JMO – “Humans & Aliens 5” – raw, unfiltered talent in its purest form!

Allow me to introduce you to the lyrical mastermind known as JMO, hailing from the vibrant city of Waco, Texas. This rap prodigy has been crafting auditory gold since 2016, while his passion for writing stretches back even further to 2015. JMO has since gifted us with a plethora of sonic gems, including not just one, but 5 awe-inspiring mixtapes, 2 stunning studio albums, a plethora of tantalizing singles, and one EP that is nothing short of sublime.

In a true testament to his artistry, JMO has now graced us with the fifth iteration of his “Humans & Aliens” series, a highly-anticipated mixtape that promises to leave listeners in a state of euphoria. And let me be clear – this is undoubtedly a mixtape, not an album, showcasing JMO’s raw, unfiltered talent in its purest form.

It’s worth noting that this is not the young rapper’s first rodeo. In fact, “Humans & Aliens 5” marks his sixth mixtape, adding to a grand total of eight incredible projects that demonstrate his remarkable growth and evolution as an artist. JMO’s unmatched lyrical prowess and unmatched skill behind the mic are simply a joy to behold. So, for anyone who may be sleeping on this up-and-coming star, it’s time to wake up and take notice of the extraordinary talent that is JMO.

The mixtape opens with an introductory dialogue on “Grandpa & Grandson”, before sliding into the chill groove of “Plug Life”. Here, shimmering keys and slow bubbling basslines form the foundation for JMO’s conversational flow which worms it’s way into your head bar after bar. “Night Rider” ft. BallOutNuk maintains the mid-tempo flow, but the words run faster and the bass throbs louder, for a track that mesmerizes the senses.

“Element” ft. Alico runs on a skittering beat and unpacks some of JMO’s mindset, as he spits lines like: “I don’t really need your two cents, I got problems that don’t make sense,” or “These niggas really ain’t my friends. All they want to do is pretend.” The chiming pianos dominate “Life II”, as JMO flexes a breathless flow with subtle melodic twists in an off-kilter delivery with hypnotic properties.

“I don’t trust nobody, the only one I trust is me,” sings JMO in Choppa ft. Yls Jayy. JMO bends language to his will, his flows making big words and philosophies feel weightless and freeform. He exudes the vocal mastery of a veteran while having fun with his features. JMO’s refreshing experimentalism enchants across these tracks, especially when he gets into introspective territory like “No Looking Back” and “Bag”.

The slow burning “Pu$$Y Power” ft. Thakaj is self-explanatory, and exactly what you would expect from an explicit title. This is followed by, “Scars & Broken Hearts”, which is another one of JMO’s deep-diving tracks. “God telling me she a foe not a friend, but I like the way she find all my demons coming in. I’m just too heartless. I cannot find real love,” says JMO. “These days I don’t even know if she wants me. That’s the type of shit that make a nigga go crazy.”

“My Life” closes the mixtape, with JMO continuing his introspective journey, as he unfolds, and lays bare, the most significant experiences of his life. Much of today’s rap prioritizes club bangers and anthems, but JMO offers a refreshing focus on rapping with the “Humans & Aliens 5” mixtape. Equipped with an innate grasp of the human nuance, JMO channels compelling stories through the speakers.

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