Sally Sweets – “Glorious” brings out the most captivating, recognizable and defining aspects of her style!

The vibes the single “Glorious” gives off are thrilling, engaging and the mark of an artist who is impossible to ignore. Listening to Sally Sweets, you feel the unbridled joy derived from someone fully in control of the art that resides within their craft. Her flow is sharp, fluid and relentless, emitting any emotion she chooses, with conviction. Her wordplay is undeniably witty, focused and pertinent to the topic at hand.

Moreover she hordes a multifaceted musical palette of production, and she spends as much time perfecting her style as she does on creating music with substance. Finally, she is just as comfortable dropping rapid-fire bars, as she is soaring into soulful croons. If women are now thoroughly dominating the game, Sally Sweets is the perfect example of why that is happening.

A Florida rapper born in New York, Sally Sweets has been in the music industry for about 2 years now. She has already travelled to five states and has begun escalating her music onto FM radio stations. She started a platform called Mobile Music Movement and hit the streets performing, right when covid started.  A proud female rapper with a strong stance against domestic violence, Sally Sweets is also a caring mother who runs a restaurant.

Sally Sweets rarely does anything in vain. Whether she is spitting potent bars or creating lavish melodies, the artist is never not improving a facet of her craft that will ultimately help turn her into a formidable hip-hop warrior. In the case of “Glorious”, her latest musical feat is another enchanting step forward. For one thing, the beat on this record is a major upgrade from the mainstream cloning machine we’ve become too used to.

“Glorious” kicks off in true cinematic fashion with a massive choral introduction, which leads to a mesmeric, throbbing bassline and sumptuous skittering percussion. The backdrop maintains a rich choral aura with ethereal operatic tones, which sound like the soundtrack to an epic movie based on a Dan Brown novel. In the forefront, Sally Sweets unleashes her stream-of-consciousness flow. She is both, impeccable and unstoppable.

“Glorious” flows with the ease, depth and confidence of it’s creator. Sally Sweets incisively nails the narrative with rhymes that run rampant with caustic, self-empowering observations. You are constantly reminded that no mainstream rapper is delivering such intimidating bars and witty one-liners as consistently as Sally Sweets. She is stronger than ever, on “Glorious”, while honesty remains at the heart of her craft. That is a powerful combination indeed.

Sally Sweets comes out swinging on “Glorious” finding the tightest pockets within the beat, which is one of her greatest assets as a rapper. She is focused over the entire runtime of the project, zeroing in on the intensity that pulses beneath the surface of her performance. I have hardly heard of a better, more believable and technically gifted female rapper than Sally Sweets, coming up from the underground right now. “Glorious” brings out the most captivating, recognizable and defining aspects of her style.


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