JamSphere http://jamsphere.com The Indie Music Magazine & Radio Network! Thu, 13 Aug 2020 12:56:01 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Fire Proof 1 Records Presents Fire Proof Compilation Vol. 2 Hope For The Streets http://jamsphere.com/news/fire-proof-1-records-presents-fire-proof-compilation-vol-2-hope-for-the-streets http://jamsphere.com/news/fire-proof-1-records-presents-fire-proof-compilation-vol-2-hope-for-the-streets#respond Thu, 13 Aug 2020 12:56:01 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41464 After the Fire Proof Compilation Vol. 1 reached great success it was only right to drop a volume 2. On Volume 1 we had Lecrae, DJ Wonder, and Tedashii to support the compilation, we were able to help many families that was affected by Covid 19. So on part 2 we partnered with Dj Wonder, Radio Big Mack, Lecrae, 1k Phew, and Steve Lobel to help us promote the Fire Proof Compilation Vol. 2 Hope For The Streets.

Fire Proof 1 Records Presents Fire Proof Compilation Vol. 2 Hope For The Streets featuring KeyWay, Slim Vezzy, Majestic Soundz, Carmane Jones, Sg God’s Son, Laura Bucci, Ferv Serv, BryPolar, KidHook, Saqred, and Eileen Duenas.


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Lucie Vondráčková – Milování – Official Video http://jamsphere.com/videos/lucie-vondrackova-milovani-official-video http://jamsphere.com/videos/lucie-vondrackova-milovani-official-video#respond Thu, 13 Aug 2020 00:27:36 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41458 Czech pop singer, Lucie Vondráčková recently filmed the most daring clip of her career. Under the direction Tereza Hirsch, with whom she also collaborated on the award-winning film Beyond Her Lens, they created a video clip for the song Milování, which, thanks to UV effects, colors and especially the theme, completely deviates from what we know from Lucie. In a colorful clip full of love, the singer snuggles up not only to a man, but also to a woman. It shows the diversity and variety of love.

“Tereza and I were already working on the second project. She is creative and has great ideas. So in the case of Milování, I left her completely free,” explained Lucie Vondráčková on the shooting of the video.

The clip is full of special paints and original make-up, which took many hours to complete. The body-painting was executed by Kačka Kloučková. This is the first time these effects were used in a Czech clip music clip.

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LIL T.REXXX – “Pain” (Official Music Video) http://jamsphere.com/videos/lil-t-rexxx-pain-official-music-video http://jamsphere.com/videos/lil-t-rexxx-pain-official-music-video#respond Wed, 12 Aug 2020 23:49:35 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41454 STREAM/DOWNLOAD ”PAIN” Here

Listen to the Official Audio for “Pain” by LIL T.REXXX . Pain is also available on:

► Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2Gbbn
► Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/trexrapper

✅ prod by Karma

Stay up to date on all things LIL T.REXXX:

► Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Z_
► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kamogegelotr
► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lil_t.rexx/
► Twitter: https://twitter.com/TreXRapper1


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Elijah Sommerz – Net Worth, Bio, Business, Real Name http://jamsphere.com/news/elijah-sommerz-net-worth-bio-business-real-name http://jamsphere.com/news/elijah-sommerz-net-worth-bio-business-real-name#respond Wed, 12 Aug 2020 23:34:12 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41449 Background Information

Origin: Canada, Micmac Heritage Jamaican & Grenadian-Heritage Background

Birth name: Robert Vernon

Born on: December 22, 1991

Labels: J Stone Management Group & co -2016 Present

Genres: Hip-Hop, R&B Music, Hard-core Rap

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario.

Profession:  Entrepreneur,Talent Manager

Short Biography

Robert Vernon, also known as Elijah Sommerz is a Canadian artist, entrepreneur, musician who is currently serving as the head talent director of J Stone Management Group & Co since 2016.

Trivia Facts

Elijah Sommerz’s estimated net worth is approx 1.4 million to 2 million Canadian dollars.

Elijah Sommerz is also one of the co-founders of a talent label that is a subsidiary management imprint to date, J stone Management Group & Co.

Elijah Sommerz is the co-founder of an architecture development proposal emulsion firm based out of Toronto Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Elijah Sommerz’ ancestors are from the Mandela tribe.

He has a very distinguishable physiognomy; he has a dark cirque around his eyes.

Eliajh Sommerz family tree is founded under the expression that his grandmother is from Madiba’s tribe. She was active in the fight against apartheid in South Africa. That’s where she is from.

Elijah Sommerz’ mother, Deborah Vernon’s father, is a white land Baron.


]]> http://jamsphere.com/news/elijah-sommerz-net-worth-bio-business-real-name/feed 0 DJ Jonn Doe – “12:34” navigates both deep and entertaining subject matter http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/dj-jonn-doe-1234-navigates-both-deep-and-entertaining-subject-matter http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/dj-jonn-doe-1234-navigates-both-deep-and-entertaining-subject-matter#respond Wed, 12 Aug 2020 21:16:05 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41445 On his latest , and 5th project, entitled “12:34”, New York based creative, DJ Jonn Doe, takes eleven steps into a transcendental blend of hip-hop and R&B heaven. The artist’s singsong raps meander through slippery humid beats that slap and bang. As a gifted artist with a mellifluous delivery and smooth vocals, he’s equally skilled as both a rapper and a singer. He possesses panache, while maintaining intelligence. He can be simultaneously sly, humorous and deeply introspective. He’s a skilled storyteller who can capture all types of moods. And he’s a master at crafting albums that navigate both deep and entertaining subject matter without ever feeling strained. DJ Jonn Doe is all of these things and more on “12:34”, arguably the best album in his catalogue thus far.

A nineties kid, DJ Jonn Doe developed a love for music at a young age, mainly as an escape from the harsh realities of life and a broken home. He spent years building his brand and feeding his craft as a DJ, recording artist, and audio engineer. This allowed him to perform at shows with top tier artists such Joe Budden, Micket Fatz, Kid Ink, Mop and many others.

In-between, he has earned major respect from a dedicated fanbase and his peers, including many of hip-hop’s best and brightest. “12:34” is a well thought project that was completed over a period of 10 months. Opening the album with the one-two punch of lead single, “Name” and the mellifluous “The Waltz”, featuring childhood friend and collaborator, Patty John, demonstrates DJ Jonn Doe’s immersive versatility.

