One of the greatest hidden treasures of the underground music scene, Triggerrun has returned!


New York City sound meets that ATL bump in this bass thumping, Dirty South infusion! Triggerrun Productions (TRP), has reemerged on the scene with incredible [more…]


Vern Daysel – “Call of the Wild” – technical prowess, raw emotion, and high-quality studio production

The first things we need to know, is that Vern Daysel is incredible on both vocals and guitar. His voice is soulful, raw and alluring, [more…]


Florida-based contemporary artist 3RE is an auteur who effortlessly stretches across sounds and styles!

Singer-songwriter 3RE is a Florida-based contemporary artist who wears many hats, fusing dancehall, reggae, Afro-beat and hip-hop into his music. Born and raised in the [more…]

New Releases

Sally Sweets – “Glorious” brings out the most captivating, recognizable and defining aspects of her style!

The vibes the single “Glorious” gives off are thrilling, engaging and the mark of an artist who is impossible to ignore. Listening to Sally Sweets, [more…]


Sun Uther Wahn – “Stories, Prayers and Anthems” – mercurial melodies, immersing soundscapes, intriguing narratives, and lush vocal arrangements!

Tampa, Florida musician and songwriter, Sun Uther Wahn has produced a gorgeous recording with “Stories, Prayers and Anthems”, an album which focuses on exceptional, nostalgic, [more…]


The Low Highs – “Shoreline” & “Don’t You Ever” – a genuine statement of lyrical expression and artistic intent!


Justin Osburn & Bobby Nil, were born and raised in Memphis, TN, and currently reside in south Florida. Both long time musicians, metaphysicians, philanthropists and [more…]