Whether you’re a hip hop fan, a member of the LGBTQ + community…or you just want to enjoy a good bit of controversy. Whatever your reason, read this to find out why some of the biggest platforms still have their way with dodging diversity.

Like many fought for communities, the LGBTQ+ community continues to deal with hate from a portion of the world every day, despite all the celebrities and influencers showing their support- sometimes you just can’t get rid of hate. But two platforms we didn’t think would be anti-LGBT are Facebook and YouTube, yep that’s right.

Now enter Damag3. Damag3 is a rising non-binary artist who loves the LGBT community so much that most of his songs center around the community, and what should be a celebratory tine with the release of their new song “What Happ3n3d” last month has turned into a realization of how much hate is still out their towards a community that just want to be accepted for who they are.

“What Happ3n3d” is about the hard times and traumatic situations we endure in life and how at the time everything seems like it won’t get brighter- but before you know it five years has passed and you’re living a different life.

Damag3 has never failed to impress their audience with their musical pieces. The rapper knows their way through words, beautifully expressing their thoughts and manipulating emotions to touch your heart. But what makes Damag3’s music stand out isn’t just the amazing voice and wonderful lyrics but the deep reality check that these reflect.

This leads me onto the big issue, upon marketing and promoting their music, Damag3 has encountered numerous rejections from Facebook and YouTube ads, due to their video being deemed “indecent” despite them having similar content videos to many other rappers,. The only thing indecent about the music video is a half-naked girl at the start of the video but this is something we see a lot especially when it comes to male-targeted adverts like beer ads. Why does this suddenly happen, when it’s a non-binary artist?

So as supporters of a community that’s underrepresented by big platforms, its now in our hands to make sure Facebook and YouTube, and any other platforms that deny a member of an LGBT community, the rights they should have, see the wrath of people who want the best for anyone no matter how they identity or how they want to express their community.

With still no acceptance on their ads Damag3 has turned to his fans and word of mouth to create awareness for their recent song. So do your bit for a community and listen to the catchiest song you’ll hear in weeks. The plus side? It takes the piss out of JK Rowling due to her previous negative comments towards the industry, which is our favorite part.

So what are you waiting for? Listen to “What Happ3n3d” now and give it the awareness that not even Facebook could guarantee.



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