Streamtrax – Free Music – Ambient Acoustic Album “Never Surrender”

Super excited about the new album release out today from Streamtrax – the Ambient Acoustic album, “Never Surrender”.  Chill, positive, uplifting and inspiring songs for [more…]

Printed Magazine Issues

Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine April 2022

Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine April 2022 – FEATURED THIS MONTH – Blue Soul Ten, Paul Hulm, MightyMiracle, Between Giants, MoonLee, Samona, Dylan Tauber, Suswal, Manuel [more…]


On the edge of his spiritual metamorphism, rapper D. Anthem releases “The Butterfly Effect”

D. Anthem in “The Butterfly Effect” rises to meet the ever testing patience factor in individual growth within relationships; rapping with tranquility through his definiteness [more…]

New Releases

Franco Esteve – “A Moment of Madness” expresses a moment of afflicted human perplexity

Born in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, with a globetrotting background, Franco Esteve is a multi-disciplinary artist – a Composer, Filmmaker, Writer, Photographer, and [more…]


AMPED SERIES (VOL 01) – a Streamtrax album for gamers to enhance their live streams!

The AMPED SERIES (VOL 01) is a Streamtrax album release written specifically for gamers to enhance their live streams. Streamtrax provides a range of 100% [more…]