JamSphere http://jamsphere.com The Indie Music Magazine & Radio Network! Sun, 11 Apr 2021 05:15:33 +0000 en-US hourly 1 BigJohn – ‘Different Den’ Ft. Too Clean is an immediately gripping sound http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/bigjohn-different-den-ft-too-clean-is-an-immediately-gripping-sound http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/bigjohn-different-den-ft-too-clean-is-an-immediately-gripping-sound#respond Sun, 11 Apr 2021 05:10:26 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45441 Recording artist John Anthony Ziegler was born in Columbus, Ohio. He later changed his stage name to BigJohn, and founded the production label BigJohn Entertainment that has been instrumental in his growth and exposure as an artist. ‘Different Den’ Ft. Too Clean is the artist’s latest single release and he shows no sign of slowing down or losing his touch. Something about this track feels spiritual, as the flow and the conscious wordplay allows the song to sound fresh yet old school. Hip-hop and rap nowadays are filled with rappers who rely solely on the hype and production of the track to keep the listener entranced. This is simply not the case for BigJohn, as he blends substance with style.

BigJohn is steadily carving out a place in his hip hop that plays to the great energy of the past while avoiding many of the tropes that can hurt artists. He delivers consistently strong rhymes on ‘Different Den’, as he and Too Clean investigate the sufferance from injustices, poverty and discrimination, in a hateful world. They take your hand and leads you through a minefield of social issues.

There’s an immediately gripping sound to the track as BigJohn brings an urgent tone out in his rhymes to keep the momentum on the track moving. He has a great way of expressing his views. He doesn’t need to put on an act or drench his delivery with bravado because he believes what he’s saying, and maybe you should too. BigJohn’s confident delivery infuses these words with a pride so unapologetic that you have to respect it.

BigJohn’s flow makes complicated sound easy, with a sense of cool that’s just timeless. The auditory aspect is rounded off by a pristine piano-driven production across the track. BigJohn is a conceptual mastermind. He has a flair for entrenching himself in a theme and crafting his songs in a way that immerses the listener into his headspace. Each project carries with it a different sound and lesson, but with the same lyrical prowess.

On ‘Different Den’ Ft. Too Clean, the wordsmith leaves no verse unconquered, weaving in and out of flows effortlessly. He makes music that comes across as if he’s inviting you into a deep conversation. BigJohn has proved to be a student of music and culture and continues to use his knowledge to help him evolve as an artist able to dig deeper with each project while still maintaining a modern and boundary pushing style.

The rapper’s sound has developed notably since his last release, as he refuses to settle in the heart of a one single style. This record is a definite step up for BigJohn. This is an emcee with serious chops, not just as one of the most potent and subtly charismatic rappers I’ve heard in some time, but also proving himself as a thoughtful but hard-hitting presence who is willing to experiment with poise and consideration.

Since the first time I heard him, I’ve always liked BigJohn as a rapper and as a presence behind the microphone. With ‘Different Den’ Ft. Too Clean, he has simply cemented my views.  It also helps that his featured guest is on point too.


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T Capo – ‘Londono Lietuvis’ shows the inner craft of a true artist http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/t-capo-londono-lietuvis-shows-the-inner-craft-of-a-true-artist http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/t-capo-londono-lietuvis-shows-the-inner-craft-of-a-true-artist#respond Sun, 11 Apr 2021 02:52:38 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45436 T Capo is an artist, singer, and songwriter originating from Daugai, Lithuania, and now based in London, England. Starting at the age of twelve, T Capo has developed and rebranded his style and sound to what it is today. He seeks to create music that will inspire people around the world, and has just released his 6 track EP, entitled ‘Londono Lietuvis’. He sets the bar high on this recording. One can’t help but fall in love with the beginning of this album, “Intro” (Arrival). On the track, T Capo begins like an artist who knows he’s about to snatch the souls of listeners with his lyrics, as he describes a life changing voyage into a new country without his parents as a child.

While most rappers aim to draw attention to themselves, T Capo opts to focus on the message and the audience who needs to hear this story most. It’s a heartfelt performance from T Capo which will resonate with a lot of people. The artist’s descriptive storytelling will keep listeners glued to the speakers. One can also predict his smooth delivery from the foundation the beat lays for his bars on “Intro” (Arrival).

‘Londono Lietuvis’ is a declaration of authenticity and a dedication to delivering verisimilitude, engorged with energetic raps and brimming with deep observations. It’s T Capo at his most bare and his most relatable, finally enabling us to understand the full spectrum of who he is. His projects have all had strong links to concepts, exploring anger, healing, thoughtfulness, hope and desire. “I Don’t Need You” is a self-empowering anthem.

 “I don’t need you. No, I don’t need you. Only need me in this life, and it’s true,” sings T Capo, emphasizing how we need to depend on ourselves to achieve our goals in life, as everybody else is always trying to bring you down. It’s beautiful, pressing, and indicative of a man looking to get more out of the world than what was initially offered to him. T Capo’s ability to make the audience empathize with his struggles has never been more captivating. His flow bites with menace brewing just beneath the surface of every word.

The atmosphere lightens up on “Only Fan” ft. Rayane Aznag, which brings a mellifluous groove. This is one of those elegant blends with silky supporting vocals that weave together the track’s disparate parts for a mesmerizing wave of melody.

Azbag is superb on the hook, while T Capo brings up the song’s desirous narrative. The EP is at its strongest when it goes full in on that mesmerizingly simple urbane aesthetic which comes forth on “Pack”. T Capo rides the beat with urgency, delivering the most authentic experience possible.

“I Could Be Gone” ft. Viktorija Faith pulls the listener in for a brief soulful interlude that trickles down into the ears with its wistful singing and T Capo’s resoundingly fresh delivery. As he continues to refine his ability to captivate without preaching. The song oozes ambience, while T Capo’s commitment to lyricism comes out in multilayered bursts of wordplay. Up to this point of the EP, the production has been carefully curated by Ayare Beats.

‘Londono Lietuvis’ closes down with the track, “Lithuanian Legend” ft. Kilo Tips, which was produced by Mir. T Capo’s melodic tone of voice combined with his gift for riding beats make for a very pleasing listen on this track which bounces forward on a throbbing beat.

All across this EP, T Capo is comfortable and focused, openly brandishing the lyrical weaponry he first hinted to, on his earlier works. ‘Londono Lietuvis’ shows the inner craft of a true artist.


