• Fitzsimon & Brogan: “Big Blue World” – an ambitious pop album!
  • Lord Conrad: “Only You” – a perfect cocktail for the discerning listener!
  • Multi-talented Actor, Singer and Writer Arush Dayal
  • The Frost: “Keep It Real” – an unassuming all-knowing attitude!
  • Forest Robots: “Timberline and Mountain Crest” – 10 tracks of stunning depth!
  • Edward St. Martin: “Lullaby” – an intoxicating mix of indelible ear candy
  • Katiah One: “Tail Spin” encourages you to reflect
  • Alisa Chirco: “Give Me More” – compelling listening!
  • Roger Cole & Paul Barrere: “Old Folks Boogie Redeux” – gritty as granola!
  • Glorious: “Move” – a powerful voice, leveraging an infectious beat!

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