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Indian EDM music producer and DJ Jilesh Thilakan drops a certified 3-piece album entitled “3sha”

Jilesh Thilakan has always possessed an unquenchable thirst fueled by a passion for both music and technology. And it is from these coexisting passions that he has been able to play his role as a DJ and EDM music producer taking the center stage and showcasing what he really is made up of once he unleashes his brain power backed by skilled fingerprints to ensure electronic dance elements amalgamate together proficiently for that ethereally fulfilling sound. He is a producer @DRJ Studios – an international label that was launched globally back in June 2020 and which is responsible for producing and distributing gratifying EDM music worldwide. They have been able to amass over a million streams from their certified records!

Jilesh Thilakan has a new 3-piece album release dubbed appropriately as, “3Sha”– what you get is three stupendously fashioned tracks that somehow transition into each other while the whole album still manages to remain coherent and dynamic as an authentic body of work.  By immersing yourself in this over 10 minute’s experience, all the worries you harbor about the world will be long gone!

“This Dream” is a dreamy soundscape that allows you escapism by offering a tropical gateway to the destination of your choice. It is melodic and has a tropical thrilling feel to it and the female enchanting vocals complement this track captivatingly with the way they fly over the instruments in levitation mode and subject a listener to a marvelously haunting experience!

“Just Life” is immediate in making its mark with the way the deep beats jump in right away carrying with them a tremendous amount of rhythm and melody that hit a listener with a heavy wave as the angelic female vocals whisk a listener to another universe with alternate life! This track has a clubby feeling and vibe to it and is one that can instantaneously lift the vibe in any setting with listeners helplessly taking to the floor and moving with wild abandon to the infliction of the beats!

“Nightfall” contrasts brilliantly to the other two tracks- it is patient in its build up and starts slowly and smoothly with the alluring melodies washing over a listener before the emotion-filled female vocals follow in unison. Her voice is so soft like the midnight silence and the way they meld with the slowly transcending melodies transporting a listener with them to another intimate planet is why this track is the perfect therapy. The ensuing male vocals add flavor and depth to this track and especially with his Spanish colored lyrics.

“3Sha” is now available for streaming on all the major streaming platforms- follow the attached link to stream and add these 3 tracks to your summer soundtracks!



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