Russ Still & The Moonshiners: “Bootleg (Batch 432)” – meaningful and skillfully delivered!


Russ Still & The Moonshiners formed their roots in Atlanta, Georgia. The six-piece outfit consists of front man Russ Still (vocals, guitar), Cam Still (keys), [more…]


Dezzyano: “Hello World: The Renaissance” jumps right out of the speakers and grabs you by the throat!

Now I’ll be honest, before this album was released, I didn’t know much about Dezzyano, the rapper raised 5 mins from Atlanta on Six Flags [more…]


SR.Gent: “Canorous Camisado” thrives on overarching lyrical themes and a cohesive flow

Lester R. Smith aka SR.Gent is a passionate entrepreneur, artist, songwriter, and proud father who based in Atlanta, Georgia. SR.Gent who demonstrated his unwavering love [more…]