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T’Chanel is ready to share something very special with the world http://jamsphere.com/news/tchanel-is-ready-to-share-something-very-special-with-the-world http://jamsphere.com/news/tchanel-is-ready-to-share-something-very-special-with-the-world#respond Sun, 11 Apr 2021 00:48:01 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45432 T’Chanel has a way of engaging her audience with a unique sound. She approaches the mic with her matchless skills to run tight verses as well as hold an impeccable harmony. She will be dropping an album soon and expresses her personal struggles and how she survived. She has embraced more of a spiritual side of her gift and she is ready to share something very special with the world. T’Chanel is currently on radio rotation with the track “Is It A Dream”.

Born in Shreveport Louisiana, T’Chanel was raised in a Baptist church where her great-grand mother was the Pastor. Growing up surrounded by the sounds of southern Gospel, she could not help but to develop a love for music and began singing in the church choir at age 5.

Under the tutelage of her mother, a vocalist, and her aunt a vocalist and the church pianist, T’Chanel began to develop her musical acumen and cultivated her ear for music. Her style has been described as vibrant, soulful, and evocative. Her words resonate with a generation and her powerful voice stands out amidst the crowd.


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Stunning Hip Hop and R&B Fusions that inspires: Key Notes Unveils Phenomenal New Album http://jamsphere.com/news/stunning-hip-hop-and-rb-fusions-that-inspires-key-notes-unveils-phenomenal-new-album http://jamsphere.com/news/stunning-hip-hop-and-rb-fusions-that-inspires-key-notes-unveils-phenomenal-new-album#respond Sun, 11 Apr 2021 00:03:52 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45427 Melding the dynamic genres of R&B and Hip-Hop fusion music, budding vocalist and songwriter Key Notes is on the right path to climb his rightful position atop all charts with his new feature album ‘Its Time.’

An up-and-coming sensation, Key Notes is a true powerhouse of R&B and Rap mixes. Having collaborated on remarkable tracks with renowned icons of the industry, the budding maestro is now reaching new heights and is determined to break barriers with his newly released album ‘Its Time.’

Having released on April 2nd ‘2021, the album is a synergistic harmonious storytelling of the ever changing faces of life. Key Notes flawlessly encapsulates soul-shaking lyricism melded with powerful and impressive vocals, ultimately creating Hip Hop singles that are sure to become hits everywhere.

The album’s first released single, “All These People” featuring the iconic Drake, blends and  balances a unparalleled musical composition, with unforgettable songwriting that features Key Notes at his finest.

The growing sensation is seen narrating a soulful and relatable story, staying true to his unique tastes and talents. With his strong R&B vocals, Key Notes succeeds in using hip beats and brilliant songwriting to capture the true vibe of the genre. Featured by moving and striking vocals by Drake, the single provides a fresh track, which is invigorated by Key Notes’ personal touch.

The up-and-coming artist hopes to stimulate fans of his music, to relate and connect with his own intimate yet life-altering experiences. His exceptional and engaging new album culminates singles such as “Here for the Weekend” ft T-Pain, “On God” Ft DaBaby and Beautiful Ft Chris Brown.

Additionally, the collaboration with Tory Lanez on “Gulity” are bound to become anthems,  that put the artist up against the likes of The Weekend and Drake as a true and moving R&B musician, blending sensual songwriting with ease and artistry. Apart from these features, Key Notes solo tracks on the album is outstanding.

 “This is not just about me…it’s about all of us” says the talented Key Notes on the release of  another Hip Hop composition, that builds on the legacy of his inspiring and motivational tracks such as “Blackout”.

About: Up-and-coming R&B prodigy, Key Notes is a motivating and multi-talented singer and songwriter, who was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. Named Keyon Dunston at birth, the singer      began testing his artistic abilities and talents through freestyle rap at the age of 12. Growing up, the self-styled Key Notes developed his own unique rhythms and style, melding R&B and Rap music with finesse. Successfully crafting hip singles such as ‘’Blackout” and “Whip” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, the gifted maestro is becoming a growing force in the Hip Hop world. Key Notes has also set his name in stone with hit collaborations with industry icons such as DaBaby and Drake.  With ‘Its Time’, Key Notes is driven to establish his position in the R&B world, with the magnificent 14-track long album.

To learn more about Key Notes’ new music or for press interviews and other promotional access, reach out to the artist via the links below.

Contact Information:


Dajon Young

Partner/COO – 26 Records dajon@26records.com www.26records.com (818) 483-4408 (ext 103)


Anthony Bovell A.Bovell@26records.com www.26records.com


Brandon Carter Brandon.Carter@megatronmuzik.com

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YouTube https://youtube.com/iamkeynotes

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Social Distance – “Outside Your House” – 3 minutes of adrenaline pumped sonic euphoria! http://jamsphere.com/reviews/social-distance-outside-your-house-3-minutes-of-adrenaline-pumped-sonic-euphoria http://jamsphere.com/reviews/social-distance-outside-your-house-3-minutes-of-adrenaline-pumped-sonic-euphoria#respond Sat, 10 Apr 2021 15:37:37 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45422 The world has rarely felt more in need of the punk music’s frothing takedowns of corrupt powers and social injustice. Recognizing this, Social Distance – brought together out of quarantine from their Los Angeles base – serve as a reminder that the anti-social world imposed by the pandemic is the perfect backdrop for anti-social music. Lead singer and bassist LateNite Leah is paired with the distorted guitars of Mike Duran and the machine gun drums of Kris Kotton, as they blend melodic chimes with hardcore grind. Their first single “Outside Your House” – an account of a meth-head stalker armed with a ray gun and paranoia, drops officially on April 25th.

The song bursts open like a blister, as a hot-headed tirade from LateNite Leah rushes across the bone-crushing soundscape that resembles a rollercoaster ride – slow, fast, up, down, boom, crash, and bang. Almost 3 minutes of adrenaline pumped sonic euphoria.

This may be punk, but the track’s professional nature is indicative of the trio’s technical prowess. Expertly mixed, entertaining and flamboyant, this track gets straight to the point without any frivolous bullshit. On the surface, “Outside Your House” may seem fairly simple and straightforward musically. A closer inspection reveals complex layering, a multitude of instrumental effects and an intriguing melody in between the chants.

It sets the stage for a track packed with splitting guitar riffs and banging percussion accompanied by accosting lyricism and soaring vocals. Though the song is aggressive, and racy, it remains very approachable and teasing for the casual listener.

“Outside Your House” is both timely and cautionary in its take on the modern societal scene, fulfilling a necessary release for the times. Social Distance’s music feels as relevant and important as punk music has ever sounded.

They have this twisted rallying camaraderie embedded in their sound which keeps a song like “Outside Your House” totally relatable and listenable. They radiate with an emboldened energy in an era permeated by constant fearmongering.

“I wanna shock you with my ray gun. I wanna shock you right now. I’m outside your house. You know you like it. I’ll stay all night. Oh baby don’t fight it. I’ll shoot you right,” exclaims LateNite Leah, her tones are both sexily playful and deadly threatening, as she concludes her onslaught: “Don’t call the FBI. Don’t call the CIA. Don’t call your mom and dad. Just call me every night.” There is an unbeatable wave of frivolous optimism in these words. Her ambitions are made clear.

