• INTERVIEW: American rapper, singer, and songwriter – Ayo Kia
  • Wes Dean – ‘I Sit Here Smiling’ – an ode to his beloved wife
  • JULY drops official video for ‘Pokey Lights’
  • Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine September 2022
  • DUBEU – ‘DUBlightyear’ – a theme for the hustlers and go-getters
  • Antonio Woodard – “Worth It” – for anyone who needs an extra push in life!
  • Marlon Cherry – “You are The Best” and can be streamed on all platforms globally
  • Needles Fisher – “Everybody Likes Needles Fisher” – a sonic tapestry that shimmers as it flows!
  • KeepStackZ – ‘Gifted’ – a full-fledged statement from an artist with big dreams!
  • R. Gerald’s IMFP SOCIETY – The Story of Life FT BIG Rom 92 – an emotional journey

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