SIR drops his vibe-filled banger “THOWOW”

Florida’s rap scene is constantly evolving. Over the years, a wide range of notable hip-hop artists have churned out plenty of unforgettable music, and some have made a lasting impact on the genre. Yet in this era of social media and streaming, the playing field has expanded far beyond the limitations of the previous generation. SIR is an upcoming disabled artist hailing from Florida, who has just dropped his vibe-filled banger.

Having built up his catalog over the past few years, SIR has been steadily on his grind, now he moves things up a level with the groovy “THOWOW”. The rising rapper has flaunted his lyrical skills by effortlessly floating over every instrumental he’s released. His gritty delivery and enticing flows will have the streets talking, shedding light on his range, as he flexes his braggadocio bars.

SIR has been in the game long enough to impress the masses with his work. His dedication to creating authentic bars for every hard-hitting beat he finds is clear from the second you hit play on “THOWOW”. He settles into the rhythm and instantly finds the pocket of the groove, as he lays down a series of ear catching rhymes to go with the flow of the music.

There’s nothing gimmicky about the Florida rapper’s delivery, his craft is a masterclass on flourishing within rap and hip-hop’s set parameters. It’s a testament to his ability to continually sound fresh. The world-building SIR manages to achieve on his projects comes from the balance of his swirling vocals and the production’s banging instrumentals.

For those looking for tracks to easily throw on for a quick car ride or to place on a party playlist “THOWOW” is the perfect pick. Here SIR at his most motivated and high spirited, finding ways to capture the vibe of the track. His dynamic performance adds massive potential to the song. “THOWOW” is a solid showing, brimming with possibilities of what’s still to come from SIR.

Connect with SIR on Instagram @sirnotsirron

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