The confidence heard in the lyrics is enhanced by the driving music. Social Distance have radio-ready hooks and they have LateNite Leah’s wry, powerful purr-to-a-growl. They have attitude, but they also have sound. Plenty of it. It’s what gives their music guts, and a raw emotional feeling.

“Outside Your House” is a seemingly effortless meshing together of these elements, and Social Distance’s musical aspirations. What results is a powerful punk-rock blueprint for the 21st Century.

Check out our Instagram for latest news, videos, and tour dates – @SocialDistancepunkrock.


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Rawchaa – “Dark Place” is wrapped up in relationship and emotional intricacies http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/rawchaa-dark-place-is-wrapped-up-in-relationship-and-emotional-intricacies http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/rawchaa-dark-place-is-wrapped-up-in-relationship-and-emotional-intricacies#respond Sat, 10 Apr 2021 13:14:13 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45415 Rawchaa is based out of Detroit Michigan. He has been producing since 2009, and was once a part of the group 2-11 out of Detroit. Currently the artist is promoting his brand new single, “Dark Place”. When you connect the dots, after carefully listening to this recording, you are able to see the story come full circle.

In this precise moment Rawchaa is no longer just a rapper or a producer, but a true artist. Here he shows what makes an artist great and not just good – the ability to tell a story that will resonate with an audience.

“Dark Place” is wrapped up in relationship and emotional intricacies. Too often artists set out to make a record for themselves not for the masses, but they forget to make music that will resonate with the world.

Not only did Rawchaa make a record that is truly for himself, but he also made a record that is going to creep into the hearts and the conscience of many who have lived similar experiences.  The track gives us a glimpse into Rawchaa mindset at the stage of life he’s going through.

It feels like he writes the music from his point of view, but in such a way that when you listen to the track, it feels like you’re walking in his shoes with the vibes he is sending. He is clearly at a stage now where he can create freely and not have to worry about any label restrictions, and this comes through in the free-flowing music, as he blends a serious R&B beat with easy on the ear rapped verses.

Rawchaa should really be commended on putting out a project of such high standard. Right now it may sound like I am riding Rawchaa but to be fair, he really did deliver on “Dark Place”.

It seems like the artist has touched all bases, crossing out the necessary boxes on this track, as he delivers a combination of great production, word play, substance, and a bit of slow groove vibe to make the song an easy listen and a gem.

“Dark Place” is simply Rawchaa in his element, immersed in soulful production, while bearing his soul at the same time. It’s an honest, introspective Rawchaa that just about anybody can fall for. While most rappers are too scared to open up, Rawchaa has no problem being frank about both his insecurities and his certainties. It’s these type of tracks that will deeply resonate with listeners.

Throughout the track, it seems as if Rawchaa is just trying to make the best music that people can relate to, and his honesty shines through and through. “Dark Place” never tries to be flashy, or overwhelming, but stays 100% authentic, just like Rawchaa. An artist with the incredible gift of storytelling and a willingness to be completely open.


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G.E. Holliday – “Vampire Infinity Romance” is a track of escapism! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/g-e-holliday-vampire-infinity-romance-is-a-track-of-escapism http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/g-e-holliday-vampire-infinity-romance-is-a-track-of-escapism#respond Sat, 10 Apr 2021 11:45:26 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45411 G.E. Holliday is back on track with latest single release, “Vampire Infinity Romance”, which is a fantasy song about men and women becoming one. The artist produced, wrote, arranged and played all instruments on the track. The recording was whittled down from over 150 instruments and 50 different versions before finding its final form in the current version. Having dropped rock stylings onto his R&B grooves for his previous releases, giving them a richly psychedelic flavor, G.E. Holliday continues his trip to create some of the most imaginative pop music around. The production is exceptional, with distorted guitars and ambient keys offset by whip-crack drumming for moments of pure mind-high pleasure.

Listeners always knew G.E. Holliday was coming with unique edge since his earliest releases, but he is getting even better with his calming-yet-edgy vibe on “Vampire Infinity Romance”. The singer-songwriter uses more dark and intricate storytelling to get his messages across. It’s a track about twisted love that easily brings listeners into a euphoric state. This will make you feel like a sensual being as its narrative is infused with a blend of lyricism able to feed multiple alter egos.

“Vampire Infinity Romance” shows G.E. Holliday’s continuing growth as an artist into one who is taking even more musical risks and dabbling in risqué references. He shows his everlasting dreamer mentality, and creative freedom.

With an impressive range, he masters getting many different sounds to jell together cohesively. G.E. Holliday’s unyielding vocals paired with sultry sonics introduce a sensual record for those looking to relax and unwind.

Though intricate and complex in its construction, “Vampire Infinity Romance” calls for an easy-listening experience. Thanks to the smooth weaving together of all the elements that make up the song. You will read a lot of pieces comparing G.E. Holliday to Prince.

That comparison seems right, because G.E. Holliday is also a supremely talented music creator, with a voice and timbre that resembles The Purple One. However he has his own library of quirks and stylistic flourishes that help to distinguish him from the crowded music arena.

G.E. Holliday is at his best performing the role of studio wizard, layering instruments and luscious sound effects on top of his wistful croon to create richly rewarding soundscapes. That’s what makes his tracks so excellent – they consistently play to his strengths.  “Vampire Infinity Romance” is a snapshot of the mind of an artist who feels creatively free. The understated lustful energy of the song, oozes confidence, maturity, and self-awareness.

Set against a slow-burning production that entrances the mind, more than anything, “Vampire Infinity Romance” is a track of escapism. Beyond the production and instrumentation, featuring a fiery lead guitar, is G.E. Holliday’s unique voice. His vocals are so malleable that they can make the listener feel every emotion, all at once. This sound is clearly characteristic of the G.E. Holliday aesthetic – mysterious, eclectic and sexy, through and through.


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Tempest Styles is a rising hip hop star from the Bronx http://jamsphere.com/news/tempest-styles-is-a-rising-hip-hop-star-from-the-bronx http://jamsphere.com/news/tempest-styles-is-a-rising-hip-hop-star-from-the-bronx#respond Sat, 10 Apr 2021 04:25:48 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45406 Inspired totally by the beat, ‘Elucidate’ has Tempest Styles’ distinctive energy all over it. Channeling her natural masculine energy, Tempest Styles flexes her flow over the beat, showing complete control of the mix and the track. With witty lyrics and high energy, ‘Elucidate’ firmly solidifies Tempest Styles as one to watch!

