JamSphere http://jamsphere.com The Indie Music Magazine & Radio Network! Mon, 26 Oct 2020 23:59:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Demi Dahmer – The single “Drowning in Maggots” precedes the upcoming EP “Psychic Vampire” http://jamsphere.com/featuredartists/demi-dahmer-the-single-drowning-in-maggots-precedes-the-upcoming-ep-psychic-vampire http://jamsphere.com/featuredartists/demi-dahmer-the-single-drowning-in-maggots-precedes-the-upcoming-ep-psychic-vampire#respond Mon, 26 Oct 2020 23:21:57 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42819 After the tracks from Demi’s first psychic vampire EP were all leaked early, Demi Dahmer has hinted he might drop a new album out of nowhere very soon. He has stated if he does, it will be the most heaviest and brutal album yet. This is not bad because Demi usually releases music entirely without promotion — even though he is a big self-promoter and uses his fans to post hints on his newest works.

With his music streaming over 80,000 on Soundcloud, Demi has already released his first single track from the CD, “Drowning in Maggots”, which is the track that first thrust them into the limelight. Demi would have to work hard to release something without people noticing it.

Connect with Demi Dahmer on his WEBSITE and stream his music on SOUNDCLOUD

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INTERVIEW: Aubrey Banks aka The Fresh Prince – Lifestyle Engineer, Brand Architect, Style Composer, and A&R of Musicheads http://jamsphere.com/twentyquestions/interview-aubrey-banks-aka-the-fresh-prince-lifestyle-engineer-brand-architect-style-composer-and-ar-of-musicheads http://jamsphere.com/twentyquestions/interview-aubrey-banks-aka-the-fresh-prince-lifestyle-engineer-brand-architect-style-composer-and-ar-of-musicheads#respond Mon, 26 Oct 2020 10:33:04 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42812 Based in Atlanta and Los Angeles, Aubrey Banks aka The Fresh Prince, is a Lifestyle Engineer, Brand Architect, Style Composer, and the A&R of Musicheads.

  1. How did you get into the music industry?

Aubrey Banks: Honestly by accident, I was a celebrity stylist and was styling a lot of major musicians, then decided to venture into music production and it worked.

  1. So how long have you been in the music industry?

Aubrey Banks: I have been in the music industry for almost 16 years to date!

  1. Can you explain more about what you do with music production?

Aubrey Banks: I am not as musically inclined as most, So I decided to sign musically inclined people.  I have signed artist, producers, writers, and D. J’s in the past.

  1. What is the Name of your company?

Aubrey Banks: Musicheads

  1. Where is your company based?

Aubrey Banks: I have offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and will be branching off in Canada early 2021

  1. Have you ever worked with any other companies in the music industry?

Aubrey Banks: I have worked with Interscope and Cash Money records as A&R and a couple boutique labels as Artist Development.

  1. How did you grow your company within the music industry?

Aubrey Banks: I just outworked everyone around me because I knew they were more talented as far as music goes so I needed to make my mark in other ways.

  1. What is your biggest accomplishment you feel you have had during your career in entertainment?

Aubrey Banks: My company at one point had 12 producers and writers signed to me during that period one of my producers where awarded a Grammy and another nominated so because they were signed to my company, I then became a Grammy award winner. Not being musically inclined that is my biggest accomplishment.

  1. What do you feel like your biggest failure is?

Aubrey Banks: I have worked with some really big artists before the world knew them.  I just followed my gut feeling and signed them first.

  1. What has been the biggest struggle on your journey?

Aubrey Banks: In the music industry you are only as good as yesterday, so for me the biggest challenge is just making sure I stay relevant.

  1. If you could go back and change something what would it be?

Aubrey Banks: I created my own making the band type home. I purchased a huge home, let over 10 artists move in with me, built a studio and paid for everything myself so that these people could realize their dreams.  If I could I would have taken the $500,000 I invested in that initiative and used it for my own brand.

  1. Why would you go back and change that, seem like it was successful?

Aubrey Banks: It was successful for the artists. I showed them a different side of life, a better side.  It really changed their lives, however there was no real benefit for me.

  1. Is it hard to break into the Music Industry?

Aubrey Banks: I do not think so. I feel like if you understand politics, networking and selling yourself you can for sure get into the music industry.

  1. But you did not mention talent. You do not feel like you need talent?

Aubrey Banks: I think talent is teachable. You can teach someone how to sing or rap, but you can’t teach them star power. It’s certain things that is just in you.

  1. Have you ever taken someone with no talent and made them a star or successful?

Aubrey Banks: Yes, I have many times, and the first one was myself.

  1.   What do you feel like your talent is?

Aubrey Banks: My brain.  I am smart.  Very smart and that is my skill.

  1. Any other areas of entertainment you would like to enter?

Aubrey Banks: Sure. I never say never. I do not like putting caps on my success, so I am open to whatever the universe has to offer.

  1. What are your goals for the upcoming year?

Aubrey Banks: Simply to be happy. I have already lived the life of 3 kings, anything at this point I consider a blessing and bonus.

  1. Any Advice you could give someone trying to break into the entertainment industry?

Aubrey Banks: Believe in yourself, listen more then you speak, and never take no for an answer.  For every 1 that will say no there are 10 that will say yes. There is only one you and that is your power.

  1. How can people get in contact with you?

Aubrey Banks: My Instagram is @_chasingbanks.  All my contact info is there.

]]> http://jamsphere.com/twentyquestions/interview-aubrey-banks-aka-the-fresh-prince-lifestyle-engineer-brand-architect-style-composer-and-ar-of-musicheads/feed 0 Aneessa – Everything in “Just to Be with You” works, and perfectly plays its part http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/aneessa-everything-in-just-to-be-with-you-works-and-perfectly-plays-its-part http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/aneessa-everything-in-just-to-be-with-you-works-and-perfectly-plays-its-part#respond Sun, 25 Oct 2020 18:16:35 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42804 I’m not the type to defend everything any of my favorite artists’ release, nor am I inclined to adore what does not impress, inspire or initiate emotional responses, but that simply does not apply to the latest release by Aneessa. Here she presents a smooth and colorful blend of instruments and voice, the jazz backdrop taking a soft but edgy and effective backseat to Aneessa’s vocals – sweet, soft, yet powerful and lyrically impressive. One of seven children with a wide range of musical tastes all around her, Aneessa was born in Saint-Étienne in eastern central France. Initially, she made an indelible impression on the dance scene under the stage names Anya Rose and Lady Aneessa. Inspired by international pop icon Madonna, Aneessa applied the singing and dancing skills she picked during her schooling years, and even went on to win a major French dance competition (Championnat U.N.S.S De Danse Contemporaine).

