• LAUNDRYMAT FAM – “On Me” creates an intoxicating sonic environment!
  • BIGSAM – “Big Difference” – music that bangs, grooves and brings a vibe!
  • SolR Bear – “Pro Se” – melodically graceful and emotionally arresting in the same instance!
  • Quevedo – “Night Ceremony” a DJ set that evokes feelings of deepness and oneness!
  • Chris Luciani – “ANOTHER WORLD” awakens the heart and quivers the ears!
  • Brüjah – “The End Of The World” – a force of heartfelt palpable tenderness!
  • James Peden – ‘City of Dreams’ – an amalgamation of breathtaking synthwave tones!
  • Ihateyoujonny – “Felonies” is a powerful affair, regal and triumphant!
  • CannabisBoy – “I Dont Fckin Care” – a young force fully realizing his potential!
  • Radio Drive – “One Breath Away” – luscious pop-rock melodies, sumptuous harmonies, and ear-warming arrangements!

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