JamSphere https://jamsphere.com The Indie Music Magazine & Radio Network! Thu, 07 Jul 2022 09:51:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 For BIG DERRI music is a way to express her thoughts without interruption or judgement! https://jamsphere.com/news/for-big-derri-music-is-a-way-to-express-her-thoughts-without-interruption-or-judgement https://jamsphere.com/news/for-big-derri-music-is-a-way-to-express-her-thoughts-without-interruption-or-judgement#respond Thu, 07 Jul 2022 09:51:28 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52193 Twenty-five-year-old Saint Louis, MO creative, Big Derri, used to dance while coming up. She was in all her school’s talent shows but then kind of lost her groove, and is currently working on getting her rhythm back, as she wants to be creating videos.

“I love twerking,” says Big Derri. “To me it’s just expressing that I’m turnt and daring, no matter who turns their nose up at me. Moreover, I am looking to start a career in rap, because that’s how I speak motivation to myself. I have a “You can do whatever you set yourself to” mindset, so my music boosts up my ego,” she concludes.

Since she consistently heard hard lyrics pop into her head, Big Derri made the decision to overturn her doubts and make music. “I love music because it’s a way to express my thoughts, straight through, without interruption or judgement, until the end,” she declares.

Big Derri is on radio rotation with her freestyle track. Follow her on Instagram @_deebee___

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C. Mac – “Lifeboat” & “Rewritten” – a penchant for the eclectic! https://jamsphere.com/reviews/c-mac-lifeboat-rewritten-a-penchant-for-the-eclectic https://jamsphere.com/reviews/c-mac-lifeboat-rewritten-a-penchant-for-the-eclectic#respond Wed, 06 Jul 2022 20:37:51 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52189 Ever since the release of “Born To Be A Rockstar”, C. Mac has been an expert in creating leftfield and moving offerings, set against luscious sonic backdrops which lean on rock and blues flavorings from as far back as the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. Curiously enough, however, the sound is more futuristic than it is retro. Partly due to how the mixes and melodies are arranged and executed, and partly because the vocals are awash with dream-pop-like reverb. The enormous mixes feel so cavernous across every C. Mac track, as liquid guitars are draped across simmering keys and running basslines while the reverb-doused, off-kilter vocals accentuate the sonic size that’s looking to be achieved.

C.Mac does not create your expected garden variety of mainstream musical ditties. This is most definitely an acquired taste for those who prefer their music more challenging and a lot further from the maddening pop crowd. Melodies are dropped with a haughty English nuance naturally built into the vocals, which politely weave and work their way around the busy rhythms that proliferate underneath them. This much can be heard on the rather captivating single, “Lifeboat”.

Having said that, it’s not like this instrumental busyness, or the leftfield vocals are in anyway a problem, especially when there’s so much room for this track to breathe naturally in a way that has an elemental quality that’s intriguing about C. Mac’s work. “Lifeboat” also has more to offer beyond that, especially in how excellently the constructional beat manages to hit.

The gorgeous sway of the basslines and percussion has an understated potency that emerges with the absolute perfect amount of restraint, while the almost spoken-word-like echoing vocals, feel like the ideal backdrop for the slithering, simmering keys. Doubling as both a creative and experimental sound, the single “Lifeboat”, feels distinctly profound in its lyrics and musicianship.

Ambition is the name of the game for C. Mac’s latest effort “Rewritten”, which is more atmospheric than the previous single offerings. This is a record that puts more weight upon textures, feel and storytelling.  With a substantial focus on narrative expansiveness and sonic smolder here, the dynamics in C. Mac’s performance, feels all the more palpable and engaging.

“Rewritten” has been meticulously crafted to eke out as much quivering emotional mass as possible, and it regularly connects for a listen that, even on just a surface level, has a stunning amount of beauty and grace. Maybe it’s just a case of how well the composition hits and the sense of skewed grandeur that comes with it, but something about “Rewritten” just hits in a way that constantly delivers and unravels more with each listen.

This might be C. Mac’s best effort, and it’s poetical lyrics is without a doubt a highlighting factor. Everything is transported to sentimental heights, allowing for the natural emotionality of the song to take the driving seat. C. Mac’s lyricism is ever poignant which is suitably aided by the flexibility in instrumentation that fleets between dream-like and contemplative; somber and ominous; reverie and distant.

To conclude, because of the rather unusual musical palette, to fully savor the sounds of C. Mac requires an open mind and a penchant for the eclectic. In which case, you’ll become easily involved in this blissful musical evolution.


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304fatality – “Reflection” is music that electrifies and pulsates! https://jamsphere.com/reviews/304fatality-reflection-is-music-that-electrifies-and-pulsates https://jamsphere.com/reviews/304fatality-reflection-is-music-that-electrifies-and-pulsates#respond Wed, 06 Jul 2022 12:05:33 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52181 On his single, “Reflection”, you can tell just how hard 304fatality works on his craft, ensuring the track does not just pass by passively. The crunchy guitar-driven production is exploratory, his vocal is enormously flexible, his songwriting relevant and his lyrics eloquent. The young Parkesburg, West Virginia artist has been making music since 2017, incorporating a myriad of styles into his alternative repertoire, and raking in multiple streams in the process. Although the record clocks in at a brisk 2 minutes and forty-four seconds, 304fatality nonetheless packs it with a bevy of ideas and tones.

A strained relationship, emotional restlessness, and a huge amount of introspection build up the track, with an urgent sound that deliciously matches the thoughtful lyrics. 304fatality creates a powerful, emotional sound, one that mimics alienation, anger and longing, with somber, reflective lyrics, while the music is resonant and driving enough to offer some hopeful transcendence. All of which makes 304fatality both the cloud and the ray of light that is shining through the narrative.

One thing is certain; “Reflection” is masterfully constructed – especially if experienced through a good set of headphones. It brings forth some vital light of understanding about the intricacies of relationships and the acknowledgement of one’s self in these complex situations. His personal narrative also seems intended to urge the listener to pay more attention to the consequences of being swept away by someone else’s desirable aura.