Aneessa moved to Paris, France where she studied literature and languages at University La Sorbonne. It was here that she began singing Jazz, Soul and Pop covers, before moving to Manchester England for a couple of years. She returned to France and started a variety of career moves – from starting her own record label, recording studio and a graphic design company. Along the way she met influential collaborators, and branched out into a number of projects on a global scale.

Aneessa eventually met up with Motown producer Michael B. Sutton (Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross), for business propositions for a media company she was working for. This business relationship blossomed into love commitment, and eventually the two began writing and producing new material together, with Aneessa turning her skills towards smooth jazz interpretations.

She debuted with a cover of Soul II Soul’s 1989 anthem, “Back to Life,” which cracked the Top 10 of Billboard Magazine’s “Smooth Jazz” chart, and replicated with a cover of Madonna’s “Miles Away”. The latest single, written by Aneessa and Michael, “Just to Be with You”, is about their long-distance, interfaith, loving relationship which bloomed while being far away from each other, and ending up with Aneesa eventually going to visit Michael, and never returning home again.

The silky edge and warm-blooded intimacy of Aneessa’s voice will draw you into her world. Hers is the kind of voice that can breathe life back into the most ordinary phrases. There is something thrillingly graceful and elegant about the storytelling on “Just to Be with You”. It resists explicit elucidation, while still embodying an unabashed confluence of the singer’s innermost emotions and sentiments.

“Just to Be with You” begins with a smooth and soulful sax interlude, riding a slapping drumbeat, buttery keys, a throbbing bassline, and a clean guitar jangle. Under elastic horn embellishments, the song transitions into a swoony, and luscious soundscape laced with gently rich harmonies, and Aneessa’s sultry melody which leads the way.

The intricate, hypnotic blend of vocal interplay, shimmering horns, and a syncopated rhythm section feels lustrously polished and harmoniously effortless. It sounds like Aneessa currently makes music purely for the joy of making it. It’s this creative drive that leads her to create such sublime recordings, together with Michael B. Sutton. The two bring a particular grace to their songwriting that allows Aneessa to adapt her voice almost seamlessly to any sonic form.

Everything in “Just to Be with You” works, and perfectly plays its part – whether it’s the super groovy rhythm section, the resonating sax, or the shimmering piano keys. Undeniably smooth and unpretentious in its execution, even if you’re not particularly inclined towards smooth jazz, you’ll be captivated by Aneessa!


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Marc Lallemand – “Sur le côté” – a near-perfect piece of indie-pop! http://jamsphere.com/reviews/marc-lallemand-sur-le-cote-a-near-perfect-piece-of-indie-pop http://jamsphere.com/reviews/marc-lallemand-sur-le-cote-a-near-perfect-piece-of-indie-pop#respond Sun, 25 Oct 2020 11:53:52 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42797 Born in Brussels, Belgium, Marc Lallemand is self-taught, having learned to play with his sister’s guitar sneaking into her room while she was away when he was 10 years old. He went on to play in his first band as a bassist, because all the other instruments were already taken. At 25, Marc released his first EP with Naked Flame under the Brussels label Crossover, before being discovered by Bang! Records, through which he released two albums in a project with Guy Chadwick, ex-singer of The House of Love. Subsequently Marc toured with Kris Dane before joining the artistic collective PONI in which he remained for 10 years.

Marc’s musical journey continued as he became part of Minérale, where he played bass, keyboards, percussion, guitar and bass. Then came the period when Marc contemplated giving up music indefinitely, moving with his family to Uruguay, but he could not resist buying an acoustic guitar. Eventually the Belgian joined forces with bassist Mateo Olivero and drummer Matias Nuñez, and also started to write in French.

Marc Lallemand’s latest single is entitled, “Sur le côté”. This is one of those unique pieces of work that seems to come out of nowhere. You could describe this track as “radio friendly” and yet it all has an edge which means that it shouldn’t really be thought of as commercial. The verses are sweetly mellifluous and gently understated, the chorus powerful, with rich harmonies, yet dreamy; it is a near-perfect piece of indie-pop.

In fact, “Sur le côté” is one of those truly remarkable songs where you could almost write a complete essay on it, let alone attempting to surmise the track in just a few paragraphs. One of the reasons this song is something truly special is the inventiveness, the creativity of the arrangement, the simple crystal-clear, and smooth organic sounding instrumentation and the many sonic and emotional textures which run throughout “Sur le côté”.

Unfortunately I do not understand French, but that does not detract from the pleasurable listening experience, in anyway. I suspect that being able to decipher the lyrics would be an added bonus to an already fulfilling sense of empathy with the performance. There’s a real sense of sonic beauty and charm though out the whole record which captivates the listener. In its deceptive simplicity lies its unique beauty, elegance and inviting warmth.

In some ways, “Sur le côté” also represents the culmination of Marc Lallemand’s experiences in a long-standing career, as he blends jangly pop chords, a bouncy percussive rhythm and shimmering keys, with gorgeous harmonies, and deeply resonant basslines, to create the textural allure that spawns some of the most intriguing moments on “Sur le côté”. Marc’s lead vocals are splendidly graceful and radiant, adding to the overall magnificence of the track.

Marc Lallemand’s is a very talented man, to say the least. He has the ability to create beautifully simple melodies, as well as write intricately mesmerizing soundscapes. Catchiness is never an issue, and even first time listeners will find themselves humming along to “Sur le côté”.


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INTERVIEW: Rz Shahid – An Alternative Hip-Hop artist based out of the Twin Cities of Minnesota! http://jamsphere.com/twentyquestions/interview-rz-shahid-an-alternative-hip-hop-artist-based-out-of-the-twin-cities-of-minnesota http://jamsphere.com/twentyquestions/interview-rz-shahid-an-alternative-hip-hop-artist-based-out-of-the-twin-cities-of-minnesota#respond Sun, 25 Oct 2020 01:04:24 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42791 Rz Shahid is an Alternative Hip-Hop artist based out of the Twin Cities of Minnesota! Known for providing smooth flows with ear catching and even catchy lyrics over unique production. Being Vulnerable and being free is what’s provided into the groovy tunes. Rz is also one of the seven founders of the people’s protection coalition that runs a mutual aid service in Minneapolis. Plus his company Art Of Xanadu where he releases his music under and has his AOX clothing line. Rz has a hand in many creations, whether it’s his day job as a personal trainer or working on his clothes and music, he brings a delightful and magnetic energy into anything he touches. Rz gained some eyes in the Twin Cities after dropping JTTX May 2018 https://fanlink.to/RZJTTX and went on to rocking stages all over the cities including his famous art shanties performance where he performed on a frozen lake in February of 2020 (before quarantine hit). Within those years he’s dropped a 4 track EP titled the LeadFoot EP https://rzwoke.fanlink.to/leadfoot back in August of 2019 which was a treat for the supporters until he finished and released the latest album Ahh Shii. Ahh Shii, Rz’s latest release is a discussion of multiple “ah shit” moments that were combusted into 7 songs. Grabbing his production mainly from local friends such as Andre Mariette, Ackronem, and Tony Swing this has been some of the best sounding music ever https://aox.biglink.to/ahh-shii . Rz Shahid is an artist to be on the lookout for!