DJ Jonn Doe then immediately follows with the previously unreleased “Mood” produced by Aizbi – a thoughtful exploration, playing off skittering hi-hats warm key washes. “Aye Girl” sees the reappearance of Patty John, on a groove that bounces, as DJ Jonn Doe considers some intimate relationships moves. As a gifted storyteller, DJ Jonn Doe often finds inspiration in the mundane details of life, imbuing them with insight, humor and wisdom.

“What I Got On” ups the rhythmic ante, as the album shifts into overdrive. Both DJ Jonn Doe’s lyricism and singing ability hold steadfast moving forward, while the beats increment their intensity – from “Jet” ft. OdieMagee to “How You Feel” and “Still (How I Do It) ft. Legendary Diesel, the mesmerizing head-nodding grooves never let up.

Besides “Drama” is a smooth track that brings genuine flashes of impacting nuance, it’s an exercise in flawless sound mixing and editing. Featuring floating keyboard notes, a low bass and percussion that give the song a somber flavor. The momentum is kept constant on “Free Flow”, as DJ Jonn Doe rides the beat with his usual hypnotizing vocal, sitting right in its pocket.

The album closes with emotional, “Make Things Right”. Amidst heartbreaking guitars, DJ Jonn Doe regales the audience with a melancholic charm that makes the song absolutely infectious. DJ Jonn Doe really does have nuanced vocal chops, and he showcases them here.

All throughout “12:34”, DJ Jonn Doe straddles the line between confrontation and sincerity like no other. He is a constant presence in every track, showcasing his ability to get extra mileage out of his subject matter. Moreover, he has proven that he can build on his artistic status. There may not be many albums like “12:34” in 2020.


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Bruce Cohen – “Six BC” – incredibly creative and forward-thinking electronica http://jamsphere.com/reviews/bruce-cohen-six-bc-incredibly-creative-and-forward-thinking-electronica http://jamsphere.com/reviews/bruce-cohen-six-bc-incredibly-creative-and-forward-thinking-electronica#respond Wed, 12 Aug 2020 12:38:36 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41441 The good news is that “Six BC” is a superb album, one of the best to bear the Bruce Cohen name in quite some time in fact, with the visionary musician utilizing combining a Yamaha Reface YC Organ with a Reface CS Synth, “to see how far he could push the two keyboards into one big spacious ethereal sound”. This was his initial grounding towards crafting a series of 10 tracks around them that find a strong balance between atmospheric longer reaches, electronic explorations and more melodious compact pieces – plus a touch of dance music. So boxed in purists and snobs, approach this with caution. For all the other expanding creative minds…enjoy!

There’s a constant distinctly current sound, with endless respectful nods to the vintage exploratory heritage of Cohen’s previous works through every bit of the album. It all makes for a superb slice of intelligent modern electronica, and even the rarer straight-forward spots, are far weightier and more subtle than many of the tracks that have shown up on numerous electronic recordings currently doing the rounds.

As the title “Six BC” presumes, Bruce Cohen started out the series, with “One BC” in 2009, eventually reaching “Five BC” in 2018. The opener “Under The Nova” holds a series of experimental and ambient fragments a world away from commercial appeal or easier melodicism. It’s essentially an arrangement that coasts between freeform serene electronic drifts, and an urgent churning beat, making for a confident statement from Cohen, straight off the cuff.

Each re-listen reveals a secret exciting layer and a complex flow under the louder keyboard flourishes, on the mysteriously intriguing, “A Single Step”.  Inspired by Miles Davis, “Rated Are” offers clacking percussive momentum and a searing theme whilst dipping into bombastic sonic excursions. Cohen then spoil fans with the beautiful and deeply immersive epic, “Prelude for Oodako”.

“Mr. Harrison” is a homage to Bruce Cohen’s favorite Beatle, It’s a bouncy and sparkly piece, sprouting delicate Eastern nuances. “Dance Of Mogera” is the closest Cohen comes to a slinking EDM beat, except it holds a more reflective elegance than his club orientated counterparts could wish, or are allowed, to produce.

The buzzing ambient music of “Sunrise Over The Moon” is all crystalline ringing expanses, and fizzing implosions, culminating in an uplifting refrain. Overloaded with feverish percussive runs, Cohen’s keys take center stage alongside the driving rhythm on “Moove”, constantly soaring majestically over electronic pulsing, and a dramatic imposing beat.

“Which is Which” is another ambient digression, with Cohen challenging the listener to determine which is the organ, and which is the synth. “Fooled Who”, is a tribute to The Who, another of Cohen’s all-time favorite bands. This is an astoundingly busy piece of music, especially percussively. There’s this incredible collision of rhythm and sound, which only builds upon Bruce Cohen’s musical mystique.

“Six BC” is evocative and smart electronica from a talented artist who constantly calls to mind moments from many electronic eras. It showcases one of those rare instances when a musician continues to be incredibly creative and forward-thinking, even eleven years down the line from his first solo album release.


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INTERVIEW: Marc Marut of Cool Ass http://jamsphere.com/twentyquestions/interview-marc-marut-of-cool-ass http://jamsphere.com/twentyquestions/interview-marc-marut-of-cool-ass#respond Wed, 12 Aug 2020 01:08:16 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41436 Cool Ass was created by Marc Marut, with a sound that’s reminiscent of 90’s alternative. Combining a hard hitting, toe tapping, energetic rock style with other influences, Cool Ass music gets people moving as much as the lyrics get them laughing. Not only is Marc a musician/songwriter, he is also an accomplished actor. He has starred in feature films such as “The Paperboy (1994)”, as well as many TV shows such as “Goosebumps” and “Road To Avonlea”. Marc does all the composing, recording, and audio engineering himself.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about where you come from and how you got started?

Marc Marut: It’s funny, I fell into music completely by accident. When I was nine years old I auditioned for Les Misérables to get a Cub Scouts badge, and out of nowhere I got the role. Doing musical theatre exposed me to professional musicians from a young age, and I learned a lot from the conductor and other members of the orchestra. As I got older, I spent lots of time in studios laying down vocals for commercials and TV shows. It was a very natural progression, and eventually one thing just led to another.

  1. Where did the moniker “Cool Ass” come from?

Marc Marut: To me Cool Ass is more than just a name, it’s also an attitude. It’s about being good to others, but especially about respecting and believing in yourself. We all have talents, and we all have a purpose for being in this world. When you discover what that purpose is and don’t let people scare you away from being who you really are, that’s when you can do all the cool ass things you were meant to. Right now I’m making Cool Ass music.

