Kohdeine Baby’s single “Wounded” is available on all Platforms!

Kohdeine Baby’s “Wounded” is a raw and honest track that speaks to the artist’s personal experiences with pain and growth. The lyrics are powerful and relatable, touching on themes of struggle, resilience, and ambition. The opening lines set the tone, with Kohdeine Baby singing “I been through pain now my heart cold, where I’m going only God knows”. It’s a statement that conveys a sense of uncertainty and determination at the same time.

The chorus, “Im still tryna heal my wounds, woah-oh-oah”, is repeated throughout the track and serves as a reminder of the artist’s ongoing journey towards healing. The verses showcase Kohdeine Baby’s lyrical prowess, with vivid imagery and clever wordplay. Lines like “yellow diamonds call me Bart” and “I’m in the mix with the stars, rolling dice, and shooting darts” add a touch of swagger to the track, while also highlighting the artist’s ambition and drive.

The verses also touch on darker themes, such as anxiety and loneliness. Kohdeine Baby raps about feeling anxious when picking up the phone and missing home while being by himself. These lines add depth and complexity to the track, and make it clear that there’s more to the artist’s story than just material success.

Overall, “Wounded” is a powerful and well-crafted track that showcases Kohdeine Baby’s talent as a rapper and storyteller. The lyrics are honest, relatable, and skillfully delivered, making it a standout track in the contemporary rap landscape. Kohdeine Baby is a rapper whose music can be found on all major music streaming and download platforms.


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