JES: “Dreamweaver” (Roger Shah Remix) – there is an overwhelming sense of sophistication and control

JES’ new track “Dreamweaver” (Roger Shah Remix), is brilliant, and a superb testament to the unique skill, vision, and sophistication of this genre-defining artist who throughout her career has collaborated with the world’s top DJ’s creating dance floor and radio smashes with BT, Cosmic Gate, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, Robbie Rivera and Tiesto while enjoying Grammy and IDMA nominations and multiple international songwriting awards, as well as having Billboard charting singles. Since starting out as an assistant engineer in a studio in LA and discovering the sound of Trance, JES has enjoyed the entire gamut of professional experiences.


On the new single, JES and Roger Shah masterfully control a complex and diverse web of finely-crafted, richly-textured layers, often exploring the interplay between opposing sonic elements. “Dreamweaver” will lend itself well to a club environment. The ever-changing, ever-evolving sound and rhythm never gets slow or weak throughout the song; similarly its intense and aggressive moments never become abrasive, or cheesy.

Throughout the track there is an overwhelming sense of sophistication and control, though the music never feels contrived or suppressed. “Dreamweaver” grows and breathes as if alive, and at times seems like it actually might be, pushed along by the crystalline vocals supplied by JES.  It’s beautiful, highly personified, organic, sexy and playful.  Rich in texture, the song is so very much more than simple melody overlaid on a simple beat.

JES and Roger push dance music’s sometimes sagging envelope with an aural assault that is both a dance-floor pleaser as much as it has pop sensibilities. They have created an emotion, and moments of pure trance bliss, with just enough energy to ignite your glowstick mood but never over the top.


Not to sound nauseatingly esoterical, but they have painted a very powerful expression of soul and emotion that enters your ears and soaks deeply into the fibers of your spiritual canvas. When it comes to EDM, it’s hard to continually grow and reinvent oneself in this specific genre which is overflowing with newcomers and kings-for-a-day.

But JES and Roger Shah shine through the darkness and deliver a track awash with wonderful melodic sounds and soaring vocals. It is a direct reflection of the evolution of electronic music.

Ultimately this worldwide release, through Grammy nominated label Intonenation Records of JES’ inspired cover of the 1970’s classic “Dreamweaver”, remixed by German dance guru Roger Shah, is an unprecedented blend of power, control, vision, melody and restraint. JES and Roger Shah have once again moved us a step or two forward on the evolutionary scale of modern electronic music.


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