  1. Can you tell us a bit about where you come from and how you got started?

Rz Shahid: I’m from the Twin Cities of Minnesota! My life was spent back and forth between St. Paul & Minneapolis + some surrounding cities, so I just rep the Twin Cities. I got started by just being a writer, in middle school I spent a lot of time writing poems and listening to a lot of Hip Hop & RnB. It was my form of therapy, I’d say like early high school is when I really started writing to beats I found on Youtube and was practicing rapping. Originally I wanted to be a songwriter, producer, engineer and ended up linking with a friend of mine at the time and started messing around rapping in this studio we made out of their closet. My first official introduction to the world was being a featured artist, I never really seeked the spotlight it just sort of came my way as people gravitated to me and I eventually started releasing tracks on my own. I decided I wanted to be the one to tell my story.

  1. Do you handle both the songwriting and beats on your songs, or do you collaborate with others?

Rz Shahid: I do the songwriting. I have a handful of producers that I tend to work with on the regular basis, one of my favorites being Tony Swing which you can catch on a couple of my projects. But I do have some skills in the production game, I’ve just yet to make a song over my own beat yet, but that will come in time for sure.

  1. Who were your first and strongest musical influences that you can remember?

Rz Shahid: First people that jump to my mind are Kendrick, Scarface, Ice Cube, Michael Jackson, and Donnell Jones, and my parents.

  1. What do you feel are the key elements in your music that should resonate with listeners?

Rz Shahid: My vulnerability, the way I can find the pocket or even make an out of pocket flow work, my production choice, etc. I guess you can label me alternative hip-hop. I like to groove, but I also love to spit. Lyrics that’ll catch your ears, a flow that’s soothing, and production that will make you feel like you’re on another planet.

  1. For most artists, originality is first preceded by a phase of learning and, often, emulating others. What was this like for you? How would you describe your own development as an artist and music maker, and the transition towards your own style?

Rz Shahid:  For sure, for me it started out with just looking up “type beats” that resembled my favorite artists at the time haha. I spent a lot of time studying my favorite artists from their interviews, to listening closely to how they flow, play with words, and hit certain pockets, and I’d always think to myself “what is it about this artist that keeps me here, why am I so gravitated towards this person?” And through time as I grew up and began to develop my own style trying to make sure I become the best me that I can be. I used to fixate heavy on what’s “in” and how other artist did this and that. After a while I realized that sh*t doesn’t matter, just uniquely be you.. stay true to you.. and that’s what I did and that’s what has helped me organically grow the supporters I have now and it helped grow my confidence to continue to try my ideas. All this game is is trial and error.

  1. What’s your view on the role and function of music as political, cultural, spiritual, and/or social vehicles – and do you try and affront any of these themes in your work, or are you purely interested in music as an expression of technical artistry, personal narrative and entertainment?

Rz Shahid: It plays a heavy role seeing as there’s typically a spotlight on the artist. Whether we want to believe it or not, words matter and have huge influences. So when I create I try to refrain from saying things that don’t align with my morals and I don’t speak on things I’ve never done, seen, or know about. I think it’s important to be vulnerable and to tell your story authentically for sure. And sometimes you gotta shake the game up with a heavy message. For me it’s important to uplift my people, uplift women, be someone that folks can relate to because I’m human just like the rest of the world, any way that I feel or think I try to find a way to creatively put it on wax. I’m all for spreading love, keeping it real, and having fun with it in the process.

  1. Do you ever write a song with current musical trends, formulas or listener satisfaction in mind, or do you simply focus on your own personal vision and trust that people will empathize with your sound?

Rz Shahid: Honestly, I just focus on my own personal vision. I’m a firm believer in the folks that want to listen to me will, and those who don’t, won’t. Music is timeless. So when that trend is said and done what do you have left? I want to leave forever lasting memories and for my music to be something you can listen to years from now and not get tired of it.

  1. Could you describe your creative processes? How do start, and go about shaping ideas into a completed song? Do you usually start with a beat, or a narrative in your head?

Rz Shahid:  It varies. I like to live life, experience things and let myself be inspired. Usually throughout my time I’ll find myself maybe writing 4 bars or a verse and just sitting with it and then revisit it later on when I find production that is connecting with what I’m going for. As for when I’m getting into project mode, I already have an idea for the sound I’m going for and the message I want to put out so I’ll seek production that fits the vibe and triggers my inspiration and will go from there. Sometimes I write first, sometimes I write to a beat, sometimes I just freestyle whatever’s on the heart. I think about music so much that I just have melodies chilling in my head and the lyrics I think of that stick with me I typically remember and practice to my own without writing them and then perform later on.

  1. What has been the most difficult thing you’ve had to endure in your career so far, and how did you overcome the event?

Rz Shahid:  Constantly having to be on social media believe it or not. I hate social media, and as an up and coming artist I don’t quite have the privilege to go ghost until I drop music/content. Although I kind of do it anyways, ole well. But I just limit myself to keeping it business and engaging with my friends and supporters. But otherwise the difficulty is just being heard.

  1. On the contrary, what would you consider a successful, proud or significant point in your career so far?

Rz Shahid:  This Album Ahh Shii https://aox.biglink.to/ahh-shii that I dropped 10/9 was huge for me. I helped build the studio it was recorded in, gained a close relationship with the engineer and man who produced Blue Pit (Andre Mariette), and got to experiment with some marketing practices which I got some praise for. And I’d say earlier in the year when I performed on a frozen lake for the Art Shanties Project Festival, what an experience.

  1. Which aspects of being an independent artist excites you most and which aspects discourages you most?

Rz Shahid: What excites me is doing whatever I want without someone telling me I can’t and just the ownership in itself, what discourages me is just being able to fund all my ideas and marketing. It’s a slower rise, but it’s worth it in my opinion. I’ve learned a lot through my studying and the trials and errors.

  1. Can you tell us something about the Art Of Xanadu, and your AOX clothing line?

Rz Shahid: Art of Xanadu is an LLC I got June 2020, revolving around the idea of the word Xanadu meaning a great place of beauty, luxury, and contentment. It started with me finding that word in a Stephen King book and looking up the meaning and it sticking with me because thats what I desire. I eventually made a project titled JTTX https://fanlink.to/RZJTTX which was my first tape I’ve released (Journey To The Xanadu). So being independent I work for myself and I strive to maintain that feeling within my company and my brand. I’ve always been into fashion so it was a no brainer to step into the field and provide stylish yet comfortable clothing. Matching the feeling of my company. Will be providing more music, clothes, digital content, + more in 2021 so be on the lookout! @artofxanadu

  1. What is the purpose of Peoples Protection Coalition?

Rz Shahid: To come together as a community. The government and the authorities aren’t taking care of people like they should. In the midst of the uprising after the tragic loss of George Floyd (Rest In Power) that happened in my city we originally wanted to find a way to become a mobile ambulance and then shifted our gear to helping out the homeless community since they have needs and get overlooked a lot. We just want to be able to provide supplies to those in need and to stay connected and provide support to the Twin Cities community.

