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“Pick Me to Win” – Tha Poets Featuring Reek Da Villain

Tha Poets are an independent hip-hop duo from Long Island, NY, featuring hip-hop artists, Touch and Flow. Raised in NY, during an era of true lyrical Mc’s, Touch and Flow are the true definition of real hip hop. “Our music is a reflection of us and our struggle. Growing up, we were told we’d never amount to anything. Hard work, determination and consistency have landed us on a path where dreams can become reality and options seem endless. Our “no handouts” motto focuses positively on self-reliance and self-confidence. If we can do it, so can you!” says the duo.

Vernon Skinner (Touch), was born and raised in NY. Growing up, Touch was a talented basketball player who played for and traveled with many teams including, The Gauchos. With a promising basketball future on the horizon, Touch always had an inner passion that burned for music. Many family and friends simply couldn’t understand his decision to abandon basketball and pursue music. After all, Touch was told, “music is just a dream, not reality; you are throwing your life away”. Touch embraced his decision and never looked back.

From the opening moments of Pick Me To Win Featuring Reek Da Villain, there is a sense that what you’re about it hear is going to be different. When the sound of this track hits your ears, you are flooded with multiple layers rhymes and rhythm.

At a time when most emcees are pressured to churn out cookie-cutter music, Tha Poets deliver street hip-hop built to last. Pick Me To Win Featuring Reek Da Villain is pure, uncut dope, proving that current-day hiphop can be compelling and cohesive in its own right.

tha-poets-400The track strikes a brilliant balance between futurism and nostalgia. It’s a single of lyrics-driven hip-hop in the spirit of the east coast heyday, but is also powered by a freshly modern production.

In fact, for the appeal of a group like Tha Poets to work, all of the technical aspects of their craft must come together almost perfectly; and no aspect falls short on Pick Me To Win Featuring Reek Da Villain. The beat and lyrics here work together instead of existing as separate entities, which is a rarity in contemporary hip-hop.

Lyrically, Tha Poets can run circles around almost anyone in hip-hop. Songs like Pick Me To Win Featuring Reek Da Villain have enough weight to succeed on lyrical fire alone! If you don’t have this track, stop reading this review and go cop that joint.




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