• The ET Boys bring us their Nu Pop Electronic & Melodic Rap sound!
  • G DUBS – “Big Moreno” – a trendy, modern sound and relatable lyricism!
  • Atrophate – “Fused” – Dark Electronic Music
  • Soolie is a performing artist and hip-hop culture cultivator
  • Vivid Vertigo – ‘Smoke Screen’ – ready to reel audiences in!
  • Vern Daysel – “Call of the Wild” – technical prowess, raw emotion, and high-quality studio production
  • Kyle Mikolajczyk – “Echoes In Eternity” – a supremely listenable blast of original guitar music
  • Walmanner – “On My Mind” – an awe-inspiring, tantalizing and grooving deep house EP!
  • INTERVIEW: Leekthough has created a new genre and movement of sound
  • C-Work – “Paper Elementz” bridges the gap between the past, the present and the future

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