Exciting Debut Alert: Kasey Jo’s ‘Wanna Be Used’ Will Be Out Very Soon

Cincinnati’s music scene is like a well-oiled machine, constantly churning out talented artists and unforgettable performances. From the historic Bogart’s to the trendy MOTR Pub, [more…]

New Releases

AMP (A.D.A.M. Music Project) Electrifies the Airwaves with Their Latest Single “Thunderbolt

In an era where musical collaboration is often limited by genre and style, AMP (A.D.A.M. Music Project) emerges as a groundbreaking force, championing the art [more…]


The Dennis Lee Foster Project Unveils New Album and Songs of Summer

Kailua-Kona, HI – The latest album from the internationally acclaimed Kailua-Kona band The Dennis Lee Foster Project showcases the group’s signature sound and includes two [more…]


Sharon Manuel’s “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” Captures the Essence of Black Identity

In the luminous tapestry of Sharon Manuel’s musical journey, each note and chord reverberates with a rich history of passion, activism, and artistic excellence. Her [more…]


Stoddard Blackall – New Single “Mayday” – A Melodic Fusion of Pop, R&B, and Musical Theater

Stoddard Blackall, a master pianist, singer, and composer, renowned for his eclectic musical prowess and heartfelt compositions, released his latest single “Mayday” on July 6th. [more…]