“Reflection” is balanced by 304fatality’s sonorously pointed vocal, and his urgently unyielding lyrics, tinged with both vulnerability and tenacity. It’s a mindset that is vital to his ability to churn out relatable music.

It is music that electrifies and pulsates, that’s complex and driven, along with lyrics that tell us a tale, which goes close to the bone and is insightful. This single is one of 304fatality’s finest moments of recorded music.

Despite his very young age, 304fatality shows his songwriting genius, and his musical knowhow, so well that it is difficult not to notice. He is one of the originals in an over-saturated indie scene, and his music studded with an unmatched organic style.

“Reflection” starts with a stern guitar sequence until 304fatality comes in to add fire to the flame. Though never overwhelming, it’s an eventful song, and the chorus builds up the pressure, with vigor and sincerity.

304fatality crafts vivid imagery atop the insistent, propulsive guitar riffs that’s as poignant as it is powerful. There’s an emo element to the record, which swiftly becomes a finely executed alternative journey full of exciting turns, sometimes breathless and racing, sometimes distressed and sprawling, always with a sense of drama at its heart.

Every aspect of this “Reflection” has been constructed with such obvious passion and talent, from start to finish I found myself truly enjoying the sounds coming through the headphones.

Underneath all of the guitar crunch and vocal momentum, is the songwriting finesse that 304fatality prides himself in; with subtle musical and lyrical nuances adding much needed depth to the piece. Ultimately, this is 304fatality at his peak…and he is still in his teens!


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Smoodz – “Questions Thoughts and Feelings” creates a shimmering atmosphere of positive energy! https://jamsphere.com/reviews/smoodz-questions-thoughts-and-feelings-creates-a-shimmering-atmosphere-of-positive-energy https://jamsphere.com/reviews/smoodz-questions-thoughts-and-feelings-creates-a-shimmering-atmosphere-of-positive-energy#respond Tue, 05 Jul 2022 20:19:34 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52172 More often than not, the best tracks in the modern hip-hop era presents an artist’s voice through dynamic sounds, themes and prolific production. Smoodz’s latest single, “Questions Thoughts and Feelings”, does all the above, but manages to score an extra dose of soul and groove thanks to the inclusion of melodic and easy on the ear elements, which engage and mesmerize the listener without raising a sweat. This is a well put together project, and the standout beauty of the single is it’s cohesion.

In stark contrast to many of his peers in hip-hop, Smoodz’s sound isn’t overbearingly aggressive and is in many ways complementary to assured vocal delivery. The allure of Smoodz’s ear-warming voice is that it acts as an emulsifier: it gels together the artist’s verses and adds stabilization to track that cooks and creates a sweet treat for the listener to enjoy.

Curiously, Dray Jaquan Darcy aka Smoodz who was born in Nassau, Bahamas, never had the ambition to make music, although he always listened to it.  In the 10th grade, he was influenced by some friends to take part in a harmless game of battle rap, and subsequently fell in love with it. He started to record songs in his closet using an iPhone and a pair of headphones, which was his studio set up at the time.

After graduating from R.M. Bailey High, he started to try out different recording studios, including Pikliz Beats, OEU Studios and F.I.L.M Studio. Smoodz stayed and worked for a year with the F.I.L.M Studio producer, Zamar Saunders in 2020, before eventually investing in his own studio, and then becoming CEO of his own record label called From The Bottom Records which is based in Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas.

The signing of label’s first artist, Breion, was soon to follow, as was Smoodz own professional success, with the release of his first single as a label signee himself. It hasn’t been an easy road, with many obstacles encountered along the way, but Smoodz believes hard work and perseverance will sustain his journey towards achieving his desired goals. The single, “Questions Thoughts and Feelings”, is further proof that he has embarked on the right pathway.

The effervescent nature of the beat compliments the game of hide-and-go-seek that Smoodz plays with the production. The only thing smoother than his voice may be the way that each verse transitions into the next.

Smoodz has turned all of his experience into a musical gem, creating a completely enjoyable sound. Listening through his playlist, you can note that Smoodz has an endless supply of delivery methods, especially excelling in the sing-song format, which is what can be heard on “Questions Thoughts and Feelings”.

Lyrically, the things Smoodz says are so smartly nuanced it’s easy to grasp what he says because this aspect of the music is so well-crafted. The production on the record is just as consistent, to the point that it creates a shimmering atmosphere of positive energy behind his effective vocabulary. “Questions Thoughts and Feelings” is one of those records where it is more difficult to figure out its flaws than it is to point out what the artist did right.

There is a gleaming brightness that permeates the record, clearly inspiring Smoodz’s current outlook, and which is highly infectious for the listener.  “Questions Thoughts and Feelings” finds Smoodz moving forward as an even more confident musician fully stepping into his gifts.


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Seanxo – “Monster” is full of ideas that explore the artist’s unique musical vision https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/seanxo-monster-is-full-of-ideas-that-explore-the-artists-unique-musical-vision https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/seanxo-monster-is-full-of-ideas-that-explore-the-artists-unique-musical-vision#respond Tue, 05 Jul 2022 15:15:21 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52167 Born and raised in South Carolina, independent artist Seanxo, started music when he was only in the seventh grade, using a school issued laptop and a website then called “Soundtrap”. He has already opened for many artists, including Jetsoo and Killumantii. When I first sat down and listened to Seanxo’s latest EP, entitled “Monster” – an effort full of many ideas that explore the artist’s unique musical vision, I had to double check to make sure that it was indeed an independent artist. The confidence and clarity in which Seanxo creates and presents his musical brand is something I would expect from a seasoned major label artist.

The 4-track recording never seems to falter in what it wants to express, and the entire thing is like a breath of fresh air – authentic and flavored by the groove of the beats, as well as the depth of the layers of sounds and vocals.

Seanxo’s take on life, love and relationships are transcribed into intimate musical diary entries on “Monster”. The lyrics are fleshed out, often simultaneously mordant and emotionally charged, effortlessly crafting a version of sentimental intricacies from Seanxo’s perspective.

