New Releases

Proll GUNS: “Horseflesh BBQ” the meaty sound of Western Thrash ‘N’ Roll!

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I remember hearing those words years ago and I’m curious if Evil Ed (Lead Vocals [more…]


“Pump It Up” – MARIA D.A.S.A. proves to be one of the sharpest operators in pop

Singer, producer, songwriter and a dancer, Joseph Alexander Mariadasa Daniel from Germany is better known by his artist name, MARIA D.A.S.A. At the age of six, [more…]


Jesse Jaxx: “For My Dragons” – aesthetically pleasing, emotionally resonant, and entirely relevant

Jesse Francisco a.k.a. Jesse Jaxx was born in Germany, from an Angolan father and half Nigerian, half German mother. Jesse says that he is as [more…]


Our Souls: ‘The Beast Within’ – ripping riffs, venomous vocals and some very impressive drumming!


Founded in 1996, Our Souls has paved a long road to ‘The Beast Within.’ They cemented their reputation in the late 90s and early 2000s [more…]


Alternative Singer-Songwriter, Joe Deere has released his single, “Wishful Thinking”


Alternative Singer-Songwriter, Joe Deere has just released his single, “Wishful Thinking”, right inside the Christmas season, almost as a gift to his fans. In fact [more…]