Lil 808z: The Rising Super Producer and Hip-Hop Artist drops the album “808z and Sextapes”

Hailing from the inner city of Brooklyn, New York, Lil 808z is making waves as a rising super producer and hip-hop artist. As the production director of Most Prolific Records, he has tirelessly worked to shape and sharpen the sound of New York City’s hip-hop scene, producing the entire collective of Most Prolific and leaving his mark on sound wherever he goes. With an outstanding track record of mixing and mastering over 1000 songs, Lil 808z has proven himself to be a master craftsman with an amazing work ethic.

But Lil 808z is not content with just producing and engineering. He is now branching out as a hip-hop artist, debuting his first project with his album titled “808z and Sextapes”. Despite the name, this album is not just for the guys. It is a mix for the ladies, with stories about love, heartbreak, and link-ups for the night, while for the fellas, it reflects the mode and mindset for grinding and hustling.

With tracks such as “Know What It Is”, “Jersey Club (Shake)” featuring YoungStephTV, and “Bad Itches”, Lil 808z brings the ladies together to get ready to go out with their friends or in anticipation for their man to come home. But he doesn’t stop there. The other half of his album delves into the street life things that he and the hustlers understand, with vibes that men can relate to, such as “Wigsplit” or the smoother and introspective “Ginobili(Know Me)”.

With a feature from his labelmate Nemo P on “Wocky”, “808z and Sextapes” is an album for everybody to embrace, put on, and vibe to. Lil 808z’s debut project showcases his impressive skills as a producer, engineer, and now, hip-hop artist, proving that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. This album is a must-listen, and Lil 808z is definitely an artist to keep an eye on in the future.

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