These themes are approached in refreshing ways both lyrically and musically, especially in terms of Seanxo’s constantly changing flow, moving effortlessly from sharp bars to soulful crooning, all in one song.

From the outset, with the track “Miss Me”, Seanxo’s skillset seems intent on impressing anyone within listening distance, while at the same time embracing his own authenticity. His voice blends flawlessly with both the instrumentation and the rhythm, in pursuit of an enjoyable, complex, and intimate representation of his musical and personal world. The emotionality and earnestness of Seanxo’s point of view, is instantly perceptible.

“Feel Love” tells another passionate tale, which will keep listeners on their toes. The song writing is good enough to make the mid-tempo skittering arrangement exciting, while Seanxo’s voice switches into full R&B mode.

The artist once again, relies on his ability to create songs that expresses his identity as an every-day man with musical choices that slowly worm their way under your skin. All of which is expertly paired with Seanxo’s versatile vocal style.

“22” builds and evolves in interesting ways, from emotional strings through to booming basslines. Seanxo’s voice is somewhere between melancholy and drenched in sex appeal. His unpredictable flow and changes in octaves will keep ears pointed towards the sound system.

The intensity of the slow pace on the title track “Monster” creates a very natural and intoxication rhythm. This song is an excellent example of Seanxo’s deft vocal capabilities, as each line impresses with slant and nuance that makes it easy to appreciate.

Seanxo is definitely one of the artists to keep an eye on in 2022. He’s coming up at just the right time, with the intent on making a lasting impact. Moreover, the immediately memorable songs on “Monster” have plenty in them that are worth your time and attention. Though only four tracks deep, “Monster” is everything you could have wanted from an artist like Seanxo, and then some.

IG: https://www.instagram.com/realseanxo/
Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@realseanxo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/realseanxo
Streams: https://solo.to/seanxo

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Yung Bookie Da Name – “Honeysuckle” is brimming with sonic texture and ear-catching goodness! https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/yung-bookie-da-name-honeysuckle-is-brimming-with-sonic-texture-and-ear-catching-goodness https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/yung-bookie-da-name-honeysuckle-is-brimming-with-sonic-texture-and-ear-catching-goodness#respond Tue, 05 Jul 2022 11:15:34 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52162 Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Brandon Antwan Elijah Peoples aka Yung Bookie Da Name fell in love with music from a young age, and later found his inspiration in timeless artists such as J Cole, Busta Rhymes, Ice Cube, Nipsey Hustle, Ashanti, and Aaliyah. His moniker is an ode to the Arizona entertainment legend, Brian “Bookie” Matthews, which materialized after they built a bonding friendship. 2022 has been a blistering year for the eighteen-year-old talent, who has dropped a series of stunning singles, including “What Did I Do Wrong”, “Go To War”, and “Fastlane”.

In a musical realm like hip-hop, the rate of creation helps ensure that new music is always available. Rappers and producers from studios to smartphones and from any corner of the globe can release something new, at any given moment. However, what doesn’t happen often, is stumbling across something new that feels eternally fresh, engaging, all embracing, and ultimately necessary to the construction of hip-hop creativity.

For anyone stumbling across Yung Bookie Da Name’s latest single, “Honeysuckle” for the first time, a sense of youthfulness in its sound, blurred with its creator’s animated and versatile aesthetic, will understand that it sounds paramount and keystone in the current scene, which transcends stylistic boxes.

The Phoenix-born rapper and vocalist is carving out his unendingly individualistic sound, release after release. The lyrical wordplay, the melodic transcendentalism, the on point vocals, and the varied subject matter in his tracks, is on its way to being something truly special and truly captivating.

“Honeysuckle”, for the moment, signals the pinnacle of that creative process. Yung Bookie Da Name has refined his sound even further, and in the process, is ready to blow everyone’s mind.

Yung Bookie Da Name pieces together melodic flows and wordplay more dynamically, thoughtfully, and easy on the ear than just about anyone else. Moreover, he does it all while telling a story, above a bouncy, head nodding beat, featuring rolling basslines and jangly guitars.

Brimming with sonic texture and ear-catching goodness, “Honeysuckle”, will capture audiences from any side of the hip-hop fence. The fundamental aspects of what fans love about the genre and culture, are all kept intact here.

Regardless of how you feel about the lyrical or melodic twists and turns hip-hop is engaging, there is always an appreciation for excellent craftsmanship, and that is what Yung Bookie Da Name forges on “Honeysuckle”. He relies on his steadfast delivery and flawless rhyming to push the momentum of the song. There are plenty of elements to go around, for those who want dope beats, slick rhymes, and deep grooves.

Yung Bookie Da Name’s thoughts are clear and pure, and uncover the very essence of his craft, drawing words that relate, and a groove that will move the crowd.

The artist is an able executor of sonic splendor as he utilizes his brightly colored vocal palette to blend words, sing melodies and articulate his emotions and experiences. On “Honeysuckle”, Yung Bookie Da Name continues his artistic evolution while steadily carving out his musical lane.


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Jud A. Moller (3D) – “Unplugged (Acoustic/Freestyle EP 2022)” – A bare-boned amalgam of raw sounds and stories https://jamsphere.com/reviews/jud-a-moller-3d-unplugged-acoustic-freestyle-ep-2022-a-bare-boned-amalgam-of-raw-sounds-and-stories https://jamsphere.com/reviews/jud-a-moller-3d-unplugged-acoustic-freestyle-ep-2022-a-bare-boned-amalgam-of-raw-sounds-and-stories#respond Mon, 04 Jul 2022 19:32:32 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52156 Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, sound engineer, producer and freestyle vocalist, Jud A. Moller (3D) is an unusually left-artist. His multi-genre songs are slapped together by spontaneity and natural evolution, which in turn are fired up by the vibe and feel the composition communicates. Soaked up in reverb, acoustic guitars a drum machine and a solid dose of powerful spirituality, the music on “Unplugged (Acoustic/Freestyle EP 2022)” is devoid of musical pretense, studio gloss, and any excess embellishments that are not essential to the songs themselves. In fact, this recording may sound challenging to any ears that have become accustomed to the pristine, factory produced mainstream releases.