Tempest Styles, formally known as Nina, is a rising hip hop star from the Bronx. She picked up the pen when she was young, inspired by her father Tito Navedo AKA Centipede. Citing Nicki Minaj, Eve and Rah Digga as her main influences, Tempest Styles is carving up her own lane, with her distinctive wit and style. Starting out on Soundcloud, her music is now available on all major platforms.

INSTAGRAM: www.Instagram.con/Itstempeststyles
SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3GmGMQgQYGpoJHd9vguyOL?si=mbqA9qJYTtavMcrup__Rmw
STREAMS: https://linktr.ee/Tempeststyles

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Anthony Casuccio – “Friends First” – Country with a nice slick rocking edge! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/anthony-casuccio-friends-first-country-with-a-nice-slick-rocking-edge http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/anthony-casuccio-friends-first-country-with-a-nice-slick-rocking-edge#respond Sat, 10 Apr 2021 03:38:30 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45401 Anthony Casuccio hardly needs an introduction in the music industry – A 25 year music veteran, his audio production work has been nominated for three Grammy awards and he has topped various charts across the world as a producer and engineer, as well as leader, and songwriter for the band A&L that had 9 top 20 songs on various U.K. Indie music charts and received radio play in over 70 countries throughout Europe. During the pandemic Anthony has been trying his hand at disparate music styles from Country to EDM. Currently he has thrown his hat into the Country music arena with a brand new single release, entitled, “Friends First”.

Originally composed as a personal acoustic project, the song eventually found Anthony Casuccio collaborating with Gino Mirizio an international drummer/percussionist based in Toronto, and Robin Grandin who played bass and added the catchy harmonies. Right out of the gate, I like the title. The message is typical of a friends and lovers situation, where the intricacies and intimacies get turned and twisted into place.

Jam-packed with electric guitars and hefty drums, “Friends First” has a nice slick rocking edge. No matter how much instrumental power he managed to pack into this song, Anthony’s vocals shine through clear as a bell. Every lyric is right there in your ears and shot straight to your mind.

Considering that Anthony Casuccio does not consider himself a singer, this is indeed a positive outing, as he leads the way to a mellifluous upbeat soundtrack. The narrative might pull at your heartstrings, but it might make you want to move to, as it’s feisty.

Fresh and breezy, musically “Friends First” is all about fire-breathing guitar riffs, a driving rhythm, and quick passes through catchy verses on the way to big blustery choruses served up in waves.

Sure, its country music, but the amount of sonic surges in this record is still pretty incredible. As always, it’s a meticulously executed tune that earned itself a quite a few replays the first time I listened.

Anthony Casuccio’s style of country owes more to a rock grounding, with the guitars set more to the crunch end rather than a typical country twang. And that’s absolutely fine because what it does give us, is a song that somehow fits perfectly in the library that he’s been building since he started out releasing music. Anthony, Gino and Robin, work a form of magic on the song, weaving something compelling out of all the usual and expected Country threads.

“Friends First” is a prime example of the compositional and production skills that Anthony usually puts into his records. If you’ve ever found yourself enjoying his music in the past, in any of his projects, hit play and listen to this song.

There’s something for you here, regardless of what genre it is called. The songwriting and musicianship is top notch, as Anthony puts his stamp on the song. And if you don’t know any of Anthony Casuccio’s past music, now is a good time to start listening.


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Blue Soul Ten – ‘The Incredible Sound of Blue’ – compositional muscle and well curated rhythms! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/blue-soul-ten-the-incredible-sound-of-blue-compositional-muscle-and-well-curated-rhythms http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/blue-soul-ten-the-incredible-sound-of-blue-compositional-muscle-and-well-curated-rhythms#respond Fri, 09 Apr 2021 23:02:12 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45392 Blue Soul Ten, has been on an upward swing from the moment he arrived in 2015 with his debut album ‘The Unspoken Warrior’, though he had already been on the scene behind the curtains for a number of years. Falling comfortably into the shoes of top line producers, with elements of soul, lounge, and jazz, each Blue Soul Ten record has upped the one that came before. His albums are otherworldly and can’t be easily labeled as one thing or another, which I believe is by BST’s design.

Arguably his most out there and forward-thinking record is his latest, ‘The Incredible Sound of Blue’. It is a culmination of everything that came before and things we’d yet to hear from him. It’s a game changer for BST. What the album does is explore the sonic world of Blue Soul Ten further, taking time to savor the producer’s compositional muscle and well curated rhythms, as he adds more hip-hop and rap flavors to his smooth blend of ingredients.

With features like Surron the 7th, IAMIV, J Pad da Juggernaut, Kenilworth Katrina and Syauqi Destanika, the cast of impressive characters come together to make a dense and exciting record to get lost in.

The tracks here present another set of very visceral listening experiences. Rhythms you feel in your bones, and melodies appearing out of smooth waves of sound. Tight beats turn on a dime, while jazz fusion chords intertwine with hip hop sensibilities. BST’s head is filled with all of these things.

The cool and sultry sounds of ‘Intro’ open the proceedings, before ‘Opportunity’ ft. Surron the 7th starts out in a wave of harmony, and descends into a stream of rapped verses and a swarming beat.

We then settle into the smooth groove of ‘Speaker’ ft. IAMIV on the mic. This is prime Blue Soul Ten. A real head bobber with that throbbing bass line that pushes you along. We now know that Blue Soul Ten makes some of the most intriguing hip hop/soul fusion hybrids out there.

Blue Soul Ten’s compositional creativity is great, but his constant evolution makes him truly remarkable. The rolling bass on ‘A.B.R.’ ft. J Pad da Juggernaut and the shimmering guitar and piano playing on ‘Can’t Stand The Rain’ ft. Kenilworth Katrina bring on his staggered beats and constant groove. ‘11:30’ ft. Surron the 7th and Syauqi Destanika (on the hook) breaks new ground with a rap, neo-soul, and jazz orchestrations crossing paths.

‘The Incredible Sound of Blue’ flaunts a healthy balance of hip-hop nuanced deviation, as Blue Soul Ten elaborates on his musical ideas, spotlighting this album’s unprecedented instrumental cohesion.

This natural flow carries over to the super silky ‘Hustle’ ft. IAMIV and ‘Sunshine’ ft. Kenilworth Katrina, which set a tone of natural collaboration. Whether it’s the illustrious instrumental ambiance or the rapping feature, ‘One Shot’ ft. Surron the 7th, also achieves incredible weight.

The funky soul of ‘Outro” closes the album, as BST dedicates the album, celebrates his guests, and pays homage to the hip-hop culture. Meticulous arrangements and strong vocal performances play roles of equal importance, pushing the artistic chops of all concerned on this album. Amazingly, ‘The Incredible Sound of Blue’ is Blue Soul Ten’s most consistently compelling work.

