New Releases

A Purrfect Jam: ROMBE4T Presents ‘Jax’s Groove’ – A Dancefloor Delight!

Prepare to immerse yourself in a dazzling dance odyssey as the illustrious DJ, Remixer, and Producer, ROMBE4T, once again unleashes his sonic prowess upon the [more…]

New Releases

Mr. Emojii – “Upside Down” is the perfect example of an artist who is displaying the mastery of their craft

Mr. Emojii is an international DJ and Music Producer, who started deejaying in his hometown at the age of 14. People soon latched onto his [more…]


Multi-instrumentalist, DJ and electronic artist mredrollo has been focused on electronic music education since 2013


As a multi-instrumentalist, DJ and electronic artist, mredrollo is no stranger to live performance, appearing on stages around the world warming up for heavy weight [more…]

Twenty Questions

INTERVIEW – Slager Da DJ is a 21 year old producer, DJ, rapper, vocalist and engineer from South Africa

With nothing more than a secondhand mixing kit and an eclectic array of records, Slager Da DJ impressively burst onto the South African DJ scene [more…]