Silver Temple shows us that rock is alive and punching, kicking!

Silver Temple was formed in 2015 from the ashes of 2 well-known local German Bands – EVILFIRE and RightOn! Build around guitarist Stevierock the band was created to pursue alternative rock music with indie and stoner rock influences.

Silver Temple performed their first live Show on 16.07.2016, at the legendary “Rock this Town 2016” band contest, taking first prize along the way. They performed material from the debut EP as well as new material from an upcoming album recording. Silver Temple’s EP was self-produced and recorded in Düsseldorf Germany.

The EP, in a few brief songs, manages to catch every mood the Silver Temple are so good at conveying while being just the right length to keep things interesting. Nothing fancy, no gimmicks, the band just deliver straight forward rock.

silver-temple-680-coverThere’s plenty of heat here, mixed with smart chord changes, mood inspirations, and straight ahead rock, this is a musical treat for anyone who likes good solid rock and roll. So much out there these days is simply in your face walls of sound without any substance. Silver Temple has substance, and they please on all levels!

If there is a constant with the Silver Temple it is the fist-pumping, riff-ridden anthems and fast-changing rhythms. They kick off the EP with “Broken Dreams” – a kick out the jam, screaming, building, incredibly powerful piece, with a fiery guitar solo that you wish would go on forever. There, seriously, is no bad song on the EP.

Just when everyone keeps saying rock is dead, Silver Temple shows us that it’s alive and punching, kicking, screaming, and biting. On “Losing You”, singer Andy Samtkragen extends whiskey-stained growl with soaring intensity.  “Bloody Road” is all about the crunchy, driving, loud and fierce guitar hooks delivered Stevierock and Big Doc Alex which helps carry the melody to heights that always deliver.

“Boogie On My Side” offers three minutes of funky bass playing by Doomsday Dommen, while “Care To Much” is where the whole band gets to shine, especially drummer Tobey Zoso, who holds down a terrific beat here. Along with “Broken Dreams”, this is probably the best track on the EP.

There are bad recordings, medium recordings, recordings that take a while to get used to and enjoy. Then are recordings that are great right off the bat. This self-titled hard rock EP by Silver Temple is one of those recordings. From start to finish every track has something to offer.

Great guitar riffs, moving lyrics, and some great singing. The songs are written with precision and played and sung with passion.  This is what rock music is supposed to sound like. Not that over-produced garbage that has been coming out over the last few years. Grab this one and enjoy it while you can!



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    Josh Browling

    Exiting Story, can’t believe these guys are from Germany. Looking forward to see and hear more from them. Sounds unique and powerfull. Rock is not dead….it’s alive and very well!!

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