It may also come as a surprise that Jud A. Moller (3D) reaps his influences from acts such as Jimi Hendrix, John Frusciante, Pantera, as well as heavy metal and hard rock music in general. Effectively straddling the space between singer-songwriter and alternative-indie flavors, Jud A. Moller (3D) paints moody, ethereal and echoing soundscapes woven from strumming acoustic guitars and freestyle vocals that twist and turn in melodic loops.

Right from the opening track, “Drifting (acoustic version)”, Jud A. Moller (3D) drags the listener down into his musical rabbit hole. Floating on a harmonious melody line, a steady drumbeat, and a simply strummed guitar, the track instantly gives you an insight into his spontaneous and unpretentious recording aesthetic, where the song matters more than the sonic stylistics.  Jud A. Moller (3D) has established his distinctive style while being unafraid to tinker and experiment, eschewing the conventional and the expected.

“Changes” finds Jud A. Moller (3D) looking at those essential crossroads in life when we need to make life-changing decisions. It displays an artist who has the resolve to take the more difficult path if necessary.

Thankfully he never shirks from taking the listener along with him as he uncovers unblinking introspection, and that’s what makes these songs so brilliant. Moreover, he comes across as an artist who is consistently, and constantly, looking to grow and evolve.

Even before he unfolds the thoughtful narrative on “All GOD’s Children”, it steadily becomes apparent that while Jud A. Moller (3D) may be at times an eclectic or complex musician, he is in full control of his craft and knows exactly what he’s doing. It may all be freestyle and improvised, but he knows exactly what kind of message and vibe he wants to be sending out through each song.

“Goodbye”, which is defined by intense soul-searching, showcases the artist’s ability to make every sentence, every word spoken, sound essential and heavy with resonance. To the point where it becomes captivating. “Afterlife” utilizes a thicker layer of guitars and vocals for a grittier and bigger sound. The result is utterly compelling, and while it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, it’s an alluring and intoxicating mixture for those with an open palate.

Jud A. Moller (3D) closes the EP with “Peaceful Place”, which again features gritty electric guitar interludes, but leans significantly more on its melodic structure and the singer’s storytelling. It’s the type of narrative that Jud A. Moller (3D) can pour out endlessly and effortlessly.

A bare-boned amalgam of raw sounds, stories, and anecdotes, seemingly put together in an unpremeditated fashion, an EP like “Unplugged (Acoustic/Freestyle EP 2022)” shouldn’t work, but it does.


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Check out the latest R&B vibe single “Tell U Some” by Suave_uk featuring Zambian artist Trey PJR https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/check-out-the-latest-rb-vibe-single-tell-u-some-by-suave_uk-featuring-zambian-artist-trey-pjr https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/check-out-the-latest-rb-vibe-single-tell-u-some-by-suave_uk-featuring-zambian-artist-trey-pjr#respond Mon, 04 Jul 2022 11:01:29 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52149 Check out the latest R&B vibe single “Tell U Some” by Suave_uk featuring Zambian artist Trey PJR. The song is already exploding on streaming platforms. Definitely one for your playlist. Follow on all social media streams @Suave_uk.

Suave is an aspiring UK based RNB and Hip Hop urban MC. With origins from South London he has a smooth street style and lyrics laced with sophistication and finesse. Within his music he portrays real messages surrounded by an old-school Hip Hop ambiance.

Suave found his passion for music when performing in the choir at a young age; this rapidly progressed to performing at local shows during his college years. A combination of his rich culture, intelligent lyrical flow and passion for music has brought us to know the MC Suave we know today.

Currently Suave is in the process of producing his first mix tape. This will be available for download on various platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and more. He is currently enjoying hosting at various clubs and venues across the UK and will eventually be looking to go on tour.

He has an abundance of tracks ready to charm and move you so keep up to date with the Suave movement by getting connected on his social media platforms and by signing up to his website.


YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkaIy1BZjGU
Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/suave_uk/tell-u-some-ft-trey-pjr?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
iTunes link: https://music.apple.com/gb/album/tell-u-some-feat-trey-pjr-single/1628502673

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Rapper and educator Jahn Dough releases “The Garden Project” https://jamsphere.com/news/rapper-and-educator-jahn-dough-releases-the-garden-project https://jamsphere.com/news/rapper-and-educator-jahn-dough-releases-the-garden-project#respond Sun, 03 Jul 2022 21:46:33 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52144 Rapper and educator Jahn Dough releases new project “The Garden Project” along with new visual “G Wagon” .The California born artist who lives in Dallas, TX, is heavily influenced by great musicians like Prince and Pharrell, which you can be heard throughout “The Garden Project.”  Possessing a business degree from the University of North Texas, Jahn Dough has been in the education field for several years; however, he has been in tune with music since the age of 7, and creates songs with the intention of changing the narrative not only for black men, but also for creatives in general.

Jahn Dough’s message raps are effective for one basic reason: he is a conscious minded man first, and rapper second. He started out being a songwriter deciding to use his mic skills to address real issues.

Many message-based rappers are focused on the message first and the art form second, which can sometimes make for mediocre music. Jahn Dough is an incredible rapper who addresses righteous themes, over stunning production work that only makes his music that much more powerful.

The tracks on “The Garden Project”  let the listener know that the rapper has a 360 degree vision of life, which makes him seem that much more human, and in turn makes his messages that much more effective. It is further proof of Jahn Dough’s amazing skills on the mic, and proof that hip-hop can be mature without being boring.