Follow Blue Soul Ten on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

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Richard Jellinek with his alluring music can be considered as musical discovery of the year http://jamsphere.com/news/richard-jellinek-with-his-alluring-music-can-be-considered-as-musical-discovery-of-the-year http://jamsphere.com/news/richard-jellinek-with-his-alluring-music-can-be-considered-as-musical-discovery-of-the-year#respond Fri, 09 Apr 2021 15:03:06 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45387 Richard Jellinek (real name is Ryszard Jellinek) is a guitarist, songwriter and producer from Poland. After more than a decade of absence, the musician returned as the prodigal son of music in early 2020, starting with a series of singles. He has proved that he can create emotional, deeply written, nice-sounding songs.

He started with the release of 2 POP/ROCK albums with Melody – a singer from Philippines – ENDLESS DREAMS and SEARCHING FOR LOVE Then he released 3 typical ROCK albums with a group of trusted musicians (Yellinek project) – ALTERNATIVE LOVE, SPRING THAT NEVER CAME, NO ONE LIKE YOU

Currently, Richard focuses on good rock music referring to the best songs of the 80’s with a touch of modern style. Richard Jellinek is the producer and author of all the music and lyrics for each album. Currently, Richard is continuing to work on a new 12-track album, due out in mid-2021. All vocal lines are sung by Lukky from Chile. In his lyrics, Richard Jellinek raises important issues, feelings and everyday problems, forcing the audience to reflect. All this is given in energetic sounds, with characteristic guitar riffs and solos.

Richard also motivates us with his music “Wake up, a new day is coming just for you. Another chance to change the whole your life” and uplifts according to the words of the song “Even if heaven is broken now…. It’s always worth living!”

Richard Jellinek with his alluring music can be considered as musical discovery of the year.

CLIP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-X7pSCWtcY

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/richard_jellinek/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/JELLINEK.RICHARD/

Artist profile: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6J53qGFJwkCDFwhDFCeTyM?si=rOs5gkIeQvWEMorMs6q6PA


WEBSITE: https://richardjellinek.com

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/RichardJellinek

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Tess Mon Pere Releases Debut Album “On My Own” Available Worldwide Now! http://jamsphere.com/news/tess-mon-pere-releases-debut-album-on-my-own-available-worldwide-now http://jamsphere.com/news/tess-mon-pere-releases-debut-album-on-my-own-available-worldwide-now#respond Fri, 09 Apr 2021 14:23:01 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45383 Los Angeles, CA – Tess Mon Pere is an 18 year old singer song writer who is originally from Fresno, California. Her love for music began at a very young age, honing her craft, performing in front of large audiences and sharing her voice with the world. This April, Tess releases her Debut album “On My Own,” giving her a fans a peek of how hard relationships can be.

“On My Own” is about toxic relationships, the dark moments, the healing and learning to love yourself. Tess opens up her diary about trying to find love with song titles like On My Own, Attention, Jealous, Animal and more.

Tess has been working on this album for over a year together with Executive Producer & Artist J Marino and many talented writers from around the world including BaggPipe Studios in Sweden. Tess is signed with West Avenue Records. You can listen to her album “Own My Own” on all major music platforms on April 6th including Spotify and Apple Music.

In the coming months, Tess has multiple new releases including two music videos and singles from the album along with remixes and tour that fans and listeners can look forward to. Release dates will be announced soon. Follow Tess on TikTok, Youtube and Instagram for updates.

Follow Tess Mon Pere:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/10CT3K18Hm2iSNYUIp6XHD?si=b15nUckuQl-YAlbpNiV1XQ
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@tessmonpere
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFaA1lqGaKAtchd0ZG6biaw
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tessmonpere
Website: www.tessmonpere.com
Record Label: West Avenue Records
Label Website: www.westavenuerecords.com

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Beats by the Bay Presents “Kids Dance Party” – dedicated to all the hard working kids during distance learning http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/beats-by-the-bay-presents-kids-dance-party-dedicated-to-all-the-hard-working-kids-during-distance-learning http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/beats-by-the-bay-presents-kids-dance-party-dedicated-to-all-the-hard-working-kids-during-distance-learning#respond Fri, 09 Apr 2021 13:26:52 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45379 Beats by the Bay presents “Kids Dance Party”, dedicated to all the hard working kids during distance learning. Produced by Malek, the track features Kontac, Yukmouth, Mistah Fab, Milla, Erase-E and Dap Daniel. It is available nationwide and on all streaming services.

Connect with Kontac on Twitter and Instagram @kontac21

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Grand Rezerva – “Walk” is crushing, heavily percussive and ultimately addicting! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/grand-rezerva-walk-is-crushing-heavily-percussive-and-ultimately-addicting http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/grand-rezerva-walk-is-crushing-heavily-percussive-and-ultimately-addicting#respond Fri, 09 Apr 2021 12:21:39 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45373 I fell head over heels in love with Swedish rock band Grand Rezerva in 2019, after hearing their single, “Hellhound”, mixed and mastered by Beau Hill (Ratt, Europe, Gary Moore, Alice Cooper). The talented collective, comprising of Michael C. Svensson (Vocals), Andreas Lundberg (Guitar), Mattias “Tiz” Nilsson (Guitar), Thomas Helgesson (Drums) and Zoak (Bass), totally won me over a few month later, when I listened to their follow-up single release “Nowhere Bound”. The band, which was initially launched in 2009, now cement my convictions with their brand new single release “Walk”. Proving that they continue to have that special something that pushes every single one of my listening-pleasure buttons.

“Walk” is an even more eclectic and musically powerful outing than the band’s previous releases, with the quintet going all out explosive anthemic rock. It’s the combination of their experience and undeniable talent that enables them to produce such an accomplished and slick sound on their new effort. This head-banger will have you screaming the words in an almost aggressive punk fashion, as it rarely comes up for air.

Grand Rezerva are not playing around. They have come back full-throttle with “Walk” and are ready to reclaim music from electronic, auto-tuned hell. In the process, they’re treating the lost fans of rock n’ roll to the perfect hard-hitting soundtrack whilst rejuvenating a genre that perhaps has been left in the wrong hands for way too long.  It’s a power-packed monster tune, with the turbo-charged drums racing along to the flying sky-high bass and guitar.

The lead vocals deliver a ridiculously abrasive and catchy rocker with an irresistible swagger, and a chorus that just does me in. The way the voice and the music drive this track to euphoric levels of energy together, is a thing of beauty.

While the music showcases the band’s superior level of craftsmanship and skill, it’s Michael C. Svensson vocals that really stand out for me on this record. He packs so much emotion into every phrase, word and melody, and sings with a kind of power that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

It helps that the band lets loose and allows the music and the vocals to soar. Obviously, this is a collective with a high level of technical proficiency, but Grand Rezerva also deliver tunes that have significant emotional power.

