Alabama native – Rapper/Producer Ace Boogy Unleashes his Mixtape “Boogyland”

The new mixtape from Alabama native – Rapper/producer Ace Boogy is here, with an absolute jam packed project to follow up his debut album which he dropped a few months back entitled “The Boogman lp”. Ace Boogy now brings to you “Boogyland”, which you’re not going to want to sleep on. This project has something for everyone, including the hit single “Life a movie”.

Born Jason Bennett, from Mobile Alabama, the name Ace Boogy was somehow given to him before he even knew who Ace Boogy (paid in full) was. He mainly goes by Boogy, in the streets. Boogy has had a passion for rap music since a small child, recording and writing raps on anything thing he could, no matter how bad it sounded.

In 2004 he hit his first milestone performing as the first local artist to ever hit the big stage at Mobile’s Bayfest, opening up for Ludacris and D.T.P. It was the same year he had his first child, daughter Taylor Jade, which changed my life.

Three years later he had his son Kayson. After splitting from their mother and two felonies later Ace Boogy returned to his first love, music. He built a studio and recorded ‘Dollar & A Dream’ and ‘2 Dollars and a Dream’. This is only the beginning for bama rapper Ace Boogy, who is excited about what is still to come as an artist/producer.


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