Mikey Shyne: “Set Me Free” captures his essence!

Despite his past struggles with addiction, Mikey Shyne was said to have a bright future ahead of him. The man who made that claim and ignited Mikey’s motivational flame back in 2013, when his solo career was kicking off, was none other The Village People’s Eric Anzalone.

Mikey Shyne in the studio
Mikey Shyne in the studio

Mikey, a native of Queens, seriously hit his stride in 2015, when he found himself opening introduced by Kurtis Blow for his first live appearance. That same week he was introduced to his mentor Grammy nominee and legendary German producer, DJ Tomekk, who is also featured on Mikey’s debut single.

Soon thereafter Mikey found himself opening for two huge names in Hip-Hop – Styles P and FredThaGodson, and subsequently went on to head his debut tour, called the “Dream Runners LP Tour”. Now rising pop star, Mikey Shyne, has dropped his single, entitled “Set Me Free”.

A mix of musical styles, the song offers the impression of an artist heroically blurring boundaries, and a well-schooled singer using his gifts to conquer as many demographics as possible. The result of this unifying sound is a blend of acoustic-driven eagerness, and an urban pop edge, mixed with heartfelt lyrics about broken love.

The single cover artwork
The single cover artwork

Fueled by a voice capable of belting high notes with both clarity and grit, Mikey’s performance toggles between warm sincerity and passages that drift just enough out of his comfort zone to replicate love lost desperation. “Set Me Free” takes Mikey’s’ pop sensibilities into different directions, but throughout retains some crucial elements: strong vocals, an indelible hook and an ingenious melody. Even when the material is melancholy, he brings a brightness to almost anything he sings.

Mikey Shyne’s music carries a timeless touch of rock, soul, and pop. He is passionate in his vocal delivery, versatile in his rhythm and melody, and genuine in his approach to music. “Set Me Free” captures his essence. This song identifies who Mikey Shyne is, and presents a complete approach to his brand of crossover pop.  He is focused on the type of music he is producing here, and it shows in a very consistent and overall impactful single.

Twitter/IG: @mikeyshynemusic


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