Nemo P Set To Drop “Internal Affairs” on 12/12/2022

Born In and raised in NYC, Throughout The Inner City Nemo P is the epitome of resilient, hardworking, and talented. After earning his freedom in connection to abrasive run ins with the law and surviving a life threatening incident – Nemo gained tunnel vision on his brand and rap career. He and his brother started the label Most Prolific Records LLC, and dropped his debut project “Scammy Sosa” which featured records like “Aura” & “1-888-piffy”.

Nemo P brings different types of vibes when it comes to his music. He could be talking to the ladies with hits like “ohh ahh” or something like “synergy”. With singalong hooks and witty underlying wordplay .He could also switch it showing inspiration from and homage to, DMX to give a more angry flow on “Sicc em”.

Not only that but he gives you a little sneak peek behind the music with a real life relatable skit making you feel like you are right in the room. He does that on “4am in ct”. These type of vibes is what make Nemo P the unique artist he is. Delivering a unique sound amongst an over saturated bunch, besides the rap side of things Nemo P has gone on to give other people that he knew and cared about opportunities to better their music career.

Publishing over 100 songs Nemo P and his brother signed 5 other artists to Most Prolific Records LLC looking to expand the brand. And yes while Nemo P is a beast, a high energy and overall immaculate performer. He holds himself to a standard of being a serious, professional, businessman. Internal Affairs will be available everywhere from 12/12/2022.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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