants to spread the good vibes.

BreakBomb’s Quote: “Initially I started making this track just for fun, not to officially release under BreakBomb. But after I found Maxine on TikTok, I sent her some of my demos and she liked Gasoline the best. Her writing and vocal performance combined with some unique genre-bending production ended up making one of my favorite songs to date.”

BreakBomb’s Highlights

  • Over a total of 1,000,000 Spotify streams
  • Performed with Zedd, Tiesto, Louis the Child, Madeon, Illenium, Aoki
  • Nominated for Boston Music Awards

BreakBomb’s Socials

Website    Spotify     Apple Music     SoundCloud     Instagram      Twitter      TikTok      YouTube

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Baggalott – “Pit Stop” chock full of sharply crafted wordplay! https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/baggalott-pit-stop-chock-full-of-sharply-crafted-wordplay https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/baggalott-pit-stop-chock-full-of-sharply-crafted-wordplay#respond Fri, 25 Nov 2022 16:17:02 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54061 Baggalott’s single “Pit Stop” feels like an explicit, straight-talking lullaby. Scaling up and down, his rich vocals flutter as strong, dark synths keep his sound grounded. Incorporating intimate musings on sex and emotion into his lyrics, listening to Baggalott’s music feels like reading a diary filled with street tales and bedroom fantasies. A poet at heart, the rapper from Baton Rouge consistently approaches songwriting with an open mind and a strong will. Baggalott presents a polished and clear window into his innermost thoughts, and holds nothing back.

“Pit Stop” is a dynamic, evocative record chock full of sharply crafted wordplay. Containing a textured instrumental that immerses the listener in its atmosphere, the track showcases Baggalott’s immaculate ear for production, and cements him as one of the underground’s top up and coming lyricists today. The rapper’s vivid bars never leave the listener with a dull moment.

Baggalott’s flow and voice is idiosyncratic and highly recognizable, making him stand out in hip-hop’s current landscape and gives the listener a refreshing experience. All throughout “Pit Stop”, the rapper’s gritty delivery and nimble flows are simply captivating, as his detail-rich verses paint crystal-clear pictures for the listener. This dynamic performance shows him as a potential front-running artist.



Baggalott’s addictive and immaculate style excites with off-the-wall rhymes filled with sexual innuendo and personal bravado. He certainly has a natural talent for vivid, unrestrained lyricism. Baggalott comes through with evocatively smart verses and a layered sound that kept us intrigued by the details in both the instrumentation and lyrics. He blends a variety of influences in a stimulating, distinctive style, with sounds that are immediately impactful.

There’s an exciting new wave of rhymers that don’t necessarily adhere to one particular style stepping up to the plate. They are ready to shake things up and smudge the boundaries, while somehow forgetting rap and hip-hop’s classic core essentials. Many are making music, but very few of them are actually any good. Baggalott belongs to different breed. He follows the game’s new, exciting trends, but adheres its old values.

Baggalott’s willingness to be personal and very outspoken, make him an engaging, potent and thought-provoking artist. In a time where authentic talent can often go unnoticed, in favor of studio trickery, Baton Rouge’s Baggalott refuses to be overlooked. With an aura so infectious, his conspicuous and confident presence on the mic, is indisputable, and will leave his mark on audiences far and wide.

Baggalott is already working with a small team, and is looking to expand his reach with other artists, engineers and producers. Moreover, he is also available for modelling and film work. He is in a great position to take things to the next level, so expect nothing but greatness from him, in a number of fields. As soon as the music industry finally catches on, the only way is up for Baggalott.

All of this considered, one cannot help but be curious of what he may have in store for 2023. For serious inquiries, connect with Baggalott on Instagram @baggalott.

OFFICIAL LINKS: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9obt9t4pQr5ILPIrtvBUokekK1ceu9kl

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24k Melodies – “i hatE my life” an intricately woven web of alternative touchstones with a futuristic twist https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/24k-melodies-i-hate-my-life-an-intricately-woven-web-of-alternative-touchstones-with-a-futuristic-twist https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/24k-melodies-i-hate-my-life-an-intricately-woven-web-of-alternative-touchstones-with-a-futuristic-twist#respond Fri, 25 Nov 2022 14:08:30 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54055 Caleb Richardson, professionally known as 24k Melodies, is an aspiring artist from Syracuse, NY. He started to pursue his musical abilities around middle school, developing a love for sound that he could control. On hearing a beat, he would see an open canvas, which fitted his creativity and skills perfectly. He has loved making music since the 8th Grade. The single, “i hatE my life” is a sequel to his chart topping “i lovE my lifE”, which was posted to the Mayk.it app. 24k Melodies undeniably stands out when it comes to colorfully stratifying his personal style and sound. His catchy mellifluous vocal flair and multiple delivery choices between rapping and singing solidifies his trajectory towards finding a bigger audience.

