• Get in tune with Fresh Billz and GwappBoy Music!
  • Lil Burpy – “The Come Up” pushes his skills through the roof
  • PerSwayZiv – “Richer Than a MUHFUCKA” – an essential, vital voice in rap’s current underground pantheon
  • Tedi Brunetti – “Evil Woman” will be released on May 25th
  • Moonlight Drive Shakes Up Women’s Fiction Readers with Inspiring Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Story
  • THE FUZES release their brand new single “Get Down”
  • Papa Roy Foundation – “Can’t Stay Here” maintains a slick level of focus and flow
  • Leak Banga x SiinKilla – “Time of Your Life” captures raw sincerity
  • Dominic Roith – “Memories The Access” stands out as a sleek listening experience!
  • Barista – “Open Sesame Vol 1: Her Dress” – classic rock, tinged with plenty of soul and spirit!

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