New Releases

Unveiling Big 4’s Raw Artistry: Dive into the Depths of MACKronyms ‘Heavy Talkin’


In the pulsating heart of hip-hop’s evolution, where rhythm meets reality, there once emerged a collective force igniting the scene with unparalleled intensity. MACKronyms, a [more…]


Endryu Unleashes Explosive Fusion with “Astral Connection”: A Seamless Blend of Metal and Rap Mastery


In the vast marketplace of the music industry, there are artists who dare to defy conventional boundaries and venture into uncharted territories of sonic experimentation. [more…]

Twenty Questions

INTERVIEW: Comatose Red Ivy – ‘LGBTQ NATION’ is about equality and intolerance for being abused

Comatose Red Ivy is a transgender rapper, singer and songwriter. She began her music career on exactly: October 16 2020 at 5:43am, after being poisoned by, [more…]


Brandon Jimerson – “Moon Milk” is out now!


Check out the new track by Brandon Jimerson “Moon Milk”, out on all platforms now! OFFICIAL LINKS: YouTube Soundcloud Where To Buy Your [more…]

Video Of The Week Videos

Priceless77 – “Life Is Priceless” is set to motivate listeners going through hard times!

Priceless77’s new release, titled “Life Is Priceless” is an educational song about the artist’s ups and downs, motivating listeners to keep going through difficult times [more…]


Psway, the multi talented artist and entrepreneur is back releasing music after his global fan base presses for more!

East St. Louis IL native, Psway releases “F#ck $hit” his latest from the new album SWAYLIN. The artist had taken time off to focus on [more…]


Shifta – “Lil Freak” ft. Too $hort is juiced up with a suave and sexy tropical twist!

A pioneer of West Coast rap in the 80’s, Too $hort comes out of the closet for his first ever Dancehall/Reggae collaboration with rising Miami-based [more…]

New Releases

PannoBeats & Euphony Bars – “Been Where I Been” feels like the beginning of something even greater!

Right out of the blocks, the single “Been Where I Been” is potent in both its sharp delivery and vivid imagery. Boasting a whirlwind and [more…]