MuneyJunky SkitZo – “Appetite 4 Millionz” finds the rapper doing what he does best!

Born in Atlanta raised in Riverdale, GA, MuneyJunky SkitZo spent his teenage years in and out of jail until he was an adult. He now expresses his lifestyle as well as his trials and tribulations through his music. One of his latest tracks, “Appetite 4 Millionz” finds the rapper doing what he does best, unleashing a flurry of bright, versatile bars with ferocity, snarling through street anecdotes and personal ambitions. The track’s best feature is its focused simplicity, clocking in at two minutes and forty seconds, “Appetite 4 Millionz” drops in, hits hard, and ends without exaggeration or overproduction. That’s hard to find today.

Currently building his underground stripes, MuneyJunky SkitZo has gone from strength to strength between tracks. The beat is explosive, bass-heavy and piano dominated on “Appetite 4 Millionz”, while the rapper’s performance is typically energetic and to-the-point; serving up a great hook and hard-hitting verses that make you feel like he is stepping on the proverbial neck of the competition.

I wasn’t expecting the sheer focus and levels of detail that has gone into this track. It’s really hard to fault this song when it comes to crafting a big time head-nodding banger. MuneyJunky SkitZo typically makes incredibly energetic music, great for any setting.

He also provides substantive song topics and witty lyrics. He typically uses engaging flows and cinematic production, which is common in the current sphere of rap, but MuneyJunky SkitZo adds a bit of a unique flavor to it, which causes him to stand out.

What also stands out about his work is how diverse his catalog is, as it seems that with each project, he’s pushing for a different sound. As always though, MuneyJunky SkitZo is delivering his lyrics on “Appetite 4 Millionz” while using an aggressive and in your face method.

MuneyJunky SkitZo rhyme schemes are also impressive. Rhyming clearly helps improve his flow, as he does a great job of running over this instrumental. He provides quite catchy verses here that is nothing short of being earworms.

As this track flies by, MuneyJunky SkitZo makes sure to grab your attention throughout it and with his powerful energy, it’s easy to see this single having high replay value. It seems that the quality of MuneyJunky SkitZo’s music is as strong as ever, with the prolific rate that he has been releasing music during the last two months having no effect on his artistic ability at all.

Nothing on the track feels overly thought out, yet exhibits both lyrical and musical prowess as MuneyJunky SkitZo uses the beat to spit nonstop bars.

It is totally exhilarating, and not just because MuneyJunky SkitZo’s shapeshifting delivery and the explosive, hair-trigger beat propels it forward from start to finish, but because the rapper is out to capture every single soul who listens and lives within the borders of the rap and hip-hop genres.

All in all really “Appetite 4 Millionz” serves its purpose almost to perfection. It is punchy, ideal for summer bumping, and keeps MuneyJunky SkitZo name on people’s lips for when he drops his next project.


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