Connect with Jahn Dough’s music here: https://linktr.ee/jahndough7203

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Justin Mattock – “She’s Whiskey” is a perfect mix of everything that the artist does so exceedingly well! https://jamsphere.com/reviews/justin-mattock-shes-whiskey-is-a-perfect-mix-of-everything-that-the-artist-does-so-exceedingly-well https://jamsphere.com/reviews/justin-mattock-shes-whiskey-is-a-perfect-mix-of-everything-that-the-artist-does-so-exceedingly-well#respond Sun, 03 Jul 2022 19:47:46 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52140 From rough to smooth, from tough to loose, and from pop-punk right across the board to the country charts, there is nothing that Canadian artist Justin Mattock, cannot do. Since hitting the scene in 2014, he has ventured into a variety of different scenarios and genres. From producing Vancouver based Pop-Rock group, Chase Your Words, which put him on the national radar, to forming the Pop-punk/rock project Woke Up Waiting (later to be Harbourside) which reached fans across the globe, Mattock eventually pursued a solo career, leaning on Country, Pop and Alternative musical flavors to move him up the hill.

His debut single “By Your Side” (Produced by Garrett Ward and Dan BotchThe Renaissance) fired up the attention, and set him up for his new genre launch. Three songs and a quarter million streams collectively later, Mattock’s last single “First Time” hit #4 on the UK Country charts, and caught radio airplay in country music hubs across the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. On June 24th his latest single, “She’s Whiskey” hit media platforms, ready to cement his vision. Here the rising music artist shows the modern country music scene a glimpse of his true talent.

Make no mistake Justin Mattock knows the genre, as he pulls classic elements into modern country with a definite pop twist. Right from the get-go, there are fiddles, sweeping guitars and banging drums underscoring a memorable melody that builds from a sweet bounce into a soaring anthem.

Mattock’s sound is lusciously layered and solid, while the lyrics are smartly relatable and fit into the genre with ease, making for an overall captivating listening experience. The singer-songwriter is as country as they come, and it’s evidenced clearly on “She’s Whiskey”. It sounds as if he was born to make music just like this.

Perfect for radio, the song highlights Mattock’s vocal performance, and an acute sensibility for gorgeous ear-warming hooks. “She’s Whiskey” is fist-pumping dose of sonic fulfillment featuring a rocking rhythm, sunny side up tones, and downhome goodness ready for the windows rolled down under the summer sun.

In a world where music stars are seemingly created overnight in some sort of cloning factory, Justin Mattock is standing on his own two feet while cutting through the thick, and creating his own blistering pathway. Throughout it all, Mattock’s music is the consistent thread as he comes into his own, not only as a singer, but as a songwriter too. “She’s Whiskey” has a great vibe, and you can easily feel Justin Mattock’s infectious good energy throughout the track.

Few artists have demonstrated such a commitment to successfully switching and growing a brand, as Justin Mattock has done in the last year. This kind of commitment will no doubt continue to push him toward the upper echelon of modern country artists on the marketplace today.

“She’s Whiskey” is a perfect mix of everything that Mattock does so exceedingly well. He has everything, from charm to attitude, and as a songwriter, Mattock shines bright on this masterfully written and produced single.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/justinmattock
Twitter: http://twitter.com/justinmattock
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justinmattockmusic
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nasmore – “Safe in my Dreams (reborn)” is lush and richly detailed enough to lose oneself in https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/nasmore-safe-in-my-dreams-reborn-is-lush-and-richly-detailed-enough-to-lose-oneself-in https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/nasmore-safe-in-my-dreams-reborn-is-lush-and-richly-detailed-enough-to-lose-oneself-in#respond Sun, 03 Jul 2022 14:00:28 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52134 The new 2-track EP by Canadian based songwriter, musician and producer, nasmore, “Safe in my Dreams (reborn)”, has its origins in the original recording of “Safe In My Dreams” featuring Eastern European singer Dana Miuccia, and legendary guitarist Neil Taylor – a former Tears for Fears and Robbie Williams band member. The single, which garnered 100K streams on Spotify in just one month, is imbued with an ethereal, rolling melody, accompanied by emotive guitars, sweeping strings and beautiful pianos. The song consistently makes shifts between bold statements and quiet reflection. Apart from the enhancing instrumental and vocal elements brought to the mix by the featured artists, the power of the song lies in it’s prevailing narrative and immersive cinematic aura.

Now if you thought that nasmore had reached the pinnacle of his creative expression with the first chapter of the song, then think again. The 2-track EP, featuring the songs “Safe in my Dreams” (ft. Maltesse), and “Safe in my Dreams – The Story”, actually manage to scale the heights, and even surpass those set by the previous release. As with much of nasmore’s work, the EP is the result of a myriad of sounds, textures and techniques, which are strung together expertly and imaginatively.

“Safe in my Dreams (reborn)” is lush and richly detailed enough to lose oneself in, with sonic levels pitched perfectly in the sweet spot between cinematic ambience and emotional storytelling.

It is impossible to imagine a track like “Safe in my Dreams” (ft. Maltesse) failing to ignite a listener’s fancy, regardless of genre preference. This is music that transcends genre boxing. In the instant that Maltesse introduces the enchanting melody with her smooth and soulful croon, the auditory magic becomes absolutely mesmerizing.

Moreover, it’s nasmore’s mastery at molding the instrumental and melodic elements, as he blends the essential with the embellishing, along with his instinctive control of mood and nuance, that makes this track so hypnotic.

Again, the lyrical narrative is an indispensable part of the song, which draws us into a dark and haunting dreamscape of contrasting distinctions between love and loss, as well as the essence of reality and imaginary. The most awe-inducing moments arrive with Maltesse’s stunning vocal interpretation of these elements.

In “Safe in my Dreams – The Story”, nasmore somehow manages to bottle all of the magic of the vocal version into this spoken word track, which is enhanced by meticulous narrator. The story is one of passion, treachery, death and escape.

“She wasn’t surprised to see him in the room. She wasn’t surprised when her target joined him and engaged in intimate conversation. He was so beautiful. The memory of his taste hadn’t entirely left her lips as she set about assembling her sniper rifle,” are words that form part of the narration, and give us an immediate insight into the complexities at hand.