  1. Who were your first and strongest musical influences that you can remember?

Marc Marut: Being a teenager in the 90’s, I’m heavily influenced by the style of music for that time period… but my influences are also a bit all over the map. Nirvana got me into grunge, and Veruca Salt’s vocal harmonies have definitely made a huge impact on me, but I also listened to a lot of Queen when I was younger. As a kid I remember wishing I could play guitar like Brian May. I like to incorporate elements of classic rock, blues, dance and even swing into my music, but there’s typically a grunge element that holds it all together.

  1. What do you feel are the key elements in your music that should resonate with listeners?

Marc Marut: Well, being that it’s reminiscent of 90’s alternative, it’s definitely upbeat. The lyrics are pretty funny too, so my songs get people laughing as much as they get them moving. My music combines hard hitting, toe tapping, energetic rock with other influences, and puts a smile on people’s faces.

  1. For most artists, originality is first preceded by a phase of learning and, often, emulating others. What was this like for you? How would you describe your own development as an artist and music maker, and the transition towards your own style?

Marc Marut: It’s pretty much the opposite for me… ever since I was a kid music would just come to me from out of nowhere. I’d always have tunes playing in my head, and the challenge for me was learning how to reproduce them on instruments. I’ve always had music in me, and I just need to get it out and into the world. Everything I’ve learned and emulated so far has just made that easier.

  1. What’s your view on the role and function of music as political, cultural, spiritual, and/or social vehicles – and do you try and affront any of these themes in your work, or are you purely interested in music as an expression of technical artistry, personal narrative and entertainment?

Marc Marut: The world is so divided right now, that honestly I don’t want to get sucked into that with my art. In the past, political music had a lot of impact, but nowadays opinions seem to be set in stone so there’s no point. I just want to laugh and have fun, and that’s why I make music. People can get so caught up in ideals that they forget why we’re here in the first place. So I don’t know… is that spiritual?

  1. Do you ever write a song with current musical trends, formulas or listener satisfaction in mind, or do you simply focus on your own personal vision and hope people will empathize with your sound?

Marc Marut: Obviously listener satisfaction is an important part of sound design, but when it comes to the song itself I focus entirely on my vision.

  1. Could you describe your creative processes? How do start, and go about shaping ideas into a completed song? Do you usually start with a beat, or a narrative in your head?

Marc Marut:  Honestly, the music just pops into my head and I take it from there. I do often start by laying down a simple beat, and then I might add some guitars or bass, then other instruments, then go back and add in some drum fills… it’s like a making sculpture. Once I have my block of stone, I just chip away at it until it’s done.

  1. What has been the most difficult thing you’ve had to endure in your career or life so far, and how did you overcome the event?

Marc Marut:  The toughest thing in my career has been learning all the technical aspects of production. There’s so much to know! Everything from audio engineering to VFX, to learning how to code websites… it’s not easy for me because I’m a very right brain thinker. Art and language are where I excel naturally, so learning computers and math stuff was really hard.

  1. On the contrary, what would you consider a successful, proud or significant point in your career so far?

Marc Marut:  I’m extremely proud of the music video for “S.O.B. (Song Of a Bitch)”. I put together a great little crew, but aside from the initial camera setup I took care of all the technical aspects myself. I did everything from data management to post production, VFX and 3D modelling, and even the liquid simulations and color correction. It was pretty technical, and I think I pulled it off quite well. The green screen turned out amazing.

  1. If someone has never heard your music, which 5 keywords would you personally use to describe what you and your music is all about?

Marc Marut: Fun, upbeat, 90’s, graffiti, muscle cars

  1. With social media having a heavy impact on our lives and the music business in general, how do you handle criticism, haters and/or naysayers in general? Is it something you pay attention to, or simply ignore?

Marc Marut: I honestly don’t get much of that, but I have had a little. I think in a way it’s a measure of success, and I welcome it. I always respond to negative comments, and I’ve learned to be extremely kind when I do. I don’t think it’s the reaction those people are expecting… they don’t know how to respond. More often than not they wind up deleting their own comments, or just abandon the discussion entirely. Kill them with kindness, I say.

  1. Which aspects of being an independent artist excites you most and which aspects discourages you most?

Marc Marut: The freedom is by far the most exciting part of being indie. Nobody controls my creativity, and I can express myself exactly the way I want. The most discouraging aspect, though, is that I don’t have access to as many resources. It’s really tough to get good exposure when I have to compete with the big record labels, who have tons of money.

  1. If you had a choice to go on tour with any acclaimed international artist in the near future, who would you choose, and why?

Marc Marut: I would have to choose Veruca Salt, just because I’m such a huge fan of their music. That way I could watch them play at every show on the tour, like the fanboy I am.

  1. Could you tell us something about your latest project, and what fans can expect to hear?

Marc Marut:  My latest song is called “Fuck You COVID-19”, and like all my music it just popped into my head one day. I was actually getting ready to record some other songs I have written, when suddenly this global pandemic came out of nowhere. I had to completely reorganize my life! By the time I had finally adjusted to all the new restrictions, I found I was humming this new song… and it was such a catchy tune and was so relevant to how people were feeling, I had to put all my other plans on hold and record this one instead. Everybody really likes it, and it’s got great reviews. It has high energy, a great beat, fuzzy rock guitars and even features a brass section. People from all over the world rock out to it in the music video, and of course the lyrics are pretty funny too. It will definitely put a smile on your face!

  1. Do you have a personal favorite track amongst your compositions that has a specific backstory and/or message and meaning very special to you?

Marc Marut: All of my songs have a lot of meaning to me, which is probably why they wrote themselves in the first place… but if I had to pick one in particular it would be “S.O.B. (Song Of a Bitch)”. It’s about standing up for yourself and not letting other people put you down, and it’s the song that inspired me to start Cool Ass.

  1. Creative work in studio environment, or interaction with a live audience? Which of these two options excite you most?

Marc Marut:  I love both, but they’re very different. Working in the studio requires a lot of focus, because you have to be a perfectionist. You can play around with things, and tweak stuff here and there, and only when you’re happy with the final result do you know you’re finished. The process is very introspective, and it’s all about making yourself happy. Performing on stage is the opposite, and it’s all about how the audience feels. I love the energy of the crowd, and as a performer I feed off of it… it’s like when you’re on stage, you know you told a funny joke because the audience laughs. You don’t get that in the studio.

  1. What’s your favorite motto, phrase or piece of advice, you try to live or inspire yourself by?

Marc Marut: Champions have failed more than most people have ever tried.