  1. With social media having a heavy impact on our lives and the music business in general, how do you handle criticism, haters and/or naysayers in general? Is it something you pay attention to, or simply ignore?

Rz Shahid: I don’t care. Opinions are opinions, if you don’t like my music then it’s not for you simple as that. I love constructive criticism, it’s what I need. I appreciate those that don’t act as a yes man and tell me I could’ve went harder on a verse or just on my delivery. It’s much appreciated. I just want to be the best me, and I understand that not everyone is gonna like me and that there will be those who hate just to hate, and that’s life.

  1. Could you tell us something about your latest project “Ahh Shii”, and what the highlights are to watch out for?

Rz Shahid: 7 songs, 20 minutes, different Ahh Shii moments being described throughout the project from love, to the grind, to finding yourself, etc. The production is crazy, I sound most confident here than I have before, and the mixing by Andre is crisp. Relatable and a fun project to groove to.

  1. Do you have a personal favorite track amongst the tracks on “Ahh Shii” that has a specific backstory and/or message and meaning very special to you?

Rz Shahid: Thats hard, I think Come Home is the track that’s pretty special to me because it’s all about personal growth and I remember the emotions I felt as I wrote it and recorded it. It’s a smooth vibe and we get to take a dive inside my mind and how I’ve grown through these years.

  1. Creative work in studio environment, or interaction with a live audience? Which of these two options excite you most?

Rz Shahid: I’d say interacting with a live audience. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good studio session. But being able to perform live in front of an audience, seeing people sing along to my lyrics, looking folks in the eyes, etc. It’s a dope feeling. Being on stage is where I get to unleash everything, I’m a pretty laid back dude & a flip switches when I touch a mic where my energy is just released out to the audience. I love being able to talk to my supporters, gain new ones, and just be free on stage.

  1. What’s your favorite motto, phrase or piece of advice, you try to live or inspire yourself by?

Rz Shahid: Be water. Flow with the universe. And don’t force things.

  1. How essential do you think video is in relation to your music? Do you have a video you could suggest fans see, to get a better understanding of your craft?

Rz Shahid: It’s pretty essential, you get to see me, get a taste of my personality, and see some of my creative ideas visually come to life. I’d say my recent visual I’m Gone that was shot by Connor aka @mistercreates with @drivendreamsmedia would help see how far I’ve come with my ideas. As well as I need ft. Kaleem the Dream shot by @Mattwales.

  1. What do you find most rewarding about what you do? And do you have a specific vision or goal set in your mind that you would like to achieve in the near future?

Rz Shahid: The therapeutic aspect of just releasing and expressing how I feel and turning it into a piece of art. The fact that my music helps others get through their day or even me just being an inspiration and influence to my community and audience, honestly creating just brings me so much joy…it makes me feel free. And that’s what I desire is freedom. In the future I’d like to create an R&B project, do some voice acting work, continue to grow with my fashion, some comedic work, traveling the world, and just expand my audience. I just want to live off what I love to do and help those around me do the same. I have so much in store for the future that I can’t wait to tackle. And I can’t wait to do so.










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THE JOHNSON PARTY DELIVER A SONG AND VIDEO FOR “CAN’T LET THE BASTARDS WIN” http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/the-johnson-party-deliver-a-song-and-video-for-cant-let-the-bastards-win http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/the-johnson-party-deliver-a-song-and-video-for-cant-let-the-bastards-win#respond Sat, 24 Oct 2020 11:14:24 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42784


While protest songs never went away, a worldwide awakening has created a need for more voices to rise, enter The Johnson Party a musical collective based out of the mountain ski town of Truckee, CA. At the height of the 2020 global pandemic and social unrest, while millions of people are risking their health and safety by waiting in long lines to cast their vote. The Johnson Party are delivering a simple yet powerful message by way of their new song and video “Can’t let the Bastards Win” out digitally and on all streaming platforms. Stream it here: https://open.spotify.com/album/2nEpvG3kmMlx1mgbzLTi9J?si=hlN268nlQvy-Plbp3sG53w

The Johnson Party is Erik Johnson (guitar, vocals, harmonica, percussion,) Jeremy Thomas (guitars, vocals, mandolin,) Matt Reiter (bass, guitar, vocals,) and Mike Jacob (drums).

Their artistic connection and collective love for nature bonds this band of brothers as they deliver musical diversity that fuses elements of reggae, rock, Americana, and soul while advocating for a vibrant outdoor lifestyle and a deep respect for nature and the environment. When not playing music and kicking the door open for social change, you can find The Johnson Party skiing mountain slopes, hiking in river canyons, or involved in environmental projects.

Their debut album, Random Rooms, out now, was recorded in western barns, dirty apartments, midnight parking lots, deep southern forests, and world class studios during road trips throughout the country. The band is currently recording their sophomore album due out in 2021.

Follow them @TheJohnsonParty.

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Six Shoota’s latest single “Better Days” ft. Lil Reese is available now on all platforms! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/six-shootas-latest-single-better-days-ft-lil-reese-is-available-now-on-all-platforms http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/six-shootas-latest-single-better-days-ft-lil-reese-is-available-now-on-all-platforms#respond Fri, 23 Oct 2020 20:56:36 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42780 Born and raised Richmond Ca, Six Shoota started rapping when he was 18/19. His homie Lazie Locz is the reason he really started rapping. He tried when he was younger because an older brother used to rap, but he fell back and got into hustling. Though he has never released his own mixtape, Six Shoota has appeared on several mixtapes within a collective called Pure Life Money Group, alongside Lazie.

On the other hand Six Shoota has dropped a series of singles and features with Lil Rue, Lil Slugg, D-LO, AlmightySuspect, and is now working on a Lil Durk verse, check out Six Shoota’s latest single “Better Days” ft. Lil Reese available now on all platforms!

Connect with Six Shoota on INSTAGRAM, and stream his music on SPOTIFY and YOUTUBE.

