New Releases

Prod. by Kaii – “No Need To Be Afraid” – an expanding atmosphere to the music which captivates the listener!

Kai better known as Prod. by Kaii, is an eighteen year-old artist and music producer from Germany. He started plying the drums at the age [more…]

New Releases

Vincent Krennerich – “Verlassene Stadt” – attributes of elegance, grace and beauty


Vincent Krennerich is a composer, songwriter and pianist from Germany. The artist, who has featured on our pages before, has released his double-side single, entitled, [more…]

New Releases

“Dream On” is the debut single from the new German-based band The Velvet Rocks

“Dream On” is the debut single from the new band The Velvet Rocks, based in Munich, Germany. American/Russian singer Dmitry Iogman, Gustavo Castillo Estrada from [more…]

New Releases

Pulse take the fans of industrial metal on a journey through time and space with the video for their song “Black Knight”

For 13000 years, the Black Knight satellite is said to orbit our planet. There are many theories about this mysterious object. What is its purpose? [more…]


SOZIALES HETZWERK’s rock attitude, punk approach, and melodic simplicity is ready to inspire the alternative movement

SOZIALES HETZWERK is a new project that came to life on May 1st, 2020. Led by singer, songwriter and musician, Jim, the band is made up [more…]

New Releases

Vincent Krennerich – “Gedanke” – taking the listener to places of beauty and tranquility

Strands of piano, violin and cello move hypnotically in waves, together with choral interludes, as themes appear, fade and reappear in varied guises, together forming [more…]