New Releases

The Fleet Music: “Constantly Lit” Ft. Vance Fite – a free-spirited feeling that is infectious to the listener

The Fleet Music is a collaborative musical experience comprised of Producer/Recording Artist SvrBtz (pronounced Saviour Beats) & Recording Artist NikolaPoe. The pair haVE been friends [more…]

New Releases

Tristan Thompson: “Love You Can Believe In” – the looks, charm, personality, moves and the music!

Following his passion for performing and creating music, 17-year-old Victoria, BC, native Tristan Thompson has kicked his music career into high gear with several chart-topping [more…]

New Releases

EJ Brixx: “Jump! (Leap Of Faith)” – blends different genders of music together, almost like painting a picture!

Elliott Brown, aka EJ Brixx, is a songwriter, producer and performer based out of Nashville, TN . A native of Washington, DC, living most of [more…]


Cheena Black Monrow: “Black 2 The Future” – distinctive, confident and full of subtly articulated emotion

After having a sneak preview last year, we finally get to hear the full product now in 2016. How do you make a mixtape as [more…]


“Pump It Up” – MARIA D.A.S.A. proves to be one of the sharpest operators in pop

Singer, producer, songwriter and a dancer, Joseph Alexander Mariadasa Daniel from Germany is better known by his artist name, MARIA D.A.S.A. At the age of six, [more…]


Juvahn Victoria has a silky set of pipes which she uses to amazing effect on “My Way”


Juvahn Victoria is a singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Her style is anchored in Alternative R&B and Soul. You can always tell when an artist throws [more…]


Chazzie: The voice, the style, and the sophisticated edginess of “Save Yourself”, will keep you wanting more

The Atlanta native, Chazzie, has worked with a world of phenomenal unknown talents, as well as known artists Cee-Lo Green and Killer Mic both Dungeon [more…]


“On My Way” from the EP “Our Last Memories” is a stunning showcase of what Xavier White is capable of

Xavier White was raised in Albany, but has furthered his ventures from Albany to California. Switching high schools was not tough for him since he [more…]