It’s a fantastic experience to hear this band play together: they seem to be an excellent fit, reinforcing and strengthening each other, taking their considerable individual strengths and fusing them into something even greater than the sum of those already impressive parts.

What Grand Rezerva bring is more of a true, unbridled, classic rock sound. There is a sense of power and urgency to their songs that makes a track like “Walk”, a major stand out. It’s the kind of true power-rock that is just not made anymore. There is no artificial wizardry here. Just dazzling music made by superb musicians. “Walk” is crushing, heavily percussive and ultimately addicting.


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The SupaToonz – Dopest Band on the Planet are living The High Life! http://jamsphere.com/news/the-supatoonz-dopest-band-on-the-planet-are-living-the-high-life http://jamsphere.com/news/the-supatoonz-dopest-band-on-the-planet-are-living-the-high-life#respond Fri, 09 Apr 2021 10:12:23 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45367 Ever since they got high together the first time, the members of The SupaToonz have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at all the dopest festivals and making countless public bong sessions all the while recording new song versions, this talented Reggae Band has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike.

  1. How long have you been performing and recording as The Supatoonz, and how did the project come together?

The SupaToonz met at the ‘Reggae on the Rocks’ festival in Long Beach. Stevie was looking for some weed and bumped into Rasta Ron who was freaking out because their singer just quit before the show. Apparently they were out of blue M&Ms backstage.

Anyway, without a singer, the show would be a disaster, that’s when Stevie stepped up and surprised everyone.  It was at the first ‘Reggae on the Rocks’ show that we got together.

  1. How would you describe The Supatoonz project to any potential new fan?

Pure merther vibes created by a group of buddies who like to get blazed on God’s Gift and jam.

  1. How did you come up with your band name? What other names were you considering?

The SupaToonz had to come up with a new name when the last SupaFool quit. We needed a SupaName and SupaToonz fit the suit.

  1. What do you feel are the key elements in your music and shows that should resonate with listeners?

The key elements in our jams are, peace, love, and getting high. Our listeners should get blazed on some good ganja when they hear our beats. And use a good sound system. Don’t be listening to it on some earbuds.

  1. More than anything else, what do you hope fans take away from your music and the philosophy behind it?

The SupaToonz are the dopest band on earth!

  1. What’s an average day like for The SupaToonz?

We smoke two joints in the morning. We make to joints at night. We smoke to joints and then we smoke two joints. And then we feel alright.

  1. Do you collaborate with others, and is there anyone special you’d like to collaborate with?

We get a lot of inspiration from Bud Gnarly and the Kingston Beat. Of course all the reggae legends, like Marley, Tosh, and Sting. UB40. All that good shit. We draw inspiration from a dank crop of dope sounds.

  1. What is your favorite part about being in The SupaToonz? Your least favorite? Why?

Free dope from El Topo’s ranch. We’re sponsored by his brand ‘UNLIMITED.’  But on the same note, the affiliation with El Topo and the Chingedera Cartel can also be a hassle at some border crossings.

  1. Have you always been interested in music? Was there a particular song/performance that made you say “Woah! I want to do that!”?

Woah! We’re doing this?! You mean we’re in this band for reals? Damn, that’s one of those weird realities that just creeped up on me like some stale brick weed.

  1. Has your musical journey had a deliberate direction, or did it simply gradually evolve in whatever direction it found?

I don’t think any of us are deliberate except about getting high. We leave all that deliberate direction shit to Sir Robert Hansen, our manager and record producer. The SupaToonz are all about good vibes and dope beats. We’re more about the ganja revolution, than any kind of music evolution.

  1. Which are among your 3 favorite songs of all time? Why those songs?

Of all time ever? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star has gotta be the dopest hook ever. Even tho Mozart was probably on Absinth and not weed yo, that shit was dope. Then its hard to beat Tom Jones ‘Whats New Pussycat.’  That fool pulled off those hardcore lyrics “Pussycat, pussycat, you’re delicious. And if my wishes can all come true. I’ll soon be kissing your sweet little pussycat lips.” Damn son. Hardcore. And then there’s ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’. I don’t know nothing about new wave or Duran Duran, but I do be ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ when I got the munchies. Those are some dope ass songs.

  1. Of your own music, do you have a favorite song? If so, can you pin down why it is your favorite?

Our favorite song by the SupaToonz has got to be, ‘I Be Irie’.

  1. What would you consider a successful, proud or significant point for yourself or the project so far?

Getting our own TV Show called ‘The High Life’ on Flow1 in Jamaica is pretty dope.  And being on ‘America’s Got Jamz’ was pretty cool, even though we didn’t win nothing.

  1. Do you think is it important for fans of your music to understand the real story and message driving each of your songs, or do you think everyone should be free to interpret your songs in their own way?

Woah. Thats some deep shit. They should smoke a fat blunt and listen to our tracks and let us know by leaving us a message and some cash for a fat sack at www.SupaToonz.com.

  1. Putting aside the accolades or criticisms that fans or the media may afford your releases, what’s the one thing about The SupaToonz you think people may overlook or misinterpret most often?

They may think we’re just about weed. Wait what was the question again?

  1. Tell us more about ‘The High Life’ and where people can stream and follow these shows?

‘The High Life’ is a dope new TV show created by Robert’s artist friend Ralph Michael Brekan. The show follows us, The SupaToons, Can you believe it?  Each week Ralph writes ups some shenanigans we go through in the studio and on tour and hanging out in the dispensary.  Most of the time we just go off script and wing it and Ralph freaks out on everyone. But every now and then we nail a line and he’ll load up a fat nail of dab for us as a reward. I mean, we do hustle to become the dopest band on Earth, man. You can check that shit out at www.HighLifeShow.com, or on TheSocialClub.TV if you don’t live in Jamaica.

  1. Can tell us something about your very latest project, and which highlights to look out for?

The SupaToonz are launching a world tour with a televised concert in Kinston Jamaica this Spring 2021. With COVID and the pandemic, we think it’s more important than ever for people to get high vibes and feel good. If you can’t make the live concert because you’re too stoked or whatever, performances from that show will be televised on the season finale on The High Life too.

  1. What can we expect from The SupaToonz within the next 6 months? Any record releases planned? More upcoming Video shows?

We’re planning more streaming concerts and virtual stops in cities on our tour. Fans will be able to see us in person or virtually. There are so many bootlegs of our live shows, people say I’m channeling the spirit of Gerry Garcia from the Grafetul Dead or some shit, but that can’t be further from the truth yo. We groove. We jam. But we’re not all trippin. At least not all the time.