A quick run through his catalog highlights the breadth and depth of his sonic explorations, which are hard to fit into any box. 24k Melodies brings a fresh sound to the growing list of music’s newcomers. Carefully enunciating his lyrics and uniquely delivering smartly created and detailed one-liners, 24k Melodies hits the ground running with “i hatE my life”. Rap has become the most experimental and versatile genre in music and artists like 24k Melodies possess the ability to carve out their own paths by bringing many alternative musical flavors into the game.

On “i hatE my life”, all of 24k Melodies’ artistic threads knit together into an intricately woven web of touchstones with a futuristic twist. He encapsulates all his favorite things about modern music into the track, while never compromising on his individuality. A fast-paced, slippery-tongued delivery is coupled with studio wizardry and relatable lyrics that resonate on both an emotional and cerebral level.

“Wait a minute, hi. Would you make me love my life. Would you make me into a person that’s worse than the worst. And the other guys can’t deny. I hate my life, so I lied. When I said that shit that time. I wasn’t right, I’m not alright. So come in the morning, and leave by the night,” spits 24k Melodies, as he unpacks the song’s narrative. The artist expertly repackages contemporary pop music sensibilities into rap’s storytelling, and alternative rock’s urgency, for an engaging listening experience.

This fearless artist surprises at every turn as he weaves through a myriad of sonic flourishes and effects with ease. His captivating voice and edgy lyricism showing up on any and every occasion to drop killer lines. “I do not love my life. Say that shit until I die. I could never be better than how I am now, for now, I’m up in my prime. I thought that we, were, like one. Didn’t realize. I’m one of nine.”

24k Melodies breaks through the confines of genre, putting a fresh spin on his instrumental progressions and vocal excursions. Conveying personal emotions, his music weaves a web around his listeners, immersing them in his soundscape, as he strives to break the categorical mold. All of this comes with a confidence that few up-and-coming artists have so early on in their career. 24k Melodies is a rising star you need to know.


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Brian Kelly – “Boss Baby” ft. Q the Prince – shaping up to make major strides! https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/brian-kelly-boss-baby-ft-q-the-prince-shaping-up-to-make-major-strides https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/brian-kelly-boss-baby-ft-q-the-prince-shaping-up-to-make-major-strides#respond Fri, 25 Nov 2022 00:36:25 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54050 The world has come to know and love the hard-working emerging artists who continue to earn immense support online and in the streets from fans and critics alike. Rising NY rapper/singer Brian Kelly, who is changing the game with his music and unique personality, is certainly on that list, and bounces back into the limelight with his new single “Boss Baby” ft. Q the Prince from the North Stars Music Group. The track is an anticipation of an upcoming project of love songs, entitled “Brifalfa”. Q the Prince and Brian Kelly went to summer camp together when they were in elementary/middle school. They then reconnected in college at St John’s University. That’s where they began making music together, eventually forming the North Stars Music Group with some of their close friends from the neighborhood.

Brian Kelly

As Brian Kelly continues to build on the foundation of an already impressive discography that speaks for itself, he is an artist more than capable of carrying the torch forward for his craft. There are few artists who can create beguiling songs quite like Brian Kelly.

He pulled it off with “Helluva Time” (ft. Speedy Monsta), and is set to do the same with Boss Baby” ft. Q the Prince. Delivering an intoxicating composite of twisting basslines and a bouncing beat, Kelly flows with his usual nonchalant conversational cadence.

Q the Prince, who last release was the 2021 single, “NYC Love Story”, brings a subtle flourish of urgency to Boss Baby” with his measured and confident rhyming. His lush aural onslaught is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Together with Brian Kelly’s spellbinding vocals, they have all the trappings of a timeless success story, as collaborative crew. Firmly planted in their vision, within the North Stars Music Group, they are shaping up to make major strides in the year to come.

There is an otherworldly quality to Brian Kelly’s music. The New York-based artist’s sonic aesthetic is adorned by a smooth but dynamic instrumental and his strikingly cool delivery that often seems like it’s floating in a world of its own.

Q The Prince

Listening to Kelly often feels like bearing witness to a one-of-a-kind artist. In between intoxicating bars and the skittering hi-hats, the rapper touches upon a sentimental theme.

