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Natalie Claro: “Baby Bug” establishes her as an avant-garde alternative pop princess

It’s so exciting to hear someone bringing real artistry to pop music. Natalie Claro reminds me of some of the female artists from the ’90s, lots of substance and plenty of musical skill too. Her latest song “Baby Bug” is terrific, and her vocal quirks add uniqueness to a track that is already well written.

Natalie Claro
Natalie Claro

Natalie enters a crowded field here, competing against a slew of artists and bands that all come equipped with clean, arresting hooks, a sense of economy, and a belief in crisp production. It’s in this musical landscape increasingly defined by bold, innovative, and powerful female pop stars, that she is daring enough to take on the challenge.

Natalie Claro generated buzz with her previous single, “Stumble”, for a reason. She’s lucky enough to boast a powerful voice with a smart timbre, equal parts thrilling and emotional. But like any great tool, her natural gift means little if not wielded properly.

On “Baby Bug” it establishes her as an avant-garde alternative pop princess. Rather than an all-out assault on screaming synths, Natalie’s music revels in its dynamism. The track divides itself between simplistic string and piano arrangements, and then gradually is filled with fully-charged vocals, robust percussion and an almost cinematic rise in keyboards and melody.

The lyricism can be downright heartrending, proving that the songwriter is filled with limitless potential.  “Baby Bug” is certainly an impressive outing. It’s brimming with authenticity and is clearly indicative of a budding star.

Natalie Claro
Natalie Claro

There are brief parts indicative of brilliance, and others that show that Natalie has an astounding amount of patience and restraint, and one can be sure that this young Tampa recording artist, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, will have plenty of great things ahead for her musically.

Natalie Claro who has released two singles and is currently working on the third, developed her songwriting skills at 10 years old. Growing up in a music-filled house has influenced her ability. From Michael Jackson and Billy Joel to Twenty One Pilots, Zella Day and Kanye; her influences are a diverse mix.

Taking the best of all these influences plus her own alternative pop musings and meshing it together, she has created a truly great single with “Baby Bug”.



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