Juggernaut and RCB Cook Follow Up “It Had 2 Happen” with the New Single “500”

Juggernaut and RCB Cook are two cousins who now reside in Cali (Bay Area) by the way of Atlanta. After just releasing their first collab album “It Had 2 Happen” on July 18, the two are now following it up with their new highly anticipated single “500” prod by Kai. The duo deliver a wild Atlanta and Cali chemistry with flows that hypnotize the listener into their trap haze. Their voices are catchy and the mellifluous motifs really add to the song’s vibe.

Dripping in jangling guitars, Juggernaut and RCB Cook rap with the sing-song numbness and skittering hi-hats typical of hip-hop’s gritty trap variant. This excitable single consists entirely of a mesmerizing slow-burn beat. “500” brings its own vibe, walks its own steady walk. There are interesting twists and turns; they just don’t smack you in the head, making the tune easy to listen as Juggernaut and RCB Cook impress with scope and confidence.

Juggernaut and RCB Cook’s lyrics on “500” are similar to the usual genre tropes – not unfamiliar, very much in the trap lane, but they hit some smart notes that embody their strengths, and they manage to surprise with quick turns of phrase and tone. Even though the track runs on a steady, but laid-back beat, nothing about “500” feels like the artists are simply going through the motions, as it resonates with rich, deep sounds and grooves.

“500” embodies everything that can make rap and trap music stylish and addictive. Listening to this song is a satisfying and invariable sensation, like chugging a glass full of ice-cold water in 90-degree heat. If you appreciate the sound of contemporary hip-hop, Juggernaut and RCB Cook are essential resources for your underground consumption.

Juggernaut and RCB Cook are on radio rotation with the track “500”.



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