Whatever newfound sound Brian Kelly’s glides toward, the end result is always the same – an infectious earworm that begs to be played on repeat. The cherry on top is Kelly’s charismatic and soothing vocals, which serve as a vehicle for lyrics that are ripped straight from his mindset.

Brian Kelly is breathing new life into today’s underground music scene with a string of passionate and honest releases. With his incisive lyrics and gift for harnessing captivating storytelling, Kelly sets himself up as a trailblazer.

With Boss Baby” ft. Q the Prince, Brian Kelly is looking to expand upon his already impressive reach and expose his music to a new audience. We can’t wait to see what he does in 2023. His music could very well be the next wave.

https://unitedmasters.com/m/636e65bf1e4cf07974083744 – Song streams
https://www.instagram.com/homealready/?hl=en – Brian Kelly Instagram
https://twitter.com/Homealready2x Brian Kelly Twitter
https://www.instagram.com/q_the_prince/ – Q the Prince Instagram
https://twitter.com/TNS_QThePrince – Q the Prince Twitter

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Zizurrp – “Make It Out” dishes out passion, power and control! https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/zizurrp-make-it-out-dishes-out-passion-power-and-control https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/zizurrp-make-it-out-dishes-out-passion-power-and-control#respond Thu, 24 Nov 2022 03:11:08 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54044 You don’t have to be a fan of emo and post-hardcore to see the pattern here. It’s happened forever, and it still happens. Certain artists toil away in relative obscurity, going against the grain, following their own creative visions. They are fueled by life’s events and experiences, which inspire their music that eventually connects with an audience who can relate. This seems to be the path Syracuse NY based artist, Zizurrp is on, with his single, “Make It Out”. He has been into music since he was a kid, and experienced a sustained amount of loss in his family this year, which inspired him to start dropping his music for public consumption.

“Make It Out” is a beautiful, yet wistfully upbeat and haunting two-minute song, with a driving guitar riff that keeps on your toes, alongside the inevitable roar of the vocals and the slamming drums. Zizurrp perfectly delivers with this song, being sugarcoated-poppy on the outside, yet abrasively heavy at the same time on the inside, it strikes a personal emotional chord with the listener.

Zizurrp has mastered the art of mixing and matching musical aesthetics to concoct an engaging brew of crunchy riffs, mellifluous vocals, chugging rhythms, and lyrics shrouded in personal contemplation.

By the time listeners even register what has hit them, the track devolves into one sticky chorus. Every individual component meshes perfectly, weaving in and out of one another, on a record that is produced almost flawlessly, while maintaining a raw sonic aesthetic.

Zizurrp’s mesmerizing voice, is one that is resonant and nuanced. This distinctiveness adds an additional layer of depth to his exceptional songwriting. Zizurrp has the perfect vocal tones for the alternative, emo and punk sound.

With it, he dishes out passion, power and control, tapping into his influences at the same time. it makes for a very addictive listen. “Make It Out” has a sense of urgency to it, and makes the listener pay attention.

You will find an addictive mixture of groove, melody, and emotion contained in “Make It Out”. Overall, Zizurrp has created a wonderful record that goes straight for the heart and leaves a mark. Driven by life’s inexorable onward flow, the song pours straight out of him. Moreover, this is an incredibly easy track to listen to. It pairs pop songwriting with alternative and emo instrumentation.

This is popular music in the truest sense, both sugary and fierce, loud and banging, and meant to be compulsively played. “Make It Out” almost knocks you out as soon as you hit play, and it only hits harder as you go. The layers of volume keep rising as Zizurrp lays “Make It Out” onto the grindstone and the sparks it sends through the room feel like pyrotechnics, as it crackles with angsty energy.

Today the most beloved underground artists create a tidal wave of momentum for themselves to the point where the industry cannot ignore them. This seems to be the path and strategy taken by Zizurrp. In the end, “Make It Out” provides a terrific showcase for Zizurrp’s talents.

OFFICIAL LINKS: https://www.instagram.com/p/CkEKk4Qus0m/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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Cameron Pluto – “Cloud 9” is written from the perspective of someone in the idealization phase of love https://jamsphere.com/news/cameron-pluto-cloud-9-is-written-from-the-perspective-of-someone-in-the-idealization-phase-of-love https://jamsphere.com/news/cameron-pluto-cloud-9-is-written-from-the-perspective-of-someone-in-the-idealization-phase-of-love#respond Wed, 23 Nov 2022 12:58:56 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54041 As my stage name, Cameron Pluto suggests, the themes of my songs tend to combine otherworldly and metaphysical concepts with everyday experiences around love, heartbreak, and healing. “Cloud 9” is written from the perspective of someone in the idealization phase of love, dreaming of a perfect romance. Together, with sonic influences from the legendary Janet Jackson, it sets the stage for a tragic, yet beautiful ending.


