New Releases

Sayii January – “Cries, Under The Summertime Sun” – a distinctive and ambitious sound!

Sayii January is an upcoming rapper from Atlanta, signed to Miscellaneous Muzik out of Chicago. Sayii releases his 3rd studio album, entitled “Cries, Under The [more…]

New Releases

Monty & The Kraken – “Release the Kraken – Plenty of grit and soulfulness!


The phrase, “Release the Kraken,” appeared on social media trending topics recently pushed mostly by conservatives and far-right internet personalities. It is a catchphrase from [more…]

Twenty Questions

INTERVIEW: Aubrey Banks aka The Fresh Prince – Lifestyle Engineer, Brand Architect, Style Composer, and A&R of Musicheads


Based in Atlanta and Los Angeles, Aubrey Banks aka The Fresh Prince, is a Lifestyle Engineer, Brand Architect, Style Composer, and the A&R of Musicheads. [more…]

Featured Artists

Jeff Paige – “Be Free” – a sublime experience that only grows with repeated listening

A mind-bending blur of rock, soul, funk, and blues, the single “Be Free” – and multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Jeff Paige – forces a narrow-minded industry to [more…]


Miles Grindey – “Make Up Your Mind” is a high-water mark by any metric you’d care to employ!

The track “Make Up Your Mind” is not only a display of Miles Grindey’s artistic skills as a musician and songwriter but it also gives [more…]