Behind the evocative spoken word narration, nasmore’s skillset once again highlights the fact that he remains unchallenged when it comes to his ability to create a sound that is at once full-bodied, warm, and filled with textures that enrich the storyline. nasmore’s growth, has seen a rapid and consistent progression, each record building beautifully on the last. “Safe in my Dreams (reborn)” is no exception.

For those in search of expansive soundscapes that heighten the emotive and aural spectrum of pure sensory pleasure, “Safe in my Dreams (reborn)” is rare manna from the sonic heavens. Moving forward, nasmore’s music continues to inspire introspection and contemplation among listeners. It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which this latest EP release will not garner the critical acclaim it so wholeheartedly deserves.


https://jamsphere.com/newreleases/nasmore-safe-in-my-dreams-reborn-is-lush-and-richly-detailed-enough-to-lose-oneself-in/feed 0
Bahar Abbas is currently recording her debut major album https://jamsphere.com/news/bahar-abbas-is-currently-recording-her-debut-major-album https://jamsphere.com/news/bahar-abbas-is-currently-recording-her-debut-major-album#respond Sat, 02 Jul 2022 22:10:31 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52068 From the US to Manila and back. Since she was born, Bahar Abbas has been traveling and absorbing everything around her. The daughter of a Nauruan Mother and East African father; she found her identity and security in her diversity. Abbas has had no shortage of influences to draw from in her rich cultural background, bringing a depth to her music and lyrics that far belies her years. She started out writing songs on her own and began recording in her bedroom studio at 12 years old. Although having to use a fake ID to get in as a teen, Abbas was a regular in the live music and open mic scene. She began writing and recording demos for other artists and working with well-known hip-hop based producers.

While attending high school She held down as many as four part-time jobs at a time, other odd gigs and pursuing music, Abbas gained invaluable experience. She went on the grind doing whatever it took to get her music out there, and being a true D.I.Y artist became a jack-of-all-trades, developing the skills necessary for people to take notice.

She crafted her first Indie Album “Cigarettes and Lies” in 2007 with the title single performing very well on Myspace’s Philippines charts. Furthermore, she used her growing online fan base to book shows in Manila and spent the summer of 08 performing and modeling there. In the fall of 2008, Abbas caught the attention of Universal Records and signed a developmental deal. During that time, she penned songs with numerous well-known writers/producers.

Frustrated with the label’s lack of enthusiasm for the solo album she’d been longing to create, Abbas returned to NC, where she incorporated her experiences of the last few years in a series of new songs, resulting in a unique and fresh sound, with an honesty too often missing in today’s music. 2008’s “This is My Life” Further established Abbas as a talented writer, but would fail to break through to mainstream audiences.

She joined the United States Marine Corps in 2009, and wouldn’t do anything music related again until 2012 when she met model and aspiring rapper Everlasting Jones on the set of a photoshoot. Inspired by Jones’ passion, she began penning songs for other artists again. She would continue to write, occasionally perform, and record. However, Bahar wouldn’t go on to release any official music until 2017’s “Vcked” under her own label ©Sadgirlrecords.

The steamy track and accompanying video (which was removed from YouTube) revealed a new Bahar to the world. One who’s confidence and personality now matched her talent. Fast Forward to 2022, Bahar Abbas is back with her brand-new EP “Fickle Feelings”! The EP fully displays her wide mezzo-soprano range, musicality and lyrical prowess. In accompaniment of this release Abbas also debuted three new collaborative singles with Everlasting Jones who’s spontaneity coupled with the restraint and technicality of Abbas is pure magic.

The two have filmed a music video for their single “Parasite” which is an immediate fan favorite. Abbas is currently recording her debut major album, ‘Pentimento’ set to release December 13, 2022. A seasoned and poised live performer, her ability to create genre bending forward-thinking music promises great things for the future.


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Ladi Miz – New Single “Riding” is on all streaming platforms https://jamsphere.com/news/ladi-miz-new-single-riding-is-on-all-streaming-platforms https://jamsphere.com/news/ladi-miz-new-single-riding-is-on-all-streaming-platforms#respond Sat, 02 Jul 2022 15:07:07 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52129 Ladi Miz is an independent artist, songwriter and author; known for her conscious music however she is very versatile and doesn’t like to be put in a box. Her passion for hip-hop music is about teaching her community and up lifting her people.

Ladi Miz loves to entertain and have fun but her goal is to make a difference by positively impacting her fans. Ladi Miz has her own podcast called “From Da Ground Up Productions” where she has interviewed several legends and provides a platform for other independent artist and business owners. She also started her own publishing company.

Ladi Miz is not just an entertainer she is also an entrepreneur. She has her own company “Peace Mentoring LLC” as a motivational coach and workshop instructor. She is now hosting and promoting events. But it doesn’t stop there Ladi Miz is multi passionate and she now has her own potato chip company called Boss Move Chips.

Riding – Single by Ladi Miz https://music.apple.com/us/album/riding-single/1630576228

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Gotti Mirano has built a lane of his own within the Trap-Metal sound https://jamsphere.com/news/gotti-mirano-has-built-a-lane-of-his-own-within-the-trap-metal-sound https://jamsphere.com/news/gotti-mirano-has-built-a-lane-of-his-own-within-the-trap-metal-sound#respond Fri, 01 Jul 2022 23:38:36 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52125 Tune Tank is behind one of Texas biggest acts Gotti Mirano. He has built a lane of his own within the Trap-Metal sound that takes over diverse crowds. Lyrically, he brings the energy for anyone who dares to stand in his way. Over the course of the last couple of years, Gotti Mirano has fast become one of the most exciting artists of the current wave of trap metal rappers.

Gotti Mirano is a musical manifesto proclaiming his sonic boldness and emotional progression. Although he is still considerably new to the rap game, Gotti quickly made it clear that he would carve out his unique path with his bare hands if he had to. He sounds like a seasoned veteran and continually expands his repertoire each new release.

The slew of releases, which he began dropping in 2014, showcases a ravenous young artist turning his talent into sonic gold. His last album “137” was the pinnacle of his continuing career. It powerfully outlined all of Gotti Mirano’s skillset complexities with absolute clarity as he explored every crevice of his talent. Now his preparing to prove he’s a musical chameleon far beyond what he has shown us so far.

