• Doug Cash – “Tough Nut To Crack” sharpens the fierceness of his lyrical and melodic gifts!
  • INTERVIEW with Singer-songwriter Bert Fenber
  • INTERVIEW with American Producer and Songwriter Chris Doss
  • Brian Purnell – “Wishin’ On A Star” – sharp wordplay, and a refined song structure!
  • Michelle Miller Bell – “Concert Songs – Volume 1” is on fire!
  • JMoney Too Official drops “Believe Me Pt.2”
  • Lowkeey – “GreyCanvas2” pushes his voice into dizzying sonic highs!
  • Young Miller – “They Knew It” captures the essence of what people will love about the artist!
  • Sunshine Art Therapy – “Past Due” weaves together enthralling stories with essential messages
  • Shallow Side – “The Worst Kind” – a powerhouse sonic statement!

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