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7 Lord – “Drop” – you’ll be lost in its immaculate production weave! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/7-lord-drop-youll-be-lost-in-its-immaculate-production-weave http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/7-lord-drop-youll-be-lost-in-its-immaculate-production-weave#respond Fri, 23 Oct 2020 17:22:55 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42772 7 Lord’s single, “Drop”, has everything to do with his wordplay and storytelling prowess. And even more to do with his flow and his voice: a deep, swollen and smooth resonance that quietly rumbles over the piano-driven and bubbling bass influenced soundtrack, with mellifluous grace, stringing together vowels and consonants until any one word can rhyme with any other word.

7 Lord’s baritone voice is perfectly fit for the sleek music that he came up with on “Drop”, and that is what makes this release much more than your average rap track. And also why 7 Lord’s name will soon be ringing louder in the rap underground than any other.

One of 7 Lord’s greatest gift as a writer and a rapper is his ability to contextualize all of the abovementioned elements to fit his chosen atmosphere, making “Drop” a melody-driven banger with a very good verses. 7 Lord raps with a sing-song cadence that, in today’s state of hip-hop, is impossible not to connect to the trap wave we’ve been hearing from his forward thinking peers.

 “Drop” doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, he just tries to make it as smoothly rounded as possible, and it sounds like 7 Lord had a blast putting this track together. I believe this is one of the standouts so far this year, as far as this style of rap music goes.

The words have an undeniable swagger to them, and are exactly what 7 Lord feels the need to say. The rapper also excels at one unexpected thing: reminding us music is more than just words, or beats.

Above all, he 7 Lord shows us that music is about the vibe the words bring to the beats, and vice versa. 7 Lord brings it all together, in a tightly wound shimmering ball of essentially introspective and soulful groove.

It’s difficult to listen to this track and not enjoy it; it’s almost impossible even to avoid nodding along to the catchy flow, skittering hi-hats and thumping bass drum.

Not only is 7 Lord excelling at exactly what he does well on “Drop”, but his voice is just perfectly suave, while he spits some real bumpable bars. Again, this is exactly what the song needs. Five seconds in, and you’ll be lost in its immaculate production weave. Truly a great backdrop, for 7 Lord to bring his most infectious and beautifully understated energy to match the beat perfectly.

“Drop” will be stuck on repeat in no time. Not only is the beat refreshing, chill and irresistibly pleasant, 7 Lord bring his distinctive metered style to paint the track the exact pastel colors it needs to put you in a groove.

Overall, “Drop” sounds like that crisp spring, Covid-free morning, that everyone is hoping for. It’s certainly the perfect way to showcase a new, upcoming, and exciting personality, in the underground urban game.

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The Amatory Murder are proud to release ‘Room 208​’, the third single off their upcoming record ‘Singularity Complex’ http://jamsphere.com/videos/the-amatory-murder-are-proud-to-release-room-208%e2%80%8b-the-third-single-off-their-upcoming-record-singularity-complex http://jamsphere.com/videos/the-amatory-murder-are-proud-to-release-room-208%e2%80%8b-the-third-single-off-their-upcoming-record-singularity-complex#respond Fri, 23 Oct 2020 11:43:06 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42766 The Amatory Murder are proud to release Room 208​, the third single off their upcoming record Singularity Complex.​ ​Room 208​ is shot by director Jonathan Rivera — who is no stranger to working with the band on their visual endeavors (Rivera attended high school with singer Christian Peppas aka Xian Murder and has been a go-to filmmaker over the years). This fun, sexy, short “horror-esque” film has Rivera taking an initial gritty, abstract idea and bringing it to life — this time pushing some boundaries. Really looking to think outside the box, the band also enlisted the services of longtime collaborator and personal friend Sara ‘Primary’ Lieck with her team Entertainment X Primary.

Longtime allies of the LGBTQ community, Xian and Primary made the decision of flipping off social norms with The Amatory Murder’s all-female gender nonbinary cast — even the mysterious central character itself is played by Primary. And looking closely you’ll see friend of the band and alternative icon Shirley Tragic Doll — previously seen on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!— lounging in the background throughout the video. Room 208 ​appears to be the rock n’ roll after-party any concert-goer would love to attend…or is it? The Amatory Murder album​ Singularity Complex​ is due out at the end of October.


The Amatory Murder is an alternative rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Originally, starting with only Christian Peppas (a.k.a. Xian Murder), a guitar and synthesizers, the band now includes drummer Scott Genovese, guitarist Christian “The Governor” Buckley, and bassist Binx Noir. The band employ a variety of foundational textures to create an ethereal landscape, grungy punk sensibilities, and pop beat arrangements. Combined with heavy guitars and catchy hooks, the tracks are topped off with melodic lyrics. While The Amatory Murder sometimes cites classic rock influences, the songs manage to keep a modern 21st-century sound.

The Amatory Murder

The Amatory Murder

The band has toured nationally in the United States. Sharing the stage with an eclectic range of noteworthy artists including Stabbing Westward, Julien-K, Combichrist, The Dreaming, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and the Red Paintings, their break-through sound connects to audiences on all levels with dynamic choruses and energetic compositions. In addition to tours, The Amatory Murder were honored to be a part of #MakeChesterProud​, a mental health and suicide awareness benefit in memory of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington organized by Fuse veteran VJ Tim “No.37” Martinez.

To date, all albums and recordings have been engineered, produced, financed and released entirely by the band. ​A Different Frequency ​(2011), “A Haunting” (​Exploiting Our Dreams​, 2014), and “My Nightmare” (2015), which accompanied a music video premiered by Revolver Magazine, are among several popular fan favorites. ​F*ck It! We’ll Do It Live ​is the band’s first live album recorded and mixed in June 2016 at King Killer Studios (Brooklyn, NY). ​Neurotica​, The Amatory Murder’s 2016 full-length studio album includes the upbeat, sexy crowd-pleaser “The Deadliest Rose.”

The band is set to release their sixth record and third full-length album, Singularity Complex​, in Autumn of 2020 which includes current singles “Master”, “My Love” and the upcoming single “Room 208.” Though the album’s theme is meant to be abstruse, overarching ideas of technology, government, and media are personified to give life to these otherwise dark times. The album is a cathartic, cerebral journey that catapults the listener into a hauntingly beautiful, dystopian society without ever compromising their brand artistry.


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YAGI – “How You Do That” – The vibe is enthralling! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/yagi-how-you-do-that-the-vibe-is-enthralling http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/yagi-how-you-do-that-the-vibe-is-enthralling#respond Thu, 22 Oct 2020 21:46:32 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42760 The legendary city of Houston has produced a number of artists that will go down in history as hip hop pioneers, who helped expand rap music within the south. Currently coming out of Houston (TX), YAGI is an emerging artist born in New York, and who moved to Houston to play football at U of H. The production on YAGI’s latest single “How You Do That” consists of the same dramatic, emotional, somewhat dark, and banging sonic backdrop, fans have come to expect of rap’s new wave of artists.

