• Lady Bain is a true songstress with deep expression and a vocal range that is out of this world
  • Thanks to his miracle son Alvin Gene has finally arrived with “She’s Gonna Find It”
  • Tiahzzi Cherrelle is Growing Her Unique Style
  • Emerald Suspension is set to release the EP “Eruptions” on the 4th of March 2020
  • Star Trek Picard Martial Arts Dance Video Starring Ben Ryan Metzger
  • Love Ghost – “Dead Brother”- a full-fledged dark rock experience!
  • Bruce Engler – “Not You & Me” marks a particular high maturity and significance!
  • C0MBINE – “Duetz” – captivating word play and a distinguished flow!
  • The Real J Israel is ready to show the world his infusion of R&B and Soul Music
  • J. Maurice – “Favors” – A heavy auto-tune on the hook, backed up by classic trap style beat!

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