Ervin Mitchell drops the official music video for ‘Break The Internet’

Emerging rap star Ervin Mitchell reminds us to “count our blessings every day” in the official music video to ‘Break The Internet’.

On the track, Ervin Mitchell proves that he is a master at his craft of writing. I also love his style when it comes to his vocal and rapping abilities. His sound is different, laidback, almost melancholic in a way.

The track is a beautiful character study that will make you consider the importance of social media, the problem of money, and the meaning of life in general. In a world full of meaningless music, it’s always great to find a track that’s profound and encourages you to reflect.

Like any successful artist, Ervin Mitchell has obviously figured out his strengths and weaknesses, because he only plays to the positives in his arsenal. He also doesn’t do what’s expected of rap music today, but does what makes him happy.

He’s figured out how to write subtly, wrapping his voice in swirling keys, cruising on his ever-evolving thoughts, doing everything he can to escape whatever this society wants to trap inside his head. But perhaps what makes ‘Break The Internet’ so compelling is that it sticks to being leftfield.

The development of the record feels like it’s slowly spinning into its own direction. You can really tell Ervin Mitchell put everything into this song. Every verse is consciously placed together in a careful arrangement meant to drive home track’s message.

In addition to this, video director Jamee Cornelia, puts together a substantial clip to support the music. ‘Break The Internet’ is taken from the upcoming ‘CUDI BABY’ album by Ervin Mitchell.


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