YAGI has a deep and resonant voice ready for hard-edged gangsta rap that’s expressive and commanding and capable of grit, yet also versatile enough to show emotive complexity. He tweaks his voice and flow on “How You Do That”, delivering a high-energy club anthem, built for serious twerking.

The Houston-based rapper walks a thin line between radical innovator, street preacher and club player. It’s rare to see in a genre like rap, where tradition is sacred. The art of breaking rules sits neatly with YAGI on “How You Do That”, as he walks his style through a blazing beat, and comes out on the other side sounding like a genre-icon.

Right from the opening, YAGI is already rapping. From the jump, this track doesn’t give you a second to think. He sounds good, and seems to be in his zone. It’s refreshing. His flow is seamless. Every line matters. He’s got his eye on the girls, and he’s not wasting a single bar. The vibe is enthralling.

Turn up the volume and the roof will be levitating off your house. Your shoulders will bounce and your elbows will be thrown about. This record feels large, booming along to the thundering 808’s. It’s a ground shaker, as YAGI unleashes his swagger and outspoken attitude. The verses hit hard, as the rapper finds the pocket in the groove.

The production stays throbbing throughout, as YAGI’s flow matches the adrenaline rush of the beat. His voice cuts through the mix and all the background textures. The production value is high. It’s all hard, but it’s all dynamite. I can hear “How You Do That” rattling out of trunks. YAGI’s energy is impeccable, as he unlocks his potential.

If you’re just wondering how YAGI keeps this intensity up. It’s simply because he raps with confidence and easily finds his stride. His rapping comes with a concentrated effortlessness. You can hear it in his tone; the booth was probably melting when he recorded this track, while he remained in control, spitting out spicy wordplay.

“How You Do That” moves at a steady pace – a slow burning rhythm that captures the uniqueness of YAGI’s high-energy style, on top of the 808 rumble. Amidst all the booty talk, there isn’t a single moment where YAGI sounds dull, repetitive, or out of place. The most endearing quality of “How You Do That” is YAGI’s focus.

YAGI sounds like an artist who actually cares about delivering a full experience to his audience. In fact he accompanies the single, with an enticing visual, to match.


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Lokye – “Color Coated 2”, pushes the genre forward musically, by looking back stylistically http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/lokye-color-coated-2-pushes-the-genre-forward-musically-by-looking-back-stylistically http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/lokye-color-coated-2-pushes-the-genre-forward-musically-by-looking-back-stylistically#respond Thu, 22 Oct 2020 15:00:23 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42755 Brian H Newman is an abstract artist from NYC who has been living and creating in Detroit since 2009. Graduated from CCS with BFA, he is the owner of Art Gallery Granny’s Chandelier in Hamtramck M.I. Primarily a mixed Media artist with a focus on figurative abstraction, and surrealist philosophy, when he switches his artistic gaze towards blending lyrics and instrumentals he takes on the moniker of Lokye. His album, “Color Coated 2”, pushes the genre forward musically, by looking back stylistically. The beats are extremely alternative and jazzy. It is not a hook-heavy record, instead this is hip hop that needs to be properly and fully digested.

This is a primary reason as to why “Color Coated 2” stands out in the current hip hop landscape. Rap is a genre that thrives on immediacy. Most of the best albums, are the ones that just jump off the shelves at listeners. But once in a while it is great to hear somebody like Lokye deliver a subtle work of art that takes a little more time to grow on you.

A good majority of today’s most popular artists offer little more than a misogynistic catchphrase over a bass-heavy beat. And like many fans, Lokye certainly believes there is a void in the hip hop world for what he has to say, and more importantly, how he wants to say it. By not wasting his time whining about the things that are lacking from the current scene, Lokye actually sets about filling that void with 17 unconventional and creative tracks.

Even better is Lokye ability to craft an album as a cohesive unit from eclectic and disparate sounds. Rap has become a genre dependent on singles, with most mainstream rap albums consisting of a couple of well-known tracks and a handful of filler to round out the rest of the album. “Color Coated 2” is variegated and interesting at every turn, flowing effortlessly between diverse sounding tracks that work extremely well together.

With a dozen different producers taking care of the beats, diversity is the order of the day. “Color Coated 2” tries to take you back to the good times when hip hop was more focused on making interesting music, and it sure does succeed. For all the strengths of today’s artists, I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more that are able to craft an album the way Lokye does. Lyrically, the album narrates intensely personal, life stories and experiences – or as the linear notes explain: “Stories of hardships, love, lust and loyalty, on the rise to excellence.”

From the moment the hazy and smoky, jazz-induced backdrop of “Kick Flip In Penthouse” (Prod. Magu The Dog), introduces the unusual extravagance of Lokye’s mellifluous flow, you’ll be hooked to the artist’s divergent creativity. “Mat Black El Camino” (DJ Prince) switches the sonic palette with cinematic strings and a rolling bassline, while Lokye’s rhymes become more urgent.

“Fucking With Me” (Prod. DJ SPINN) again flips the template with an epic wave of synth pads and banging drums underscoring Lokye’s soaring vocals. “Neverland” (Prod. TSRK) is excellent piano-based groove, while the soulful big-band sound of “The Question” (Prod. Magu The Dog) will resonate in your ears long after the song is over.

A living, breathing work of contemporary urban music art, “Color Coated 2” is chock full of highlights and standout tracks. From the dark and edgy “Small Business” Ft. Bleeklino (Prod. Eddie Logix) to the echoey falsetto-filled ambiance of “Blank Canvas” (Prod. TSRK), and the psychedelic guitar motifs of “Feel No Pain” ft. Mary Jade (prod. Mercer Boys).

By the time you arrive to “Gluttony” (prod. Eddie Logix) and “Uptown Blunted” (prod. DJ GIVE), you realize that it is pretty reductive just labelling this a rap or hip-hop album. This is so much more. It is the sound of an artist evolving directly on record, which also helps make the music surprisingly resonant, track after track.

Moving forward, across “Lucid” ft. Jypsey Jey Free (prod. Dusty Fingerz) and “Far Away” (prod. The Last Skeptik), to “Do Me Like That” (prod. DJ GIVE) and “Lavender Love Spell” (Mercer Boys), it’s invigorating to listen to a lit and creative Lokye, follow his muse right off the beaten path, even for the alternative genre, and deep into places few have gone before him. All the while, staying cohesive and accessible.


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The 4PACK Ent. Music Group Presents MACKronyms – “Take Me Away” Video http://jamsphere.com/videos/the-4pack-ent-music-group-presents-mackronyms-take-me-away-video http://jamsphere.com/videos/the-4pack-ent-music-group-presents-mackronyms-take-me-away-video#respond Thu, 22 Oct 2020 11:44:29 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42751 The 4PACK Ent. Music Group Presents MACKronyms “Take Me Away” ft. Johnny Blk Reese as Heckle and Racci AK Ashy Knuckles as Jeckle.

