The Prototype Live & the Paradox Universe – “Right Now (I Don’t Wanna Live That Way)” highlights her powers of creativity and performance

“Right Now (I Don’t Wanna Live That Way)” is a record that will go down as a milestone for The Prototype Live & the Paradox Universe, not just as a work of art in its own right, but as the perfect celebration of female power, self-discovery and self-empowerment. Musically, the forward-thinking artist is ahead of the curve. Her stories are wrapped in poetic narratives, while the messages are sharply focused. Her music is simultaneously a tour de force in groove-heavy, sophisticated yet broadly appealing songwriting, and rich in technical theatricality, as well as emotional perspectives.

The one-woman project, The Prototype Live aka PROTOTYPE (Ana Nda), is a sound designer, songwriter, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist based out of California. A self-taught artist exceedingly difficult to pin down genre-wise, The Prototype Live has garnered herself important milestones along the way.

She appears in the Grammy Museum as winner of the 2012 Be Heard Artist Showcase and again in 2013 for an encore performance. A former Logic X/Garage Band teacher for Apple in Santa Monica, Ana Nda is also an animator and visual artist.

“Right Now (I Don’t Wanna Live That Way)” is a rhythmic slow burner with alluring neo-soul styled vocals that move from a mellifluous whisper to a heartfelt soar. The song is carefully cultivated, structured and solidly instrumented to create an immersive and sweeping listening experience.

It’s a statement of confidence that highlights the powers of creativity and performance. It plays an important role in introducing listeners to the charisma of Ana Nda and to the sonic world of The Prototype Live.

Sultry, intoxicating, and hypnotic are just some of the words that come to mind when listening to “Right Now (I Don’t Wanna Live That Way)”. Over and above Ana Nda’s mesmerizing vocals, the basslines performed by Pablo Arruda resonate with low-end vibrancy. Joe Zeitlin’s cello adds elegant and ethereal sonic touches, as does the violin of Genevieve S. Both parts beautifully scored by Ana Nda.

Mixed and mastered by Seth Monroe, “Right Now (I Don’t Wanna Live That Way)” unpacks much of The Prototype Live’s skills – from composing to programming, arranging and producing. While her lyrical and storytelling gifts are not far behind. “I could sing you my story. But you simply would not believe. The dark roads I’ve walked. I wish on no enemy. I recorded my burdens. To burn them away. There’s no time to waste. Life does not wait,” sings The Prototype Live, as she unfolds what sounds like an autobiographical narrative.

There are certain moments in time when you see a spark of brilliance from an uncanny artist burn its way onto the music industry with the power to create an endless series of incredibly enticing single and album releases. This is such a moment, and The Prototype Live aka PROTOTYPE (Ana Nda) is that artist.

This beautiful and talented musician digs deep into her technical and emotional sensibilities, to create songs that are as awe-inspiring, as they are relatable and accessible. “Right Now (I Don’t Wanna Live That Way)” brings out the breathtaking best in The Prototype Live.

Instagram: @HelloPrototype
Twitter: @prototypelive

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