  1. How essential do you think video is in relation to your music? Do you have a video you would suggest fans see, to get a better understanding of your craft?

Marc Marut: I think video can add a lot to music, because it’s an extra dimension. Sometimes video gets something across about a song that can’t always be conveyed by just listening to it. I’m a big fan of making music videos, and am especially proud of “S.O.B. (Song Of a Bitch)”. It’s almost more like a short film than a music video in some ways.

  1. What do you find most rewarding about what you do? And do you have a specific vision or goal set in your mind that you would like to achieve in the near future?

Marc Marut: The biggest reward I get is the sense of pride from looking back at things I’ve done, and thinking, “Damn, I did a pretty good job on that”. My true measuring stick is if I’m still happy with a project when I revisit it years down the road. For the near future, I’m really looking forward to pressing an LP on vinyl. There’s something about playing a record that makes the music listening experience more authentic to me. I love the smell, the artwork, the writing on the sleeve… it’s more interactive. To me there’s nothing more Cool Ass than having my own brightly colored vinyl record.


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Boston artists Bibby & Papo give us the hard song – “Made For It” http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/boston-artists-bibby-papo-give-us-the-hard-song-made-for-it http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/boston-artists-bibby-papo-give-us-the-hard-song-made-for-it#respond Wed, 12 Aug 2020 00:04:16 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41431 Boston artists Bibby and Papo give us this hard video and song “Made For It”. Being from Boston many rappers don’t get the love and support that other cities show but Bibby and Papo have already gotten 100,000 views on this video in days so maybe they are the ones to change this city.

For the song Bibby starts it off with a very raw authentic flow that represents him very well. The flow is impressive but the clever lyrics and the delivery is even more impressive. Then comes in Papo with a similar flow but a different voice which creates a sound difference between the two artists.

The song has this very authentic and freestyle feel to it which makes it seem a little more fun while also being serious. For the video Harvards Eye took the role as director and he killed it. The song has this very distinct feel to it and the video matches it well. Bibby and Papo have very strong personalities and the video captured that while making sure the song stood out. Great job all around, can’t wait to hear what they have next for us.


Papo: https://www.instagram.com/papoflexgang/?igshid=1b3fl3rcnk2b0

Bibby: https://www.instagram.com/bibbyflexgangg/?igshid=1010dfbsmh8cf

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPSJIeCaB44

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/made-for-it-feat-papo-flex-single/1515332128

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Tommy P – Six’ Three” hits you with an assassin lyrical flow! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/tommy-p-six-three-hits-you-with-an-assassin-lyrical-flow http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/tommy-p-six-three-hits-you-with-an-assassin-lyrical-flow#respond Tue, 11 Aug 2020 21:50:40 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41426 Tommy “The Tsunami” P is an independent artist from Inkster, Michigan. He has been writing music since the 5th grade and producing since 16 years old. Tommy P is currently promoting his latest single, Six’ Three”. Musically, this is The Tsunami at his peak which is incredible. He seems to be at his best in terms of successfully making music. Tracks like this showcase why he can stay in the game for as long as he wants.

Music is one of the most tried and truest ways to reach out to the masses, and Tommy P wants you to consider his perspective besides your own. His confidence is exuberant on this ambitious endeavor, while his bravado undoubtedly adds a great atmosphere to a well-crafted track.

Straight form the opening bars Tommy P hits you with his assassin lyrical flow. The rhyme scheme, delivery and witty wordplay, the rapper employs on this track is unmatched. Six’ Three” will spark accolades, because it finds Tommy P at his rawest and most ravenous yet.

He raps like a man with plenty to prove, lobbing punch lines better than most who might assume they’re more nimble. He can adopt different vocal timbres and cadences verse to verse and bar to bar. Tommy P balances lyricism and narration straight out the gate with Six’ Three”.

Drama aside, the track is a gripping listen, thanks to Tommy P denser-than-lead wordplay. I’ll always admire artists who push themselves both technically and creatively, and that’s exactly what the Inkster rapper has done here.

Tommy P is also the master of crafting simple, catchy lines that resonate, and there are plenty of those here. This project definitely puts Tommy P in a place where he is showing versatility, especially with beat quality and rhyme scheme differentiation. There’s nothing lost on the record. Tommy P comes through with fiery passion on every verse.

Six’ Three” is a braggadocio-filled tale that does more than tell a cocky X-rated story; it forces you to put some respect on Tommy P’s name, as he combines wickedly transcendent rhymes with a smart instrumental choice.

It’s an excellent example of how a beat and rhymes are supposed to be applied to one another. Not only that, it proves that other rappers need to step their game up, considerably. Tommy P’s witty one-liners, versatile flow and irreverent tongue could see him compete with anybody.

Then there’s the production, which is lean, deep and dark, with a rumbling low end, and skittering hi-hats. Six’ Three” is never less than sonically gripping. The instrumental is minimal but developed, serving as the perfect canvas for Tommy P’s explicitly witty lyricism.

If you’re itching to hear some smart ass bars that’ll have you reflecting on your own perspective, I suggest that you peep this joint out. Tommy “The Tsunami” P is a force to be reckoned with.


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Visionz2turnt drops his latest single called “Up The Smoke” http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/visionz2turnt-drops-his-latest-single-called-up-the-smoke http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/visionz2turnt-drops-his-latest-single-called-up-the-smoke#respond Tue, 11 Aug 2020 16:48:15 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41417

“Extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people”

This write up is going to be all about a phenomenal artist called ‘Visionz2turnt’ and his latest single called “Up The Smoke”. For quite some time, his music has been the soundtrack to the lives of millions. It has been the voice of reason and a moral compass. His tracks are truly soul touching and powerful. Creativity in its purest and undiluted form is the true definition of Visionz2turnt’s music. His all-new amazing and inspirational melodies are bound to make you fall in love with them.

Everyday life throws a challenge in our face. We have two options, either to accept it and win or back down and lose. You might even feel that you are continuously chasing after something that you want to achieve but are gaining no results.

But true success comes to those who never give up. And Visionz2turnt wants to make you a champion who can face life with no fear, through his amazing music. He is a new and versatile artist who aims to spread positivity and hope through his music. He believes that no matter what situation you are in; music will set you free!