By and large, “Take Me Away” has the classic MACKronyms sound: a warm and crisp confluence of cinematic hip-hop, old school lyrical flows, and a modern soulful hook, all mixed and mastered impeccably. Here MACKronyms have once again captured the energy and depth that has made them such an important and inimitable act in the first place.

Johnny Blk Reese and Racci AK Ashy Knuckles come with a sense of urgency, deep introspective thought, and camaraderie. It never feels like they’re just going through the motions. The flows are consistently dazzling, and lyrically, the track focuses on a time of struggles and hustling, while the chorus, powerfully ignites the song’s emotional side.

OFFICIAL LINKS: Twitter/IG @4PACKENT – Facebook @i415usa – Johnny Blk ReeseSTREAMS


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PlantBassed – “Lambo” (Original Mix) – effervescent breaks and builds! http://jamsphere.com/videos/plantbassed-lambo-original-mix-effervescent-breaks-and-builds http://jamsphere.com/videos/plantbassed-lambo-original-mix-effervescent-breaks-and-builds#respond Thu, 22 Oct 2020 10:00:23 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42746 In most cases, EDM producers are reacting to what’s going on around them. On a basic level, some produce in line with trends, while others produce in contrast to them. Sometimes though it is possible that an artist as singular as PlantBassed is able to blend everything that’s going on in the electronic environment. And he can do it in one single project. Put another way, if you listen to the track “Lambo” (Original Mix), you’ll notice that there aren’t many producers out there making PlantBassed music – a rhythmic and frenzied banging combination of percussion, synths, and voices.

The effervescent breaks and builds are frankly incredible, PlantBassed using the heft and dexterity of his synths and effects to make the twisting chords sound all the more alluring. Sharp and focused, the groove and immediacy of the music, is matched only by the meticulous, cutting-edge production.

On “Lambo” (Original Mix), PlantBassed delivers something that sounds familiar, and classic, whilst being a totally audacious, forward-thinking experience. The track splatters synthesized sheen at 128bpm, with the melodic swirl running alongside the elaborate percussive stylings. PlantBassed delivers an electronic single, jam-packed with ideas and vibrant tone color, and is an example of how a creative mind can mine a classic sound palette for fresh ideas.


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Winchester 7 & the Runners – “My Super 8” – a revitalized style of organic indie rock! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/winchester-7-the-runners-my-super-8-a-revitalized-style-of-organic-indie-rock http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/winchester-7-the-runners-my-super-8-a-revitalized-style-of-organic-indie-rock#respond Wed, 21 Oct 2020 22:44:10 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42741 Winchester 7 & the Runners are focused on the future, but their latest single “My Super 8”, takes them nostalgically into the past. From the first jangly guitar-like notes and steadfast drumming, we get a hint that this track may not stray too far from its legendary indie rock predecessors.  It hearkens back to a time when guitars shimmered, and shoved throbbing bass and drum arrangements, supporting ear-catching melodies bouncing over the top. The song is so bright it’s practically glowing, with a simply layered arrangement that embraces both distortion and playful spontaneity.

Of the most surprising elements here, is the guitar part – which really is not a guitar at all, but a ukulele, brought into the mix by Georgia-based musician Winchester 7, who is accompanied in this project by the Runners, made up of Phil Voorhees (bass) who resides in Amsterdam, and Jack Kane (drums) who is itinerant in the UK.

Even though it’s sweetly melodic, “My Super 8” is serious in its construction. The melody and harmonies are incredibly tight, while the ukulele warps and bellows on cue, and the drums anchors everything into place. It all feels intentional, like a perfectly decorated room. There’s a lot going on in this song, but it never feel messy or out of place. Instead there is an immediate, undeniable energy to the track, which harnesses the catchy, elegant melody

“My Super 8” has a dreamy, lo-fi garage rock sound to it, and the way it prances and pounces toward its end will have you following, and grasping for more. It is a song bursting with tonal and timbral color, and an outright example of Winchester 7 & the Runners’ catchy composition style; a band with a ceaseless desire to keep fans on their toes.

Phil Voorhees provides a prominent bassline that sets the ambience of this equal parts indie and garage-sounding tune. Interspersed between Winchester 7’s wayfaring vocals are splashes of sound that borders on post-punk Britpop stylings. It’s a revitalized style of organic indie rock that takes no time to tune into, and once the wavelength between the ukulele and the guitar is established in your mind, it’s solid rock n’ roll business as usual.

The totality of the single, “My Super 8”, added to the self-made music video clip, is enough to engulf listeners in a myriad of textures accomplished via sound and vision. Winchester 7 & the Runners are not only dynamic songwriters and performers but keen videographers as well, constantly exploring new, diverse methods to keep eyes and ears glued.

A nostalgic look at the movie camera of the same name, “My Super 8”, retains all the clever wit and pragmatism that the Winchester 7 & the Runners’ music generally contains. The release showcases everything good about this band – delectable hooks and harmonies fleshed out with tangy and crunchy ukulele driven rhythms. It only takes a few notes to acclimatize yourself to their particular brand of indie rock. This track captured me from the first listen, and continues to grow on me with each new encounter.


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“Mira Mira” – IK is a credible up-and-coming artist! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/mira-mira-ik-is-a-credible-up-and-coming-artist http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/mira-mira-ik-is-a-credible-up-and-coming-artist#respond Wed, 21 Oct 2020 15:19:49 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42736 Ikponmwosa Ediagbonya aka IK, is a spiritually guided inspirational artist. His many releases confirm that he’s made conscious efforts to establish himself first and foremost as an urban artist with a positive message. There are parameters of Christian respectability and an ethic of atonement and uplift to his music, regardless what topic he is on about in his songs.

IK is doing good work of reaching people lost in these troubled times, showing them, through his own personal words and experiences, an alternative to their lifestyles. Currently any form of urban music is a most authentic and effective medium an artist can use to convey passion, emotion, and truth. As the beat moves the listener’s body, and the rhyme and rhythm of the words enters the ears, urban music can be an effective way of conveying a message.

IK knows and understands the true nature of the music medium, as he uses it not just to drop a phat beat, but as a medium to drop lyrical passion and truth, through his mellifluous voice. IK churns out smooth and soulful anthems that caress the heart and mind. Tracks like “Getting To It”, “Pick It Up”, and “Taliban”, as well as his most recent like “Vibe” and “Mira Mira”, all prove themselves to be captivating earworms.

It is apparent that IK wants to make an undeniable – and much needed – impact on the current Hiphop, R&B and Pop cultures. Currently on radio rotation with the track “Mira Mira”, IK is a credible up-and-coming artist.