  1. What’s your take on music as an agent for change in society? And how do you think The SupaToonz can fit into that equation?

We don’t need no agent. We got a manager Sir Robert Hansen and he owns Slutty Records. Slutty is a dope label with a ton of connections at the top of the biz. We’re totally stoked to be riding high with Slutty and their partners.

  1. Do you have a favorite motto, phrase or piece of advice, you try to live or inspire yourself by?

Get High!

Connect with The SupaToonz, their music and videos shows, on their website: https://www.supatoonz.com

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DEEPSYSTEM – “Heart Away” carries his signature tones and emotions http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/deepsystem-heart-away-carries-his-signature-tones-and-emotions http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/deepsystem-heart-away-carries-his-signature-tones-and-emotions#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 23:10:38 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45361 The blend of EDM and Música urbana is an art that DEEPSYSTEM has totally mastered and dominated for years now. He and his production crew remain power players in the globalization of the Latin groove. As one of reggaeton music’s most vibrant characters in Europe he has continued to drop singles at a steady rate, and is now back with a brand new single entitled “Heart Away”. The song once again finds the artist exploring the power and mystery of love and passion.

It’s clear that, for DEEPSYSTEM, music is about more than simply making hits. Each of his tracks carry his signature tones and emotions. He is committed to creating music that is both catchy and authentic. “Heart Away” is a bright, powerful track. It is a dramatic and irresistible call to movement, self-expression, and passion. If the track doesn’t make you want to get up and dance with your loved one, you’re doing something wrong.

DEEPSYSTEM sings incredibly smoothly here, painting the “Heart Away” production absolutely beautifully.  The tone of the record itself is sensual, and sentimental as the singer croons about his strong desires to be with his lady.  The music video provides a similar narrative.  “Hey, I love you night and day. You stole my heart away. Now hear me hear me say. I miss you night and day.” This time around, the entire lyric sheet is in English, making it easy for all to understand.

DEEPSYSTEM follows a tried and true formula for making a hit dance track: distinctive flair that makes the beat memorable and a simple, but catchy chorus. If you want to get the party started, you need a track like “Heart Away” because its mid-tempo production is groovy and will inspire you start shaking your hips.

The beat keeps things simple, allowing DEEPSYSTEM to weave the lyrics around the rhythm.  When you listen to “Heart Away” shut your eyes, clear your mind and explore its spectrum of suave emotions and passionate colors. “If you let me, if you let me have your heart. Oh I will do my part. Your love is like a drug. Just once is not enough,” sings DEEPSYSTEM. This is a track that wants you to let loose and feel good.

Throughout “Heart Away”, DEEPSYSTEM oozes charisma and draws you in with his silky smooth voice. Looking at the current dance charts, I cannot see why this track should not dominate. DEEPSYSTEM’s songs are usually catchy, memorable and pretty damn sexy.  This song is no exception. It’s got the beat that you so associate with DEEPSYSTEM. The sentimental banger also got the visual treatment with a music video, so we are sure it will get the kind of attention it deserves.

Things in the world are continuing to escalate in a negative way, so now more than ever we need the power and comfort of art and music to keep us occupied, hopeful, and sane. Music is medicine and a good vibration for reminders that we can be optimistic about life, especially when we’re in love. “Heart Away” brings another distinct and fresh take to DEEPSYSTEM’s music.

“Heart Away” is also the first song released as an NFT on opensea.io by DEEPSYSTEM.

Streaming links and lyrics: https://deepsystem.ro/track/heart-away/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMFFx6c9Nto
Instagram: https://instagram.com/deepsystemmusic
Facebook: https://fb.me/deepsystem
Twitter: https://twitter.com/deepsystem
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/deepsystem
Spotify: https://bit.ly/deepsystemspotify
Website: https://deepsystem.ro

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The Heresy ( Mega Sean) – “HipHop 101” Takes us back to the time of classic hip-hop http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/the-heresy-mega-sean-hiphop-101-takes-us-back-to-the-time-of-classic-hip-hop http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/the-heresy-mega-sean-hiphop-101-takes-us-back-to-the-time-of-classic-hip-hop#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 15:08:31 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45357 A Toronto born/Mississauga raised artist, Mega Sean is a self-taught song writer, musician and performer who has been a hardworking and successful independent artist since 2003. Mega Sean has also been one of the first artists in the GTA to turn his craft into a business and has thrived off of t-shirt merchandise and overall brand strategies and sales. He has featured artists like Busy Signal, Chris Martin, Master P and Lil Romeo on his mixtapes, and has performed with Snow, Wayne Wonder, Cutty Ranks and Punjabi MC, as well as opening for Kardinal, Socrates, Rihanna, Blake McGrath and many others.

Currently Mega Sean’s talents are flying high on the album “HipHop 101” with The Heresy, hosted by Jadakiss. Overall this is a very strong album with many standout tracks, purposeful, highly complex and thoughtful lyrics, which takes back to the time of classic hip-hop.

The beats are provided by top level production, and they are banging. Track after track, you keep thinking Mega Sean’s can’t possibly continue delivering such consistent bars, but he keeps proving you wrong.

The key to Mega Sean’s lyrical consistency is that’s what he feeds on, as well as a deep love of the culture, few others still have in today’s scene.  Right from the funky opener “Internet Frat Boys” to the pounding “West End” and the racy “You Get Nothing”, the lessons are endless from Mega Sean. An emcee doesn’t last as long as this guy does without dropping some thoughts worth learning from.

A lot of what he’s saying isn’t difficult to understand either. Simplicity is a deceptively hard thing to achieve. Artists like Mega Sean, who get right to the point in this fashion and actually say something are exceedingly rare to find.

But he kind of just gives you the truth, and it comes out directly on the hard hitting rhymes of “Real Recognize Real” and “Street Life”. However, he has plenty of eye-opening statements that you should be receiving, and which you can pick up on “Let’s Build”, “Hip Hop 101” and “Pay Us”.

Sonically, the album has a slew of sounds that highlight the verses. It can go from the slower, soulful “Show Stoppa” to the reggae-like “Wasteman” and the mid-tempo slam of “Reload”. This is an artist with multiple flavors in his arsenal. Mega Sean probably takes hip-hop more seriously than any other rapper, as he directs much of his focus to reminding listeners about the forgotten roots of the genre.

Mega Sean is a master at timing the change in his topics and flow with the drops in the beat. He goes from the chugging flow of “On the Good Foot”, to the Latino jam of “La Policia” and the piano-driven crunch of “Meadowvale”, before closing the album with the crash and bang of “Stand Down”.

