Tay Diddy is San Diego’s Hardest Working Rapper!

The world of music is one of the most competitive and possibly one of the most difficult to conquer. However, those who work tirelessly and who dedicate every minute of their day to moving forward to achieve their dreams are the ones who manage to position themselves and make a space in it. This is what Tay Diddy has been showing, a rapper who with effort and dedication has achieved many things in a short time. The popular rapper currently serves as CEO of LXMB Records, and is the founder of Trapseason Clothes. Both brands are widely recognized in the city of San Diego, California.

Tay Diddy the hardest working rapper in San Diego

The singer has not only dedicated himself to conquering the world of music with his lyrics and rap melodies, he has also decided to venture into the world of business. And it is that although music fills him and allows him to connect with his audience, it has served as a platform to reach other fields of work. In this way the singer Tay Diddy with effort and dedication, has managed to become the CEO of LXMB Records, and also founded the brand and clothing store Trapseason Clothes. All this through an impeccable and admirable organization of hours and working times.

LXMB records a growth project

This record label seeks to promote new music talents in San Diego. One of their goals is to support new stars in their development as artists and professionals. LXMB Records was born from one of the best-known rap groups in San Diego, with the idea of ​​expanding and growing. The company was originally called LX and was made up of Tay Diddy and Dre da Flame, who worked tirelessly in the vicinity of the Mariners Cove apartments. When Dre decides to separate from the project to start other ventures, Tay Diddy teams up with other renowned artists: AJaxx, Briss Mula, DGeneral, Dshy and Ricky Bobby to form LXMB or Money Boys. LXMB Records released Function Season in 2012, ushering in a new path. A path that they seek to continue traveling for a long time.

Trapseason Clothes unique and innovative clothing

 It is another of the fruits reaped by the hard work of Tay Diddy. This innovative clothing brand provides pieces specially designed for those who go to work every day for a better future. For those people who leave excuses behind and go out to make what they propose possible. Trapseason Clothes has won the hearts of the people of San Diego and all of California with its unique designs. More than pieces of clothing, they are expressive pieces with a message to share and wear at all times. Each of the outfits created by the brand stand out and look striking in any environment and on any occasion.

Sponsored by Exotic Pop

Thanks to the results obtained by his work in the musical world, Tay Diddy has managed to captivate the audience and the gaze of many. This is how he caught the attention of Exotic Pop, one of the largest soft drink companies. Exotic Pop has dedicated itself to sponsoring the industry’s top artists, and has chosen to sponsor Tay Diddy. In this case, Tay Diddy is currently the only rapper sponsored by the soda giant. This support and recognition have prompted the singer to release his first solo album. This album is now another one of the rapper’s projects, who is already working to offer his audience a quality product, as he always does. For his new solo project, Tay Diddy will be working with well-known great artists, as well as new musical talents. We can surely enjoy this great rapper for a long time. And considering his great work, it is very likely that we will see him nominated or receiving awards from the music industry very soon.



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