Connect with Gotti Mirano and his music:  https://linktr.ee/gottimirano

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New gospel music sensation, Nattyva takes us on a journey of faith with the single ‘Faith In You’ https://jamsphere.com/news/new-gospel-music-sensation-nattyva-takes-us-on-a-journey-of-faith-with-the-single-faith-in-you https://jamsphere.com/news/new-gospel-music-sensation-nattyva-takes-us-on-a-journey-of-faith-with-the-single-faith-in-you#respond Fri, 01 Jul 2022 19:42:13 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52120 The new gospel music sensation, Nattyva takes us to a journey of faith with this powerful and uplifting message in her hot new gospel single titled ‘Faith In You’. Accompanied by a soft hip-hop beat, Nattyva kept it fresh, interesting, making sure people of all ages and gender want to listen to more of what she has to say.

Anyone familiar with Nattyva’s music knows that most of her songs come with the power in her vocals. However, the first thing that caught my attention when I listened to her single ‘Faith In You’ was the controlled tones she starts with. Of course, it is not long before the typical fierceness in her voice comes with its power to evoke goosebumps. Her vocal tones become even more captivating when she switches to French.

The poignant depth of Nattyva’s narrative easily catches the listener’s attention, in a song that does more than simply titillate the emotions. It brings a strong message of God’s presence, along with the power and beauty of achieving things while sticking to the virtues of the scriptures.  ‘Faith In You’ may be a testimony of Nattyva’s belief and devotion, but it is a song that spurs the listener to throw off whatever restraint might be holding them back and bare their hearts to the Lord.

‘Faith In You’ is the song you want on your playlist when you’re feeling down. It is reminder that the nearness of God is something we may all need, especially as life can get overwhelming at times. Sure, this kind of music mostly appeals to people of faith, but even if you don’t consider church and faith your jam, the message this song relates can still uplift. Moreover, Nattyva also wrote the song, adding authenticity to the recording done at Goat Vision Studios in Ottawa with music producer Drayneh.

Overall, Nattyva’s gets the job done on ‘Faith In You’. That job, of course, is encouraging and uplifting people in this spiritually driven number. All boxes are checked – Awesome vocals, moving lyrics, and alluring, contemporary production. I invite you to join Nattyva on her journey, as she introduces the world to her spiritual inspirations.


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Sardonic and Naz140 join forces on a new EP: “Open Doors” https://jamsphere.com/news/sardonic-and-naz140-join-forces-on-a-new-ep-open-doors https://jamsphere.com/news/sardonic-and-naz140-join-forces-on-a-new-ep-open-doors#respond Fri, 01 Jul 2022 09:48:53 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52112 Sardonic and Naz140 have two different approaches to hip-hop, yet their styles are incredibly complementary, showcasing their great energy and creative chemistry. Recently, these two budding rap talents set out to collaborate on a brand new EP named “Open Doors”. This project is a big achievement for the two, and it is a great calling card to describe their work and vision. What makes “Open Doors” stand out is that the EP is very diverse.

With each song, Sardonic and Naz140 took the opportunity to try new things and showcase their versatility. As a result, the sound of these tracks is catchy, but also very open-ended and creative, combining the punch and warmth that the audience would expect from the best hip-hop, with the daring mentality and forward-thinking attitude that is most commonly associated with the best alternative music out there. One of the songs, “Pain Away,” kicks off with a somber piano melody, showcasing Sardonic and Naz140’s penchant for more emotional and personal lyrics. The piano is sweet and melodic, while the 808s are big and impactful, creating a very compelling contrast.

“Run It Up” has something special to it. This song might remind the audience of modern-day legends such as XXXTENTACION or Lil Uzi Vert, but with a more personal and direct touch. “Open Doors” is one of the most distinctive tracks on this release, and it is not surprising to see that this actually happens to be the title track itself! The song has a really wonderful flow to it, which brings a bass-heavy, massive beat together with some nocturnal and awe-inspiring melodies in the background.

Sardonic and Naz140 brought their best game on this one, so it is not surprising to hear that this is actually the title track of the EP! The song “Split Up” is just as dynamic and memorable, and it has some of the best melodies on the entire release, giving it an emotional vibe as well. Last, but not least, there is also room for “Glass,” an outro that feels like a perfect curtain closer to this EP overall.

Find out more and listen:



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Austin-based artist Delicate Noise releases hence EP, his fifth collection of ambient music https://jamsphere.com/news/austin-based-artist-delicate-noise-releases-hence-ep-his-fifth-collection-of-ambient-music https://jamsphere.com/news/austin-based-artist-delicate-noise-releases-hence-ep-his-fifth-collection-of-ambient-music#respond Thu, 30 Jun 2022 16:01:34 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52108 Ambient musician Delicate Noise (aka Mark Andrushko) returns with his latest masterpiece of cinematic sound in the form of hence EP. It follows on from five previous albums and yet again this four-track EP is saturated in mystery, spaciousness and imagination, which the artist himself describes as “best enjoyed with headphones, listening to it at night, with a glass of cabernet…”  

While some musicians craft songs that fit neatly into the three minute thirty second status quo with clearly defined boundaries and limited interpretations, Delicate Noise opens up his musical world to extend beyond such previously defined lines. That’s not to say that this musician unleashes unbridled chaos either; his sonic experimentation reflects that of impressionist painters, even the artwork for hence EP recalls the lesser known Olive Trees series of Vincent Van Gogh.

Mark Andrusko

As you stare into those wind-warped branches of the artwork, your mind’s eye will begin to add color and sounds through the EP’s first track “cacophony”. The listener will be drawn into the disparate and hauntingly beautiful ambience of this track; an alien soundscape that is peppered with static scratches and dropping, scattered notes.

Once ingratiated into the unearthly realm of this EP, you’ll move on into second track, “mellifluous”. Its hovering atmosphere develops into a deeper resonance as the song progresses, portraying the mesmeric ebb and flow of waves crashing against the shore. The recording is smooth and effortless.

