New Releases

Caellus & Camulus: ‘World of Caellus’ launches the first epic chapter – Genesis”

The word ‘epic’ has often been overused in describing many important music releases – from major movie soundtracks to massive concept albums, all more or [more…]


JES: “Dreamweaver” (Roger Shah Remix) – there is an overwhelming sense of sophistication and control

JES’ new track “Dreamweaver” (Roger Shah Remix), is brilliant, and a superb testament to the unique skill, vision, and sophistication of this genre-defining artist who [more…]


bLiNd – “Chozo Legacy” is a progressive house journey through Nintendo’s hit game ‘Super Metroid’

Chozo Legacy is a progressive house journey through the sounds made famous by Nintendo’s hit game Super Metroid. Chozo Legacy is split into two parts. 6 licensed Super [more…]


Bass Extractor: “Heartbeat” is an excellent progression and exploration of creativity within its own universe

Bass Extractor is the project of Norwegian artist, Fredrik Espedal who plays guitar and piano, although he mainly uses FL Studio 12 to compose his [more…]