EH’s ‘Fierce’ Album: A Thunderous Return to Rock Dominance!

In the tumultuous landscape of rock music, where trends rise and fall like the tides, one artist stands unwavering, ready to defy expectations and claim the throne of sonic supremacy. Eric Hall, known by his moniker EH, is back with a vengeance, brandishing his latest offering, the electrifying masterpiece titled “Fierce.” With ten tracks of unadulterated power and a lineup of iconic collaborators, EH delivers a sonic onslaught that redefines the very essence of rock and metal. The album features 10 tracks, and includes outstanding collaborations with Scott Foster Harris (former vocalist of LA Guns), Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest, KK’s Priest), Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, Elegant Weapons, Lords of Black), Martin Motnik (bassist for Accept), Bodo Shopf (drummer for Michael Schenker), and Panos Dedes (vocalist with a style reminiscent of UDO and Ian Gillan, who also auditioned for Judas Priest).

The journey begins with “Progression,” an instrumental overture that sets the stage for the epic saga ahead. As the guitars scream and EH commands the amps, it’s clear that this is more than just music – it’s a declaration of defiance against the naysayers and a testament to EH’s indomitable spirit. It’s a testament to EH’s reverence for the genre’s rich history

“1966 GTO” roars to life with the ferocity of a charging beast, featuring the formidable vocals of Scott Foster Harris alongside the masterful basslines of Martin Motnik and the thunderous drums of Bodo Schopf. It’s a relentless onslaught of sound that leaves no doubt as to EH’s prowess in harnessing the forces of rock.

“Annihilate” emerges as a tempestuous collaboration, with Tim Ripper Owens lending his commanding vocals to EH’s searing riffs. Together with Motnik and Schopf, they craft a sonic maelstrom that engulfs the listener in a whirlwind of anthemic fervor.

“Rock It” crashes through the speakers with unbridled fury, propelled by a rhythm section that rattles the bones and guitar work that ignites the senses. EH’s technical mastery is on full display, each riff and solo a testament to his unparalleled skill and passion for the craft.

“Let’s Get It Together” pulses with unwavering confidence, fueled by the infectious energy of Ronnie Romero’s vocals and the musical prowess of Motnik and Schopf. It’s another showcase of talent and passion that resonates with every thunderous beat.

“Hammered Hard” offers a moment of instrumental adrenaline, allowing EH to unleash his prowess on the guitar, further cementing his status as one of rock’s most formidable independent axemen. The track surges forward with relentless momentum, a testament to EH’s unwavering dedication to his craft.

“Here We Go Let’s Rock” sees Panos Dedes take center stage, his echoing vocals intertwining seamlessly with EH’s crunching guitars. It’s a haunting anthem that harkens back to the golden age of rock, filled with passion, strength, and depth.

At the heart of the album lies “Fierce,” a sonic powerhouse that demands attention and commands respect. With echoes of Black Sabbath, Saxon and Judas Priest, EH and Scott Foster Harris deliver a tour de force of searing vocals and shredding guitars that leave listeners gasping for air. It’s a testament to EH’s reverence for the genre’s rich history and his unwavering commitment to keeping the flame of rock music burning bright for generations to come.

“Treasure” unveils a more expansive arrangement, offering diverse sonic textures and mood changes for an endlessly intriguing listening experience. Scott Foster Harris once again joins EH on this epic journey, their synergy igniting sparks of brilliance with every note.

The album reaches its climax with “Bent On Destruction – Lettin Loose,” a track that epitomizes groove and heaviness in its purest form. With Motnik and Schopf laying down the foundation, EH and Harris unleash a sonic assault that leaves no doubt as to their dominance in the realm of rock.

In the end, “Fierce” is more than just an album—it’s a testament to EH’s unwavering commitment to his craft and a celebration of the enduring power of rock music. With ten tracks of visceral intensity, EH and his collaborators have crafted a masterpiece that will stand the test of time, leaving fans craving for more with each electrifying riff and thunderous beat.

So crank up the volume, raise your fists in the air, and join EH on a journey through the heart and soul of rock ‘n’ roll. With ‘Fierce’ as your guide, you’ll experience the thrill of the stage, the adrenaline of the mosh pit, and the timeless magic of music that speaks to the very core of your being.

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