Kailyn Arrington – A Relentless Passion to Help Others


Kailyn Arrington is 28 years old and is a Cleveland, Ohio native. She is an inspirational speaker, life coach, author, filmmaker, director, model, rapper, and [more…]


Norwegian rapper, singer and producer, Lupae Filius is an artist with a focus on creating uncompromising music


Norwegian rapper, singer and producer, Lupae Filius creates all sounds on his own, from start to finished product. Highly respected in the Norwegian rap scene, Lupae has [more…]

Twenty Questions

INTERVIEW – Slager Da DJ is a 21 year old producer, DJ, rapper, vocalist and engineer from South Africa

With nothing more than a secondhand mixing kit and an eclectic array of records, Slager Da DJ impressively burst onto the South African DJ scene [more…]


Generating over 55 million views from his credits alone, BlackMayo ​is a name to know!

Generating over 55 million views from his credits alone Bloomington, Indiana’s, BlackMayo ​is a name to know.​ BlackMayo, is a platinum hip-hop Producer and Artist [more…]

New Releases

Andy Pett – “Back Again” speaks to anyone who has fallen, struggled, and got back up again

Experience with adversity builds exemplary character and a spirit of resilience that allows artists to deliver great music. Their personal stories provides them with original [more…]