• Smoodz – “Questions Thoughts and Feelings” creates a shimmering atmosphere of positive energy!
  • Seanxo – “Monster” is full of ideas that explore the artist’s unique musical vision
  • Yung Bookie Da Name – “Honeysuckle” is brimming with sonic texture and ear-catching goodness!
  • Jud A. Moller (3D) – “Unplugged (Acoustic/Freestyle EP 2022)” – A bare-boned amalgam of raw sounds and stories
  • Check out the latest R&B vibe single “Tell U Some” by Suave_uk featuring Zambian artist Trey PJR
  • Rapper and educator Jahn Dough releases “The Garden Project”
  • Justin Mattock – “She’s Whiskey” is a perfect mix of everything that the artist does so exceedingly well!
  • nasmore – “Safe in my Dreams (reborn)” is lush and richly detailed enough to lose oneself in
  • Bahar Abbas is currently recording her debut major album
  • Ladi Miz – New Single “Riding” is on all streaming platforms

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