Tali Dennerstein pushes the boundaries, in search of new textures and soundscapes

The creative and cutting-edge instincts of singer, songwriter and producer Tali Dennerstein, highlight her intense imagination and innate ability to adapt and excel in her chosen genre. While she draws much of her inspiration from Gothic Rock Music, she continually pushes the boundaries, in search of new sonic textures and soundscapes.

She does this by also incorporating aspects and influences of Grunge and Folk Rock, as well as adding some Dark Ambient Electronic elements into her sound.

Tali Dennerstein
Tali Dennerstein

Tali is highly experimental in nature, with a completely professional and sincere approach to her music. She has a distinct, identifiable, signature sound to her vocals that provides sweet contrast to even the darkest melodies and themes she writes.

Her exceptional haunting tone, range, control and her ideas, make each song a deeply beautiful and heartfelt experience for the listener, with her music entirely unique and memorable, yet boldly recognizable to her inimitable style.

Based in the UK, Tali Dennerstein continues to break ground in her music and career. She has just released her debut single “Deliverance” and is currently working on her first full length album, to be released early next year and she has had some notable achievements under her belt already, such as having her vocals featured in films and working with prominent music producers.

Reliably one of the hardest working artists out in the independent music scene today, she’s consistently releasing new material, to her expanding and supportive fan base and to newer fans, who are just discovering her music for the first time. Every step she takes is a confident one forward, filled with determination and the authentic mix of talent and sincerity required to succeed in the music business.


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