• Papa Roy Foundation – “Can’t Stay Here” maintains a slick level of focus and flow
  • Leak Banga x SiinKilla – “Time of Your Life” captures raw sincerity
  • Dominic Roith – “Memories The Access” stands out as a sleek listening experience!
  • Barista – “Open Sesame Vol 1: Her Dress” – classic rock, tinged with plenty of soul and spirit!
  • Suave UK – “Dirty Shaniqua” – retake on the classic Michael Jackson song “Dirty Diana”
  • Philly Blocks ft. CinoFresh – “Movies” blows it through the roof!
  • Sarantos – “I Never Catch The Train” searches inward, while looking outward
  • Madi Simmons is an award-winning reggae singer-songwriter
  • Lorenzo Bazzoni – “Visions” cruises through lush dramatic landscapes towards thunderous climaxes
  • INTERVIEW: Award-winning Singer-Songwriter Mohammed Khisar Paika

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