• BREATHING THEORY – “Replicas” is sure to capture the attention of anyone within earshot!
  • Maxi Interview with Rapper Hymaginn, who also addresses the issue with DaBaby!
  • Sunflower Dead – “Falling Down” – Meaty riffs, an expertly orchestrated arrangement, and arena-championing choruses!
  • Ratinoff “Light Me Up” Album Review By Justin Newman
  • Guillatine Slimm is turning out to be a true vanguard in the underground game
  • KNG Jay – “Street Lights” spills out authentic details and personal anecdotes
  • Dj DMC – ‘Stuntman Sez’ ft. The Mad Stuntman, General Levy & Kid G
  • Andy Matteo writes music that comes from personal hardship and overcoming challenges
  • “Caballero sin memoria” by Cristian Allexis and Urbanova
  • Heri Iznaga – “This Life” was inspired by the feeling of having that special someone

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