Third EP track “blatherskite” may be the shortest of the collection at just over five minutes, but it’s the most impactful. There’s a sudden alertness brought through the unpredictable piano interjections, which play off against the metallic intensity that grows and then fades. The listener is surely kept on their toes with this one.

Delicate Noise closes your sonic journey into the unknown with “submontane”. It’s a sonorous deep dive into the shadowy underbelly of the artist’s cinematic style, where long, sustained sounds continually overlay one another. It’s an impossibly hypnotic listen and one that shows off the artist’s fine-tuned composition abilities.

Any listener will find themselves returning to these tracks time and time again and upon each listen there will be something new to discover within the subtleties and sophistication of the EP.

Mark Andrushko is a professional cinematic sound artist originally from the windy city Chicago, before marinating in the creatively diverse world of Los Angeles, and now finds himself in the musician’s heartland of Austin, Texas. Inspired by the genre-defining likes of Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode, although that’s not entirely apparent in his sound, the musician has already released five albums under the Delicate Noise moniker. 

 hence EP is now available on all streaming platforms

 Keep up to date with Delicate Noise on the Official Website, Bandcamp and Instagram.

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Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine June 2022 https://jamsphere.com/printed-magazine-issues/jamsphere-indie-music-magazine-june-2022 https://jamsphere.com/printed-magazine-issues/jamsphere-indie-music-magazine-june-2022#respond Thu, 30 Jun 2022 08:13:17 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52104 Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine June 2022 – FEATURED THIS MONTH – Ice Lavont, Herman Martinez, T.U.Savant, DSwervo, Fly Project, MarJa’Kim, Shifta, NGHT WLVS, Presley Duyck, JezzyMan, Young_Lovers_242, Thy Veils, LUCA BRWN  – Jamsphere covers all news, reviews, interviews and events of the world’s top independent music artists from all genres. Every month we choose the cream of the crop for our magazine, ready for digital download or to be delivered as a physical printed copy right to your door. Copies are also distributed to industry professionals and music’s top tastemakers, as we continue our quest to make indie irresistible!

Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine June 2022

By Rick Jamm in JAMSPHERE Indie Music Magazine

32 pages, published 6/30/2022

Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine June 2022 – FEATURED THIS MONTH – Ice Lavont, Herman Martinez, T.U.Savant, DSwervo, Fly Project, MarJa’Kim, Shifta, NGHT WLVS, Presley Duyck, JezzyMan, Young_Lovers_242, Thy Veils, LUCA BRWN – Jamsphere covers all news, reviews, interviews and events of the world’s top independent music artists from all genres. Every month we choose the cream of the crop for our magazine, ready for digital download or to be…
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Doug Cash – “All I Can Ask” puts his honest words and performing talents at the forefront of a solid tune! https://jamsphere.com/videos/doug-cash-all-i-can-ask-puts-his-honest-words-and-performing-talents-at-the-forefront-of-a-solid-tune https://jamsphere.com/videos/doug-cash-all-i-can-ask-puts-his-honest-words-and-performing-talents-at-the-forefront-of-a-solid-tune#respond Tue, 28 Jun 2022 21:18:55 +0000 https://jamsphere.com/?p=52098 So let’s start at the end.  Overall, singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and CEO / Owner of Pryor 2 What? Records and Music Publishing, Doug Cash brings the heat on the single, “All I Can Ask”.  The production, specifically the arrangement and the instrumental, is superb. Production and songwriting aside, the songwriting is solid as well, and the song wouldn’t be possible without the soulful vocals of Doug Cash, who is magnificently supported by Lindsay Marie on the mic. It’s living, breathing, pulsating, music, and if you’re not moving and grooving, best check your pulse. This song has all the trademarks of the golden years of Soul, as well as rhythm and blues with an unusual Americana twist. It’s fine to draw influence from classic music sounds, but rarely can you capture its essence and match its quality. Yet somehow, Doug Cash seems to do just that on “All I Can Ask”.

Through the years, Doug Cash has staked his name to his songwriting, and “All I Can Ask” catches it at its crest. In reality, Cash’s latest is a different angle on the same aching verve that’s spilled out of him for the last decade. But the chord it strikes is no less cutting, as he wrings out his heart: “So lost and out of place. The pain the cost. Across my face. What we once had you gave away. And all I can ask is why’d you do it. Dared to care. To try once more. More than my share. Of being screwed like a whore. What we once had you gave away. And all I can ask is why’d you do it.”

You can feel the melancholy and hopelessness tinged with desperation to make sense of a relationship gone awry. Whatever or whoever the song is about; anyone who listens is bound to apply it to someone close in their lives.

“All I Can Ask”  is a song which is what it sounds like if you’re relying on the melody and instrumentals to guide you on the mood of the track overall.  It is worth noting again that Doug Cash’s rich voice is front and center in this song and this is where the track gets its strength.

You’ll keep hearing the talent of Cash’s delivery in “All I Can Ask” when he practically unfolds the narrative, and allows Lindsay Marie to add an extra vocal dynamic to the track. If this is what we should expect from Doug Cash’s solo work from here on out, I’m all for it.

The listener will be happy to experience powerful emotions in response to Cash’s songwriting and performance. This record is a slow burn that requires multiple listens in order to fully process and appreciate its artistry, besides the obvious and immediate payoffs.

As you listen to “All I Can Ask”, it becomes increasingly clear that this track was written at the height of Doug Cash’s creative powers. Cash is a whole lot more than just another Americana troubadour armed with an acoustic guitar and a great singing voice.

When Doug Cash puts his honest words and performing talents at the forefront of a solid tune, it can only come across as captivatingly genuine. “All I Can Ask”, is a song that is rooted, and plucked straight from Doug Cash’s organic musical alchemy.


https://jamsphere.com/videos/doug-cash-all-i-can-ask-puts-his-honest-words-and-performing-talents-at-the-forefront-of-a-solid-tune/feed 0