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Dubstep-Downtempo Producer – Komitoki

Komitoki is a Dubstep-Downtempo producer. Since debuting as a producer in August 2013 with his remix of “Fly” by Protohype which he submitted into a Firepower Records’ remix contest, Komitoki has been a frequent competitor in other competitions. To learn the composition techniques of master musicians, Komitoki has remixed producers like 3LAU, Noisia, Barely Alive, Tritonal, and Savant. Now, with a year of hard work behind him, Komitoki is coming into his own, making tracks emotion-filled tracks that rival the best in his genres.

Before he began producing himself, Komitoki was a music promoter for a firm in partnership with EDMdistrict.com. To prepare for his producing career, Komitoki took lessons and studied under experts to learn the basics of making dubstep and downtempo music. Influenced heavily by the Asian compositions and the Cyberpunk movement, Komitoki’s music combines the aggressiveness of dubstep, the easy atmosphere of downtempo, and the subtle sound of ancient Japanese and Korean instrumentation to create conflicting emotions in listeners.

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