• J. Gervin – ‘Under My Seat’ is taken from ‘The Burner’ EP
  • Boi Blue – “Big” wants to inspire listeners!
  • Nick René drops the single ‘Jesus Piece in London’
  • Juddy Mac introduces his debut album ‘Love is Dangerous’
  • Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni – “Black Silk” lies somewhere between progressive and symphonic rock!
  • flat7 – “yoki” – an eclectic mix of ambient, downtempo and 8-bit music
  • PHELIXX LAKE – “Echo” – passion, swagger and post-hardcore intensity!
  • Kurlytop – “Psycho” – hip-hop easy listening at its finest!
  • Alien Skin – “NEGATIVE PLUS” carves out carves moments of sublime beauty!
  • Pete Gustard – “Silent” EP – a thrilling and inventive listening experience

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