Sharon Manuel’s “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” Captures the Essence of Black Identity

In the luminous tapestry of Sharon Manuel’s musical journey, each note and chord reverberates with a rich history of passion, activism, and artistic excellence. Her [more…]


Stoddard Blackall – New Single “Mayday” – A Melodic Fusion of Pop, R&B, and Musical Theater

Stoddard Blackall, a master pianist, singer, and composer, renowned for his eclectic musical prowess and heartfelt compositions, released his latest single “Mayday” on July 6th. [more…]


Championing Mental Health Through Music: Dual Diagnosis’ Powerful New EP “Nature of the Beast”

Following the Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s vital to recognize the creative ways artists contribute to this cause. Music has always been a powerful medium [more…]

Printed Magazine Issues

Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine June 2024

Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine June 2024 – FEATURED THIS MONTH – Mr Maph, Mavis Swan Poole, Electric Temple, The GUIZE, Tom Wavra, Chris Likourg, Blind [more…]


Third Development’s “Our Parallel Worlds”: A Sonic Surprise ft. Ali Wick and Francesca Maionchi

Canadian electronic music collective Third Development has once again redefined the sonic landscape with their latest single, “Our Parallel Worlds,” poised to be the summer [more…]

New Releases

First Look: ‘Closed The Very End’ from’s Upcoming Album

“Closed The Very End” is the first single promoting’s second album. Since September last year, the band has released sixteen singles and their debut [more…]