• Alexa Cabral – “10 Reasons Why” lives up to lofty expectations!
  • Dres Smuzic – “Summer Honeydew” – a beautifully understated pop anthem for non-traditional relationships
  • Pierre Lecarpentier – “Braindead” expertly carves out entrancing and driving soundscapes!
  • Sara Laine – “Let Love Die” captures an artist in full emotional and musical flight
  • VIDEO: Lipstick, Nebraska [gut the fish] by d!dz de Hav ft. Joni K
  • Jassem Hashmi – ‘Music in the Making Vol X’ pioneers his own exotic sound!
  • DJ Tremelo’s mix on “Goodbye” from Zaneta Z Artist’s “The Ides of March”
  • Krys K – an RNB and Hiphop Songstress
  • Austin Riddle set to release new track MIA (feat D-Bibbs)
  • Hagen Roesler – “I can see your tears” will uplift lift your spirit

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