Ultimately, Mega Sean just lets loose across the board on this album, relentlessly driving home his messages, and valiantly shedding some light on what classic hip-hop from the golden age is about. That aside he does a fantastic job of combining his flow with his brilliant brand of rhyme.


http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/the-heresy-mega-sean-hiphop-101-takes-us-back-to-the-time-of-classic-hip-hop/feed 0
Doug Cash – “Snowed” has a rich blend of musical elements http://jamsphere.com/reviews/doug-cash-snowed-has-a-rich-blend-of-musical-elements http://jamsphere.com/reviews/doug-cash-snowed-has-a-rich-blend-of-musical-elements#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 12:41:06 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45353 “Snowed” is a single, taken off the album “Alisa Chronicles by singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, producer and performer, Doug Cash, who is also President of Pryor 2 What? Records, and owner of Pryor 2 What? Music Publishing. Doug’s catalog of music brings together a plethora of styles, such as blues, pop, rock, country, prog, metal, funk, folk, and jazz. Sometimes he can brilliantly and seamlessly, meld a number of those styles into the same song. Which is what he does on the art-pop single, “Snowed”.

Doug Cash clearly sees himself as an artist, and as such his music exemplifies the fact that true artists are forever challenging themselves and their audiences. For those who love the core of Doug’s artistry, there is plenty here to relate to on “Snowed”. The arrangement is slick and expansive, an ever-changing rhythmical canvas on which melodies bloom one after another, resulting in a mature strain of pop that suits Doug Cash’s versatile style.

Modern and sleek, yet still baring a raw acoustic underbelly. Indeed, it’s hard to sit still during this little gem, complete with percolating keyboard lines, jangling guitars, a flurry of Doug’s lead and backing voices, as well as spoken word interludes jumping up all over the place. And of course, the killer musical arrangement, colorfully tying in with the accompanying music video, which is equal parts entertaining and thought-provoking.

Incidentally, the video production is on par with any big budget modern pop release, which makes for an incredible experience. The lyrical content in “Snowed” is in line with what we’ve all come to expect from Doug Cash, over the years, as he investigates the ingenious, and sometimes contrasting intricacies of the female mind.

The theme that unites Doug Cash’s music in all its different forms, is his searching musical intelligence, a gift for melody, the willingness to innovate, and the ability to write songs that sound sophisticated yet familiar. As is always the case with Doug’s work, “Snowed” is superbly recorded and produced, and certainly more fleshed out musically, than a lot of his previous recordings.

Where “Snowed” differs from much of his previous work, is that Doug has eliminated the more overwhelming signs of his unprocessed singer-songwriter stylings, and has created music that serves his message as directly and compellingly as possible. This single shows that he is continuing to make progress, constantly moving forward into the future. “Snowed” has a rich blend of musical elements.

Every instrument and every sound on “Snowed” feels carefully chosen to tell the story, and the stunning production allows each of these elements to play their part. In that context, the musical style combines with the lyrical content, and produces a coherent whole, which is completed by the video.

The song is clever in its lyricism, and has a chorus that sticks in your head. Irony is certainly present in great measure, as Doug Cash’s mellifluous voice and knack for colorful storytelling possesses a particularly strong pop sensibility. Every piece of art exists in two forms, as an idea and as a finished product. On rare occasions they both come together flawlessly, as on “Snowed”.


http://jamsphere.com/reviews/doug-cash-snowed-has-a-rich-blend-of-musical-elements/feed 0
Clippa Cartier – “Wine Dark” – a joy of an album to play all the way through! http://jamsphere.com/reviews/clippa-cartier-wine-dark-a-joy-of-an-album-to-play-all-the-way-through http://jamsphere.com/reviews/clippa-cartier-wine-dark-a-joy-of-an-album-to-play-all-the-way-through#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 10:32:53 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45348 The father of three daughters, Clippa Cartier is a 26 year old rapper from Eugene, Oregon. The rapper known for his hard hitting trap/club style music, grew up with a variety of influences, from Too Short all the way to Sam Cooke. Ultimately, he draws inspiration from his brothers passing in 2016. Clippa, who mixes and masters his own music, started rapping in 2020 when Covid-19 started. He ultimately draws inspiration from his brother’s passing in 2016. In October 2020, he released his first song, “Thought You Knew Pt 1”, a club banger featuring hip hop artist, K. Banks. The song “Drip” followed a few days later and with his views and listens booming, the artist went on to drop his album “Wine Dark” during February 2021.

“Wine Dark” the album, masterfully marries hip-hop, R&B, and soul. Similarly, project is the result of strong convictions about the role of music in our daily lives. Clippa Cartier sing, raps and produces on the trap-influenced album. That should give you a pretty good idea of the man’s appreciation and understanding of music that makes you dance in the club, as well listen carefully.

In pure musical terms, “Wine Dark” is a joy of an album to play all the way through, a radiant blend of styles dense with instrumentation: a blast of strings here, a synth solo or squiggly guitar lick there, with liquid bass lines and hard-smacking drums throughout.

Parts of the album are harder and more immediate than others, which are more melodic and introspective. Featuring Silencer & Zero, “Ocean” is an energetic highlight that, aside from its smooth grooves, showcases Clippa Cartier’s resonant flow, and a melodic hook that keeps the song charging forward. “Do My Dance”, also produced by Clippa, features an explicit pack of rhymes, and some soulful flute interludes.

“Jumpman” is a tight, uplifting and empowering anthem, which sees Clippa Cartier’s spitting with conviction and vigor. Moving forward, this recording, for its lyrical and musical scope, brings to mind a number of excellent albums.

“Drip” builds its momentum on a deep growling bassline and Clippa’s alpha male braggadocio lines, which hit hard. “Benzo” ft. K. Banks is another high energy banger, where the rappers prove themselves to be more than just unique voices.

Running through “The Protocol” ft. Rider, the Latino groove of “Saint Lucia”, and the catchy as hell bounce of “Anticipation”, Clippa Cartier seems to be in total control of his talent. These tracks have the kind of substance that suggests he’s built to last. Clippa’s voice is resonant, energetic, yet conversational. It’s immediately clear. This is a sincere project, brimming with outspoken honesty and perseverance.

On both “New Freezer” and “Check Chasin”, Clippa shows flashes of brilliance – with the melodic production on the former, and his forceful flow on the latter. All throughout this recording, Clippa Cartier skillfully depicts his experiences and surroundings while remaining in the foreground, as the music flows expansively from creamy melodies to trap cadences. Clippa’s musical and emotional generosity ties everything together on “Trendsetter” and “Thought You Knew Pt 1” ft. K. Banks.

Aside from the banging grooves, “Wine Dark” showcases powerful art all round. Clippa Cartier is a confident and unique presence, with a strong command of style and substance, as a producer, songwriter and rapper. His versatility is astounding. Also watch out for the artist’s new EP “10 Toes”, releasing on the 19th of April.


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