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Vievanessa’s “Walk On By” defies industry standards https://jamsphere.com/news/vievanessas-walk-on-by-defies-industry-standards https://jamsphere.com/news/vievanessas-walk-on-by-defies-industry-standards#respond Wed, 23 Nov 2022 11:57:34 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54037 Vievanessa’s “Walk On By” defies industry standards as a LIVE vocal and guitar performance transformed into a dazzling soul/house remix of old school vibes mixed with a contemporary pop edge.

The natural vocals in this rendition of the Dionne Warwick tune brings a classic energy that shows technology can still sometimes take a back seat to the soul of human performance on a radio-ready production.

Inspired by an eclectic group of artists that span genres and generations, Vievanessa’s soul-based musical experiments are a delight for ears and this song is an introduction to what she has in store for the world to hear.



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J.R.O.D. – “Illusions” was inspired by fear https://jamsphere.com/news/j-r-o-d-illusions-was-inspired-by-fear https://jamsphere.com/news/j-r-o-d-illusions-was-inspired-by-fear#respond Wed, 23 Nov 2022 00:59:12 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54033 This song was inspired by fear, the fear we face being our authentic selves. Fear of accomplishing our wildest dreams because we are afraid of judgment if we fail. The illusions in our minds that we must battle constantly. Once we defeat that fear we find purpose in our passions and can become our greatest selves.

I make music that I hope helps heal people, I have been through some extreme events and have met deaths door on multiple occasions and when things seemed the darkest, I always found a light that guided me through music.

This is music to provoke listeners to think deeper and inspire growth. To let go of the past traumas and mistakes. Allowing an opportunity for a new life to blossom. The artist name J.R.O.D. is short for my full name Joshua Rodriguez but it is also an acronym which stands for “Just Running On a Dream”.

Our dreams are the gasoline the fuel us to our final destination we are a vessel that transcends in creation. If we allow love to lead the way we will find so easily what we were looking for all along.



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NesKoH – “Da li je svijet?” (Is the world?) – an orchestrated cinematic soundscape https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/neskoh-da-li-je-svijet-is-the-world-an-orchestrated-cinematic-soundscape https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/neskoh-da-li-je-svijet-is-the-world-an-orchestrated-cinematic-soundscape#respond Tue, 22 Nov 2022 23:12:48 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54027 “Is the world, is the world, even a little aware that it has everything? Does the world know how to be beautiful at least sometimes?” These are the questions that NesKoH (Nesko Hadžimuratović) – an artist, songwriter and singer, born and raised in Sarajevo – asks in his latest single, “Da li je svijet?” (Is the world?). Musically a departure from what he has done before, the song is presents a serious form of thoughtfulness; it takes you away to a sonic place of wonder, but it’s extremely deep lyrically, very sincere and quite striking.


“Very often I have the feeling that we humans are generally the worst to those we love the most, and feel are closest to us. We have a similar attitude when it comes to our relationship with nature and the only planet we have,” explained NesKoH. “As an active member of Greenpeace, I constantly receive new information regarding the destruction of everything that surrounds us. Unfortunately, I have been finding the main inspiration for my songs in that for a long time,” he concluded.

The music on “Da li je svijet?” (Is the world?) is powerful, vulnerable and surprising. That’s the best part of hearing this record for the first time. The arrangement goes to unexpected and thrilling places, with its orchestrated cinematic soundscape.

Listening to this song, it’s interesting to think that NesKoH is the founder of the well-known German punk band LaminiusX. The dynamics you hear on this record could be evidence of his graduation from the Paris Academy of Music. It certainly lends itself to a completely exciting and gorgeous record.

NesKoH wrote the music and lyrics for the new single, while Marc Hazart was in charge of the arrangement, which signals another international collaboration for the Sarajevo artist who manages his career from Marseille, France.

NesKoH has a penchant for taking simple observations and poeticizing them in a way that makes the ordinary feel like art. His voice is glazed in a pastoral sheen – sad but with a glimmer of hope – as the piano extends the resonance of its rolling resonance keys across the backdrop, which steadily builds into sweeps of shimmering strings.


“Da li je svijet?” (Is the world?) is the best distillation of NesKoH’s conscious work that I can think of: genuine, imaginative, and achingly concerned. He is an artist who captures your mind with his effortlessly imaginative wordplay, and subsequently wins your heart with his vocal sincerity.

