Allard – “I Heard It In A Nightmare” sounds increasingly timeless!

Just when we need something catchy, something heavy, something with an element of the familiar in amongst the creativity, Jake Curtis Allard aka Allard delivers richly on the single “I Heard It In A Nightmare”. A member of the band Christian Shields, and also known for his work with Bomber Alley (featuring members of Dee Snider’s band), guitarist, bassist, singer, and songwriter Jake Allard has been pushing his solo project Allard, more and more into the limelight, focusing on his personal approach to making music. So much of the new single’s appeal lies in its ability to trigger intense feelings of nostalgia for the way classic radio rock once was.

A driving rhythm, loudly ringing guitars, soaring vocals and massive choruses propel “I Heard It In A Nightmare” into euphoric sonic territory. In just over 2 minutes, Allard captures glimmers of the magic that rock once was, and it comes so easily to Jake Allard.

That’s probably because the song contains all the stuff Allard excels at. The project has encapsulated classic rock’s signature sound inside a concoction of a modern-day production and arrangement.

With Jake Allard’s brilliant songwriting, both in terms of lyrics and melodies, he offers a perfect mix of accessibility, emotion, and a rather impacting song. Which, if you’re really listening, is a brilliantly performed, deceptively nuanced work by a rock artist that sounds increasingly timeless.

By opening up its sonic palette, Allard has highlighted its sheer strength as a songwriting entity and demonstrated that any path it takes, Allard will throw itself into fully and unreservedly. Sounding both fresh and classic.

“I Heard It In A Nightmare” is a great place for new fans to jump on, or for previously jaded listeners to give one of rock’s most underrated projects a fresh shot. There is certainly a reach towards more mainstream sounds and production throughout the track.

The result is a loud, richly layered and powerful track that represents another milestone for Allard. The single is also a good choice to represent the new upcoming album. It’s a two-minute blast of rock filled with great vocals, even better guitars, and is radio-friendly given its catchiness and brevity.

Overall, “I Heard It In A Nightmare” has a lot going for it. It’s a song that showcases Allard’s tenacious and overwhelming talent. Music sticks with us for different reasons. Sometimes it’s the musical proficiency of the artist. Sometimes the music is buoyed by an incredible drummer or a superb lead guitarist.

Sometimes it’s the vocalist that draws your attention. And sometimes, it’s the fact that an artist writes fantastic songs with staying power. That, my friends, are only some of the reasons why Allard’s single is so incredibly captivating.

Ultimately, Allard’s strengths lie in its ability to combine bright, guitar-laden music and catchy anthemic melodies. On “I Heard It In A Nightmare” Allard updates the project’s assertively infectious sound, giving it frantic riffs, finger-twisting shreds and contemporary luster. Those that are prone to complain about how there isn’t anything exciting going with rock or metal music these days anymore, should take a listen to this single, before continuing to mope.


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