New Releases

SolR Bear – “Pro Se” – melodically graceful and emotionally arresting in the same instance!

Just when you thought music had regressed from live instrumentation, lyrical opulence, and organic emotionality, transitioning into an absent-minded abyss, filled with sterile messages and [more…]

New Releases

The Used Notes – “Quiet Revolution” – tight musicianship, perfect production and fully engaged vocals!

In an age of endless segues, guest spots from your favorite rapper and interminable filler swelling running times, there is something to be said for [more…]

New Releases

RT-Projekt – “Cycle of Itheria” – a fearless, consistently interesting, and beautifully executed recording!


“Cycle of Itheria”, the new concept EP by RT-Projekt, showcases composition and arrangement by Rainer Thanner, alternating vocals by Oli Kobl and Steffi Bauer, as [more…]

New Releases

Angela Marie Cross: “Black Moon Rising” – an intimate alt-pop mini symphony that requires full attention!

Angela Marie Cross is a master musician, who is extremely talented in in everything she does. Her voice has a rare quality, almost a whisper [more…]


The Auspicious End: “Return To Form” shows a project progressing and trying new things

Joel Bradford is the solo project – The Auspicious End, who handles all songwriting, recording, synthesizing, production, editing, marketing, and design of his musical creations. [more…]

New Releases

Saving Apollo: “Come Back Home” – powerful and delicate in perfect measures

Since forming in Pennsylvania State, Caleb Stackhouse, Garette Fallon and Alex Bierdermann of Saving Apollo, are evolving from a scrappy post-punk act into seasoned songwriters and performers as they [more…]