• Young musician ‘rafaricho’ announces new song!
  • James Worthy Set To Drop “Tick Tock” ft. Big Gipp on 8/13!
  • Ivan the Greatness – “Freaky” keeps him ahead of the pack!
  • Tai Smoove’s “Heart In The Sand” – Caribbean inspired instrumentals laced with heart felt lyrics
  • Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine July 2021
  • Ash Avery – “Buddafly” paints vivid pictures!
  • Demension Luckey creates music that will inspire people to think and feel!
  • Alexa Cabral – “10 Reasons Why” lives up to lofty expectations!
  • Dres Smuzic – “Summer Honeydew” – a beautifully understated pop anthem for non-traditional relationships
  • Pierre Lecarpentier – “Braindead” expertly carves out entrancing and driving soundscapes!

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