Music is the shorthand of emotion. And where words fail, music speaks. Visionz2turnt’s music is all about the everyday struggle and challenges that we as humans face on a daily basis and about being yourself and having fun while staying loyal and perfecting your craft. Visionz2turnt’s music is a new style or genre of music because it is a wonderful combination like no other. He mixes rap, trap, hip hop, and pop all into one ball and delivers it both at a rapid speed and mellow.

Visionz2turnt started out at a very young age with writing poetry. He faced many challenges and hardships in life but still managed to overcome them and faced life with a smile. In 2010 Visionz2turnt’s life changed drastically as he enlisted for the United States Army to start a new beginning for his newborn son. In 2011-2012, he served time in Afghanistan while in his downtime continued to perfect his craft.

Throughout the years’ Visionz2turnt has continued to work on his music while leading a car club called U.S.D.A (Urban Street Design Automotive). He always tries his best and helps the homeless while providing and serving the elderly.

Visionz2turnt believes that one should always be humble in life as that is the only way to succeed. He grew up with nothing but hope and now wants to provide others with the same ambition and motivation to dream and achieve what they want!  As he grows and evolves, he values evolution in others.

Visionz2turnt has created some phenomenal tracks that will get you hooked on. His music is pure energy, an energy that will drive you and fuel your passions. We as humans are meant to dream, aspire, and achieve.

And Visionz2turnt believes that if his music can bring about a change in your lives, then his ultimate desire has been achieved. He has consistently been dropping song after song showing the competition that he will not rest even after his mission is complete. Visionz2turnt is definitely an inspiring and amazing upcoming artist to look out for.

So go ahead and experience his sensational new tracks here – 

Soundcloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/visionz2turnt

 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/V2TMusic

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/visionz2turnt

 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/visionz2turnt

Facebook: https://www.faceboook.com/Visionz2turnt

Audiomack: https://www.audiomack.com/visionz2turnt

Website: https://www.visionz2turnt.com

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Survive – “Knowledge” – on a mission is to enlighten! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/survive-knowledge-on-a-mission-is-to-enlighten http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/survive-knowledge-on-a-mission-is-to-enlighten#respond Tue, 11 Aug 2020 15:28:09 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41413 “Knowledge” is the latest EP from hip-hop emcee Survive. This is his third Ep project and his most well-rounded recording thus far. The rapper seems to be creating with a clear mind and it lends a sense of purpose to each of his tracks. By naming this EP “Knowledge”, Survive indicates that the recording is meant to convey a message. Though it makes your head nod and your face scrunch up with groovy delight that isn’t the priority this time around. Survive’s mission is to enlighten.

He immediately puts this plan into action on the EP opener “Beyond”, as he lays out the afflicting plights of the world, and tells us not to throw away the people that help us. It’s striking to hear the amount of sensible knowledge the rapper has, and his knowledge is a response to the attitudes that he clearly points out during the song. This is a far cry from the “money, hoes and weed”, many of Survive’s contemporaries preach about.

Survive’s verse on “Surviving” sounds like a spoken word performance that just happens to have some luscious music behind it. And the music bangs, including a resonating horn section. Yet it gives plenty of room for Survive’s words to impact listeners.

“Why I Rhyme” is a clear knock at the fickle fluff that the industry releases in the name of commercial success. “Why I rhyme. Not for the chatter. Why I rhyme. To make you better,” raps Survive, making his sentiments and intentions obvious for all.

The structure of the “Knowledge” EP devotes itself to embracing a free-flowing form of narrative, as the tracks run like chapters in a concise book of knowledge. This approach works in favor of the EP due in part to Survive’s ability to deliver clear objectives with each song.

“Like No Other” slides in on a slow burning soulful soundscape, as the emcee continues to impart his insights and observations. “I’m like no other deep-thinking brother,” sings Survive.

The production on this project is compelling, with a bunch of interesting loops and samples brought to the fore. On the technical end, the EP’s mixing and the sonic choices are diverse enough to keep your ears engaged but never stray to far off the deep end to take you out of the listening experience. “Intact” closes the show down with another retro soul groove and a big band sound, while Survive flows with effortless ease

A more unique element of the EP is Survive’s use of conversational-styled talk throughout the nuanced narratives. This lends an aura of authenticity to the project, almost as if Survive is trying to keeps things personal between him and the listener. As the landscape of urban music becomes harder to maintain its integrity, it’s rather refreshing to see someone like Survive, still stimulating the core values of hip-hop.

Lyrically, Survive is at the top of his game on this EP. What direction he intends to go from here is anybody’s guess, and despite this being an enlightening project, there’s still plenty of worthy subjects and topics that Survive can expand on in the future.


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Come Taste The Misery – “Stone Dead Ballerina Uncovered” arrives on the scene with a roar! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/come-taste-the-misery-stone-dead-ballerina-uncovered-arrives-on-the-scene-with-a-roar http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/come-taste-the-misery-stone-dead-ballerina-uncovered-arrives-on-the-scene-with-a-roar#respond Tue, 11 Aug 2020 01:40:32 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41407 Come Taste The Misery’s EP, “Stone Dead Ballerina Uncovered” arrives on the scene with a roar. This is perfectly, perfectly delivered guitar rock, with a grunge sensibility glistening under the scuzzy and grime of the distorted, muddy, guitar wizardry. Come Taste The Misery is a project created by musician and composer Christos Kariotis.  He is the guitarist for the bands: A Different Ending… and My Creepy Susanne. There have only been a few genuine indie rock guitar gods. Kariotis is one. A monster guitar player, and songwriter, with a notoriously deafeningly loud guitar mix.

Christos’ style is noisy and a tad gloomy, but nonetheless overwhelming and threatening to your eardrums. And “Stone Dead Ballerina Uncovered” is exactly what the aforementioned statements promise, a murky, distorted swamp of bone-crushing riffs.

It is an excellent record that offers a variety of different qualities. Just as important as the guitar, is the tight, creative bass playing, which lay a solid groundwork for Christos Kariotis’ stringed flights of fancy.

Nowhere is this more apparent than on the opening track “Stone Dead Ballerina” featuring Tom Llywarch, in which the bass almost sits right next to the axe. Not that it gets in the way. But the song is mixed in such a way that the bass is somewhat just as noticeable amidst the dark and heavy washes of guitar. “Dim The Lights” featuring Nathan Hakoune and Nina Red Bow is the meeting point between the Monsters of Rock and the DIY garage rock ethos.

