• Tony Venuto – ‘20 Years’ exists outside of any fad, phase or trend, and has an almost timeless quality!
  • Songwriter Allison Kane Combats Bullying & Heartache With Music
  • Short Wave Craft – ‘I Need You Tonight’ is infused with a sense of soulful magic
  • Pierre Lecarpentier – ‘Yesterday’s Melodies’ – In the pantheon of musicians who make timeless music!
  • Slovak guitar virtuoso Henry Tóth has dropped his self-titled album!
  • Doug Cash – “Believe in Love” – a source of strength and happiness!
  • ‘Karma’ – The New Maxwell Purple’s Album Is Already Available
  • “Rising Star: The Inspiring Story of Zolah
  • Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine January 2023
  • Divine Wizz Drops Debut Album “Balance,” a Reflection of Her Life Experience

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