Between this elegant, cinematic atmosphere and NesKoH’s cathartic elevation of our planetary experience, one would be hard-pressed to find a better, more thought-provoking record of this nature.To complete the experience of “Da li je svijet?” (Is the world?), NesKoH, who is an active member of Greenpeace, and his team, also created a new video for the song, which was shot in the beautiful fields in France, and features his daughter, Mayna.

Both the song and the video is overflowing with gorgeous yet soul-searching moments. NesKoH knows how to pull at your heartstrings and question your mindset, and does so with frequency on “Da li je svijet?” (Is the world?). It’s the sort of song that checks any sense of grandeur at the door, instead allowing its gentle, moving balladry wash over you and sweep you away.

SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/NesKoH
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/NesKoH/
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/neskoh/
WEBSITE: www.neskoh.com

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Remember Venice – “Here’s To Us Staying Honest…” blasts the cobwebs from the ceiling! https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/remember-venice-heres-to-us-staying-honest-blasts-the-cobwebs-from-the-ceiling https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/remember-venice-heres-to-us-staying-honest-blasts-the-cobwebs-from-the-ceiling#respond Tue, 22 Nov 2022 18:04:06 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=54022 “Here’s To Us Staying Honest…” is a surprise package of nostalgic songs from 2000’s pop-punk and alternative rock stalwarts Remember Venice. The band has embarked on re-releasing songs that are still highly relevant and powerfully evocative, spearheading supersonic rhythms, rip-roaring guitar work, and soaring vocals. The band will startle those who thought this authentic sound had disappeared. Railing against the grain, Remember Venice remind us how to turn up the volume, and ignore the seekers of silence, as they totally blast the cobwebs from the ceiling.

Initially set for release the summer of 2008 “Here’s To Us Staying Honest…” was recorded at Small Room Studio in Yonkers NY, and produced by Anthony Bilancia. The album was written by Ralph Puma and Dan Maher in Ralph’s grandmother’s basement, while they were teens. The album features Ralph on vocals and guitar, Dan on bass, Carl Bauer on lead guitar, as well as Marino Iandolo and Joey Bilancia on additional guitars, and Raff Ferraioli on drums.

The re-release of “Here’s To Us Staying Honest…” isn’t a belated afterthought, or an misguided attempt to recapture past glory. It’s feels fresh and ready to give people the chance to reflect and listen to a band at the height of their powers, who never had the appropriate modern-day tools at their disposal for a certified mass release.

You get well-crafted guitar riffs, and hard-hitting percussion, pulling you through a musical portal into a nostalgic sonic room, where the words spill out life’s experiences. Considering the original release goes back 14 years, the brilliantly weaved lyrics do not fall into backroom of irrelevance, as every strand means something, even today.

Remember Venice are experts at expressing themselves through the written word and driving them musically like a hammer to a nail. The album opens with 23 seconds of bone-crushing guitars on “Intro”, before abruptly switching to the acoustic strum of “The Wedding”, which quickly expands into a fast-paced rhythm and an explosive earworm chorus.

This leads to the adrenaline pumping runaway “There Is No Try”. Musically, it’s exciting and truly resonating. The crunching guitars and dazzling drum work continue to drive the momentum of “Get Up”, before the album switches to the newly remixed and remastered version of the song “Stay” redone by producer Anthony Bilancia.

By this point in the album, another element has already confirmed its status, and that is the lead vocals, which exceeded my expectations. Singer Ralph Puma doesn’t skip a note, and even finds ones that you expect to be out of his reach and range. Ralph, along with his bandmates, seemed well aware of what their talents were when they recorded this album, and they capitalize on nearly all of them.

Chugging muted guitars launch the incendiary groove of “Pills”, as Remember Venice strike all the right nerves with anthemic chants in the choruses. “Heading West” brings another big dose of energy and giant hooks. The pointed guitars are absolutely killer on this track.

The winding intricacy of the guitars, along with the punchy backup provided by the drums, and complemented by the rumbling notes of the basslines, all combine to create one stellar canvas on “Take Me Back”, upon which the vocals work their magic.

The album closes with “The Choice”, which presents yet another spectacular performance by Remember Venice, and especially the guitars. Overall, “Here’s To Us Staying Honest…” is a sensational album, which delivers energetic, passionate and accessible pop-punk and alternative rock. Remember Venice remind us exactly how this music should sound when done right.

OFFICIAL LINKS: https://linktr.ee/remembervenice

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