“Love Is The Last Vampire” featuring Sven Smith, gives off the feeling that you’re not even listening to a record, per se, but rather have stumbled into the live jam session of one of the best unknown guitar bands in the world. The track drives forward with relentless chugging momentum, while dark but mellifluous vocals bring a catchy ear-warming twist to the proceedings.

“Ghost Of Love” featuring Tom Llywarch and Katty Verse breathes with the notion that music may be all that matters, from the truly awesome guitar work to the moody melody that sneaks up and surprise amidst the noise, to the resonant cello sequences which works because it seems to say, “just feel the atmosphere”.

It’s all about the atmosphere. Moreover, the music provides an incredible emotional urgency, the kind that is palpable. Christos Kariotis’ guitar work cannot be underestimated in this context.

What Come Taste The Misery create, is a recording that beholds an eloquent flow, and when paired with the incredible technicality, raw production, smart writing and overall chemistry the project displays, it morphs into one of the most unique and incredible EP’s of its kind, to be set loose this year. The closing track, “Every Time I Bleed”, featuring Lilliia Kysil is another impacting blend of grungy guitars and ethereal vocals.

All of these tracks are extremely visceral and portray the incredible amount of talent Christos Kariotis has in the palm of his hand. The sludgy, murky production and the extremely distorted guitars fuse to create an intense atmosphere, atypical to even some of the best rock records.

“Stone Dead Ballerina Uncovered” effectively demonstrates why Come Taste The Misery – who are based in Athens, Greece – should be a big deal in the alternative and indie rock worlds.



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Linda Washington ft. Superstar Lamar – “Missing You” – music from the soul! http://jamsphere.com/reviews/linda-washington-ft-superstar-lamar-missing-you-music-from-the-soul http://jamsphere.com/reviews/linda-washington-ft-superstar-lamar-missing-you-music-from-the-soul#respond Mon, 10 Aug 2020 23:45:10 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41405 Singer, Song Writer, Author, and Recording Artist Linda Washington has been singing since she was a child. After a long battle with breast cancer and an abusive relationship, the nurse, and mother of four, wrote and produced a new R&B and Soul single, entitled “Missing You”, to help other cancer survivors find their way back to love. Linda explains that through the song she wants to project and permeate love into the hearts of breast cancer survivors by making them believe that they are still as important as they were before diagnostics and that their identity is far grander than just being pinned down to a belittling breast cancer tag.

In her quest to push the song to its highest level, Linda has teamed up with Superstar Lamar, for an explosive duet that brings back those authentic old school R&B flavors. “Missing You” presents an emphasis on emotional presence, a theme that both Linda and Lamar incorporate into their work and overall artistic style with grace.

Confident in her abilities to not only support but uplift breast cancer survivors, Linda Washington pushes forth with her persuasion to make them aware of their best and true qualities. Throughout the song, Linda proves that being a fearless and empathetic writer is a consistent quality she knows how to bring to the table.

Linda works her way through the song with such careful consideration that she seems to create a personal dialogue between herself and Superstar Lamar. The pensive conversation is honest and intimate, almost to a point of voyeurism. Building upon the foundation of her dynamic songwriting, Linda Washington has accomplished her mission of unpacking the diversity and the beauty of the individual.

It’s cliché but true; Linda’s voice sounds like a ray of sunshine. It is warm, radiant, and unyielding. Moreover she is fully-formed not only as a vocalist but also as a songwriter. She delivers a tightly written, fundamentally sound project that nevertheless feels expansive in its portrayal and navigation of its theme. And while her pen is impressively sharp, Superstar Lamar uses those images and feelings, and builds them into vivid, personal metaphors that animate the story-line.

There are plenty moments on “Missing You” that encapsulates the way Superstar Lamar uses simple phrasing, rather than sweeping vocal statements, to express the ways in which Linda Washington has plotted her story-line. Together the Linda and Lamar, deliver incisive lyrical runs and divine vocals, packaged in a fluid, ‘90s R&B-inflected production with a modern twist. The result is music that feels like a gentle healing breeze.

There’s laid-out cohesion on this project, and Linda and Lamar pull off R&B without hitting monotony, or sacrificing dynamism. Linda Washington is an artist with distinct talent, and she makes music from the soul. And for all this, she seems thankful for what life has offered her, regardless of the hardships and illness she has suffered. The powerful song introduces listeners to a track that not only epitomizes the authenticity of Linda Washington’s musicality, but of her womanhood.

OFFICIAL LINKS: Twitter@lin2003 – Instagram@lin2003

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Lino Camilo drops the video for new single ‘shut the fuck up’ http://jamsphere.com/videos/lino-camilo-drops-the-video-for-new-single-shut-the-fuck-up http://jamsphere.com/videos/lino-camilo-drops-the-video-for-new-single-shut-the-fuck-up#respond Mon, 10 Aug 2020 16:52:07 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41402 Lino Camilo’s new single ‘shut the fuck up’ is an answer to a busy society, a noisy mind, and a cathartic outlet for pent-up aggression and transgression. The video features Viennese buildings of the renaissance, hinting at a sense of rebirth while balancing imagery of the innocent with the promiscuous.

Connect with Lino Camilo on INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY

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“Found Lost” – EsZ shows he is a lyrical and storytelling beast http://jamsphere.com/reviews/found-lost-esz-shows-he-is-a-lyrical-and-storytelling-beast http://jamsphere.com/reviews/found-lost-esz-shows-he-is-a-lyrical-and-storytelling-beast#respond Mon, 10 Aug 2020 13:42:39 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41396 From the get go of his career, I was always fascinated by the way EsZ aka E crooked Letter Z’s raps sounded like stand-alone stories, layered onto entrancing and mesmerizing instrumentals. His latest project “Found Lost” excels at integrating its concept with its music. EsZ’s steady and resonant baritone grounds the otherwise flowy and constantly moving melodies. He is confident in his raps, spitting them out like ultimate truths. Right off the cuff, EsZ explains how the track list spells out a sentence: “Lost” – “Inna” – “World of My Own” – “Pink Lemonade” – “Sippin’ as I” – “Find Myself” – “Blue Dreaming”.

“Found Lost” not only reflects EsZ’s own journey and awakening, but also his belief that if others focus on finding truth, the world would be a much better place. The 7 track project is not only an integral piece of work, but also sets the tone for other rappers to follow. Honesty ages better than any other virtue, revealing that from the start through his music, EsZ has been unafraid to reveal his truths, while pushing others to do the same.