 OFFICIAL LINKS: Spotify – Apple Music – Youtube – Instagram


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Hollis Jordan – “Runaway” ft. Zaire Danae – a great example of a true craftsman! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/hollis-jordan-runaway-ft-zaire-danae-a-great-example-of-a-true-craftsman http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/hollis-jordan-runaway-ft-zaire-danae-a-great-example-of-a-true-craftsman#respond Wed, 21 Oct 2020 11:38:04 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42731 Hollis Jordan’s penchant for shape-shifting will undoubtedly become his signature, as he points to the pursuit of R&B/Pop domination. His latest single, “Runaway” ft. Zaire Danae, is a vibrant banger built around classic warm keys, liquid polyrhythms and skittering hi-hats. It’s a track about love, lust and desire that easily brings listeners into a euphoric state. Hollis Jordan is an infinitely versatile and assured singer. He’s a great example of a true craftsman taking all his ideas, pulling them in, and turning them into top-shelf music.

“Runaway” ft. Zaire Danae shows Hollis Jordan’s growth as an artist, since his first national single “Live For The Moment” produced by older brother – well-known Detroit  producer MoStaxx. With an impressive range, Hollis masters getting different sounds and nuances to jell together cohesively. He is an absolute professional. An artist who knows where to put the bridge, and the exact right moment to bust out his unearthly falsetto.

Hollis Jordan’s unyielding vocals paired with sultry sonics introduce a sexy record for those looking for a dancefloor groove to relax and unwind to. The song is both edgy and smooth, calling for an easy-listening experience. Featured guest Zaire Danae adds a dose of streetwise energy and mellifluous vocal spice to the recording. She hones in on juxtaposing Jordan’s power, offering a contrast throughout the sing. And incredibly enough, succeeds.

“Runaway” ft. Zaire Danae is sure to expand Hollis Jordan’s presence to a large variety of listeners, as he provides us an authentic soulified R&B voice that many modern-day artists lack. Moreover, there’s a lot going on musically in the song, but all the ideas meld perfectly, and it seems like they cohere mostly because Hollis Jordan has been watching his peers and taking careful note of what works, and what doesn’t.

“Runaway” ft. Zaire Danae is alternately flirty and intensely soulful, and it knows when to be one and when to be another. It runs on top of beat that is subtly infused with elegant Dancehall nuances, perfectly adapted to the sexiest twerking movements. “Runaway” thrills come when Hollis Jordan lets loose, particularly when listened to on a pair of good headphones. But to truly savor all of its majesty, unleash it to a packed dancefloor.

Those who’ve already heard Hollis Jordan, will know that he was basically born to be a successful entertainer. He’s too talented, too self-assured and probably too ambitious to do live doing anything else. Furthermore, his bloodline is set to heavily determine his future in some way or another.

Born into a musical family, Detroit’s Hollis Jordan is the second cousin to female rapper Bo$$ of Def Jam Records, and 6th cousin to legendary Jazz icon – American trumpeter, composer, and singer Louis Armstrong. Strangely enough, history always seems to find a way of repeating itself. Charting the crooner’s development, “Runaway” ft. Zaire Danae sees Hollis Jordan proudly flying his own personal artistic flag.


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Nazzy Dinero is a dynamic and emerging artist from London http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/nazzy-dinero-is-a-dynamic-and-emerging-artist-from-london http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/nazzy-dinero-is-a-dynamic-and-emerging-artist-from-london#respond Tue, 20 Oct 2020 19:52:12 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42724 Please get acquainted with Nazzy Dinero, a dynamic and emerging artist from London. He is ambitious, creative and destined for success. At only 16, he is slowly but surely establishing himself as a progressive artist.

Nazzy is a talented and ambitious artist and producer, who showcases enormous versatility. His ambition and talent were on show as early as 8 years old, when he taught himself to play the drums. Ever since he has dedicated himself to mastering different sounds. Nazzy Dinero is on radio rotation with the track “Fire”.

Connect with Nazzy Dinero on INSTAGRAM and stream his music on SPOTIFY


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V The Saint Presents “BONAFIDE” – the trials and tribulations of a hustler, grinder, and father http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/v-the-saint-presents-bonafide-the-trials-and-tribulations-of-a-hustler-grinder-and-father http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/v-the-saint-presents-bonafide-the-trials-and-tribulations-of-a-hustler-grinder-and-father#respond Tue, 20 Oct 2020 15:32:51 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42719 Born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, V The Saint is no stranger to hustling and grinding. From rapping as a part of a group when he was 12, to internal conflict forcing him to relocate to Mobile, Alabama for 2 years, V has persevered and weathered many storms to present you with his latest body of work.

The passionate Brooklyn lyricist presents, ‘BONAFIDE’, the trials and tribulations of a BONAFIDE hustler, grinder, and father, with witty lines and truth-filled bars. Every song is littered with an honest, brash, and real accounts of what it’s like for a young black man in 2020, pursuing his dreams.


The single ‘I Got It’ from the new project ‘BONAFIDE’.

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MONOTRONIC’S “BUY YOURSELF A DREAM” VIDEO OUT NOW! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/monotronics-buy-yourself-a-dream-video-out-now http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/monotronics-buy-yourself-a-dream-video-out-now#comments Tue, 20 Oct 2020 13:03:00 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=42712


‘Buy Yourself A Dream,’ starts with an acoustic guitar and pensive vocals but grows with exuberance, bravado, cascading keys, and catchinessRockNYC

New York collective Monotronic is premiering their Ben Kadie directed video for “Buy Yourself A Dream” at FolknRock.com, video featured on VEVO’s Incoming Indie Playlist. Led by anthropologist and musician/producer Ramsey Elkholy, the New York-based collective delivers fresh sounding music layered with atmospheric vibes.

Their new single, “Buy Yourself A Dream,” is both reflective and poetic, when asked about the song Elkholy explains, “It’s a song that reflects more on the journey than the destination. We often miss out on the best parts of life when we put too much focus on material goals. That’s the basic gist of the song.” Stream it here: https://orcd.co/m4odpyj

With two more singles slated to be released in the following months the skittering production of “Just Another Day” flutters alongside unpredictable lyrics scrawled in the aftermath of an Ayahuasca retreat in Peru.

“When the morning came around, I pulled out my phone and started frantically texting the lyrics in my little notes section,” he recalls. “I had those lyrics in my phone for two years and had completely forgotten about them… until one day the music came to me and I was able to connect the two.”

Meanwhile, “Livin’ In A Lie” illuminates another side of his storytelling. “It’s about a guy who is enjoying the freedoms of the single life, until he meets a girl and falls in love,” he elaborates. “In the end the girl breaks his heart and changes him forever. He goes back to his single life but is no longer able to enjoy those freedoms he once cherished as a bachelor, but he deceives himself nonetheless and pretends to be happy.”

Monotronic translates life experiences into undeniable art creating, ever- flowing, and constantly changing new sounds.


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