• Emotional Depth and Spiritual Beauty: The Music of Sarves Thiru – “Victory: Vakratunda”
  • Fully Bold – “Drinking Lies” – True trailblazers within their comfort zone!
  • 3Mind Blight – “Paranoid” is overwhelmingly impressive!
  • Get ready to groove: AfroTech Müzik unveils new single ‘Walking In the Rain’ by Frank Delour
  • BobbyGRecords – “Happy Holidays” – Love is never out of season!
  • Nayan Raina – “Besame” – an ability to croon beautifully, make hearts throb, and deliver heartfelt storytelling!
  • DeusExMaschine’s Unique Sound: A Fusion of Disco House and Tech House
  • INTERVIEW: i, Shang unveils his “Travel to You” Recording Studio, and much more!
  • Akoul – A potential to create powerful, emotive and relatable music
  • MOXIE – “Hypnotized” is an explosive anthem that packs a punch from start to finish!

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