Vivienne the Witch: “Shadowbox” is pretty yet powerful, emotional and cathartic!

Vivienne the Witch are Caterina Fuso (drums/backing vocals), Greta Fuso (vocals and bass), and Lucrezia Peppicelli (vocals and guitar). They started playing together as teenagers [more…]


Mericana: “Whatever’s Left Sessions” – Melodic and visceral with signs of brilliance on every track!

Influenced by the most notorious heavy metal bands and then later, 90’s alt-rock, Mericana has been capturing audiences with his imaginative and exotic guitar playing [more…]


ILLUMENIUM: “Towards Endless 8” an absolutely stunning, mature rock album for a debut!


ILLUMENIUM is an independent rock band from Estonia. Active since last year October, the band has been touring to promote their debut album “Towards Endless [more…]

New Releases

Execution 22: “AngeS SinG” – another installment of the perfection and power this band puts together

Execution 22 is a hard rock band from Minneapolis Minnesota. “We have no names… we have no faces”, is a motto you’ll see on their [more…]