EsZ aka E crooked Letter Z is a different breed of rapper. He can spit bars as ferocious as anyone else in the game, but is intent on instilling wisdom and complex laidback deliveries into the grand scheme of his music. In his latest project, the New York City emcee continues to stand out amongst his contemporaries and the rest of his peers.

Right from the opening track, “Lost (Like a Kite)”, EsZ shows he is a lyrical and storytelling beast – a true wordsmith. As a matter of fact, his deep, honest words are the highlight of this project. He sets the bar high on the exemplary “Inna”, tip-toeing his way through the sly ass beat, using the nimblest of flows.

One can’t help but fall in love with “(W.O.M.O) World of My Own”. On the mellifluous track, EsZ raps like an artist who knows he’s about to snatch the souls of listeners with his lyrics and vibe. Meanwhile, on “Pink Lemonade”, he sets forth to spread his passionate Casanova pussy wisdom.

“Sippin’ As I” is what I would call a mellow mini banger. It features a drowsy hook and melancholy vibes on the instrumental, however, you also get an assertive version of EsZ aka E crooked Letter Z, who plots his way to the finish line utilizing an unflappable flow and powerful vocals.

“Find Myself” presents the type of EsZ I personally love. Soulful, mellifluous and smooth, with real ass groove and vocal nuances galore over a mesmerizing, mind-numbing instrumental, made, like all the other beats, by Erron’s Attic aka EsZ himself. It’s almost like EsZ is at his best when it sounds like he’s not trying as hard.

“Blue Dreaming” ultimately describes EsZ’s state of being, and its one that’s totally lit. EsZ doesn’t make music you will hear on the radio. Powered by instrumentals that are warm, embracing and almost elegant-like, EsZ aka E crooked Letter Z does everything from croon beautifully to rap brilliantly on these instrumentals, finding unique ways to explain the cool shit that’s running through his lungs and mind. On “Found Lost”, EsZ continues to make some of the most intriguing music in the hip hop game today.


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Copamore – Stand Together (Football Fan Song) ft. Soosmooth http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/copamore-stand-together-football-fan-song-ft-soosmooth http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/copamore-stand-together-football-fan-song-ft-soosmooth#respond Mon, 10 Aug 2020 00:45:09 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41391 “Stand Together” is Copamore’s official summer track for 2020. Since 2016 Copamore have delivered “Friends, We Are Coming”, “Where’s Your Love”, “Como Se Baila” and “Breeze” together with Febration and the cooperation, “Here I Am” together with the Romanian hit producer Sean Norvis, at least 1 or 2 summer titles every year, which are very well received on all streaming platforms.

The production of the current title “Stand Together” took place in January of this year. Actually, “Stand Together” should have been released and promoted in the course of the big football events of this year – the “Euro 2020”, the “Copa America” ​​and the “Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers” – since the events were canceled at least for this year, Copamore have decided to bring the release of the title forward and to put the message “Stand Together” in the focus.

“Stand Together” is a rousing Reggaeton track that is very positive from its message of “solidarity and friendship”, which combines a party atmosphere with the relaxed atmosphere of a cool mojito enjoyed on the beach. “Stand Together” is interpreted by the American Soosmooth, who like with “Como se baila” or “Breeze”, gives the song a special character with his unique vocal timbre. Soosmooth’s way of working is very immediate – he implements our vocal ideas and texts in a few takes very spontaneously, intuitively and perfectly to the point.

Short bio: Copamore is a successful Producer and DJ duo- formed by Michael and Thomas H. Schaller. The two artists achieve high recognition beyond the music scene with their smash hits “Come hold the night”, “Across the line”, “Where all the Lovers go”, Friends we are coming”, “Where´s your love”, “Step into the light” and their composition “Worlds crashing down” (performed by Darius and Finaly feat. Aili Teigmo).



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Social Distance – “I’m Outside Your House” – a propulsive groove and smartly constructed guitar lines! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/social-distance-im-outside-your-house-a-propulsive-groove-and-smartly-constructed-guitar-lines http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/social-distance-im-outside-your-house-a-propulsive-groove-and-smartly-constructed-guitar-lines#respond Sun, 09 Aug 2020 17:39:23 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41386 The Los Angeles punk band, Social Distance could easily have fallen into the trap of focusing on their female lead singer as eye candy and letting image triumph over quality music. Instead they have managed to avoid doing this and just focus on crafting brilliant punk-rock tunes instead. In an age when image and marketing nearly always take priority over substance Social Distance should be cherished. “Quarantine brought us together,” says the band. “We play because we’re musicians and we are not really good at much else.”

If you are sick of fake image focused bands and artists who put more effort into their booty than their music then get into Social Distance and hear what a band made up of hardcore musicians doing it for love sounds like. The band takes the spirit and emotional energy of classic punk-rock and add a more mature flavor.

Social Distance’s passive-aggressive blend of punk-rock and bombastic pop, on their brand new single, “I’m Outside Your House” should win them plenty of friends in 2020, because it’s unlikely that anyone else is still doing this music, and doing it this good. Punk – in any of its classic forms – has been off the mainstream radar for quite a while.

“I’m Outside Your House” is more than just locking down one sound. This track moves in unexpected directions. The song is never content to simply hit a melody and stay there. Instead, the band opens a bag of tricks and throws in whatever they like.

It’s the type of inspiration that you hope success brings, one where the rules are thrown away in favor of unabashed creativity. Crunchy guitars, slippery bass lines and one hell of an ear-worm vocal to create a whole that is endlessly listenable.

The song keeps adding and subtracting layers, like warping lead vocals, fading to zero, and then roaring back. The lead guitar solo is almost bluesy in its delivery, backed by the speaking-shaking drums.

Social Distance show an invigorated ability to assemble powerful rock motifs that retain their grit and earthiness all throughout the track. The band takes the classic punk formula and embellishes it with a blooming propulsive groove and smartly constructed guitar lines.

It’s a masterfully constructed song filled with wonderful, unexpected moments. You have to admire a vocalist who can squeal in falsetto one line and growl sexily in the next. “I wanna shock you with my ray gun. I wanna shock you right now. I wanna shock you with my ray gun. I’m outside your house.” The angst and urgency grows as the song presses on. For already punk fans this track will definitely live up to any expectations they may have.

Ultimately, Social Distance manage to raise the punk-rock bar a shade higher with their new outing. They’re not just bashing aimlessly away at their instruments. They really can play. Fun, exhilarating, and brilliant, “I’m Outside Your House” will really pick your spirits up on a crummy day.


