• Dr UD Obi – “Christmas Ladadada” a seasonal box of musical bliss!
  • Mt. Yona – “The Ormus EP” – a refreshingly original blend of Hip-Hop, Pop & Dance
  • Mooncult – “Grips the Air” is a great accomplishment
  • ‘Reborn’ – Jared Henry brings a unique perspective to his music
  • JOSHUA RED UTTECH – ‘Lost Girl (Club Remix)’ delivers another standout performance!
  • J. Gervin – ‘Under My Seat’ is taken from ‘The Burner’ EP
  • Boi Blue – “Big” wants to inspire listeners!
  • Nick René drops the single ‘Jesus Piece in London’
  • Juddy Mac introduces his debut album ‘Love is Dangerous’
  • Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni – “Black Silk” lies somewhere between progressive and symphonic rock!

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