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MadnessMen – “God’s Blood” – vibrantly colorful, dynamic and dramatic http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/madnessmen-gods-blood-vibrantly-colorful-dynamic-and-dramatic http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/madnessmen-gods-blood-vibrantly-colorful-dynamic-and-dramatic#respond Sun, 09 Aug 2020 03:48:53 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41382 MadnessMen are 2 Italian guys who first start making music for games and phone apps. After working on dozen of tracks they decided that it was time for their first real album, which they are working hard on, to make available during the Fall of 2020. In the meantime they have released the single “God’s Blood” which will feature on the self-titled album. What strikes one immediately about MadnessMen’s music, is the effortlessness of it. The sound is not disjointed and mechanical, it really does sound like an orchestra playing cohesively, each instrument locked in with all the others.

Equally striking is the sheer ease with which the Italian duo produce one memorable melody after another. Most would be content with having one catchy part in a musical piece; for Brion, each part of the song is an equal opportunity to write something that will linger with the listener. Every string flourish, drum fill, horn harmony, and sound effect has the quality of a top tier element.  “God’s Blood” is clearly a vivid example of MadnessMen’s artistic caliber.

For all intents and purposes, “God’s Blood” is an epic soundtrack score, to which we simply need to match the visual. The music is so vibrantly colorful, dynamic and dramatic that the comparable pictures will be conjured up in our minds automatically. The atmospheres created throughout the track are superlative, while the music is as thrilling and heart pounding as the action created in your mind.

The heavy, percussive nature of the music is almost relentless. The emphasis on powerful, driving rhythms emerges through a cacophony of strident strings and pounding percussion to stand triumphant. The resulting music can be described as monumental, epic, beautiful and grandiose. MadnessMen have created a suspenseful, intricate, and audibly pleasurable experience that will put you on the edge of your seat, even without images in front of you.

“God’s Blood” absolutely blasts out of the speakers with confidence and vigor. It’s dark, tense and beautifully haunting. The roots of this record are clear to see, deeply entrenched with inspiration from the music scores of legendary movie composers, and fused together by the chemistry of MadnessMen, who effectively and concisely breathe life into the vividly outlined setting and atmosphere before kicking into full-action.

MadnessMen switch things up and articulates the track with a seemingly effortless ease, from section to section, allowing every instrumental motif to attain its utmost potency. The constant drive also alternates with quieter immersion and reflection.

From start to finish, “God’s Blood” excels at immersing the listener into the world of MadnessMen. The chilling introduction quickly nails the tone of the single and builds to multiple climaxes, showcasing the ominous atmosphere of its composition.

Whether or not you appreciate soundtrack scores, MadnessMen’s music accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do in spades. It captures the listener in the clutches of its epic imaginary world. It succeeds as a well-produced, cinematic track that not only harnesses but also refines the usual tropes of the genre. And above all it’s a joy to listen to.


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Ike Tanner – “Garden Talks” is melodically and rhythmically captivating http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/ike-tanner-garden-talks-is-melodically-and-rhythmically-captivating http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/ike-tanner-garden-talks-is-melodically-and-rhythmically-captivating#respond Sat, 08 Aug 2020 21:37:13 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=41378 Ike Tanner is a 21 year old Music artist From Russellville AL. He is The CEO of YungGMusic & Gravity XO which are Film/Music Marketing Companies. He has 3 music artists from Alabama, namely JayGoldz, Trench Godd and Yung Cody TYBG signed to a marketing contract with his companies. Tanner is currently promoting his mixtape “Garden Talks”. Tanner’s style, lyrical content and overall attitude as expressed on this mixtape reflect a rapper trapped in the body of an R&B singer and a rockstar. His rich timbre and genre bending implies an influence of esteemed hip-hop singers.

Combining soulful singing with a touch of rap and a slew of banging beats, Ike Tanner new mixtape becomes an introspective look on the artist’s past and present, with an ambitious message for the future. Overall, “Garden Talks” is a dark and widely-ranged look into the mindset of the artist.

Tanner never once fails to keep fans entertained and thinking about his deep lyrics throughout the mixtape. Sure, the alternative hues of certain songs may appear intimidating, but he balances this out nicely with a string of brilliant vocal performances.

Ike Tanner also succeeds in shrugging off any attempts to assign his work a tag, choosing instead to give the mixtape a wide range across multiple music genres. He simply will not let himself get assigned to one specific category of music.

The end result is a beautifully personal track list that speaks to listeners no matter what sort of music is their favorite. And for listeners who themselves don’t yet know what genre most appeals to them, “Garden Talks” is a great place to start.

Ike Tanner kicks proceedings off with the hard hitting mid-tempo “Stay”, his resonant voice echoing loud and clear, front and center. The guitars come out gritty and grimy on “American Pie”, as Tanner ups the tempo and loudness.

“Broken & Shattered” continues to forge chugging guitar lines before exploding into an apex of crushing electric riffs. Ike Tanner’s voice soars and growls as he turns the intensity on. “Someone Like You” keeps both the momentum and the intensity levels high, while delivering catchy hooks.

This mixtape is hands down one of my favorites of the year. Usually, there is always the odd couple of songs on a recording that you’re likely to skip but this gets played start to finish with no interruptions.

It’s possible that I have taken a liking to it, due to its energetic and alternative nature and the fact that Ike Tanner comes across as such a spirited character. I’m also sure that those who don’t understand his current relevance will find merit in his music in the long run.

It’s easy to see the virtue in his music, and his songwriting comes off as brilliant at times. The truth of the matter is that Ike Tanner simply cannot write a bad chorus. Just listen to the back to back tracks – “Wake Up”, “7Seas” and “Broadway” – they are astonishingly catchy.

Tanner is a more nimble singer than many people realize, with his ability to switch between straight up belting to smooth crooning, and his twisted trap sound in between.

Running through standouts like “Attention”, Blushing Flower” and “Worthless”, regardless of what anyone’s opinion on Ike Tanner’s music is, there is no one else in the industry – independent or major –  right now who can attempt the same musical choices as Tanner does on this mixtape.

And the best is still to come, via the powerful “Dance”, the jangly “Shadow” and “Warnings”.  Most of the tracks on this mixtape sound like they could easily be singles.

The verses are melodically and rhythmically captivating in “On My City” and “Tell Me” ft. HoobeZa, while Tanner croons with a voice that is hard to resist. Ike Tanner is an artist who is at his best when he’s most aware of his roots and influences, as he runs the gamut between rock, rap, trap and R&B.


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