Wiesinger – ‘All My Friends’ is Here to Inspire You

All my friends by Wiesinger is here to inspire you, encourage and support you, and remind you that life is beautiful. Wiesinger is a wonderful and immensely talented artist. Within a short time, he has been able to win thousands of fans worldwide with his energetic performance, charismatic personality, and of course, great music!

People love him for his originality because he puts all his heart and soul into his songs, harmoniously encouraging people to live through the hard times. After all, they never stay forever!

Who Is Wiesinger?

Wiesinger is a Canadian-based aspiring artist who is truly amazing at what he does! He started learning music at a young age and when he reached high school, he created a pop-punk band with his friends out of his love for music. But unfortunately, after some time, the band broke up and Wiesinger ended up in depression and so, he strayed from the right path.

Nonetheless, after some time he realized his mistakes, gathered all his courage, and returned to music. He soon got married to his love and now, together they are raising his partner’s kids. Along with being a fabulous singer, he is an amazing human!

Something About the Song

So, since people have been anxiously waiting for Wiesinger’s new song, it took him a while to come up with another banging yet meaningful song. For the song, All My Friends, Wiesinger teamed up with Bethany to create this beautiful and encouraging melody that is truly inspiring.

The song talks about the struggles of couples like his friends who got married but were forced to live apart across borders. The duo’s friend got married before lockdown and because she was left hanging between the borders, her struggle inspired Wiesinger to create a song that highlights the problems, loneliness and anxiety that comes along the way.

‘All my friends’ is here to inspire you, encourage and support you, and remind you that life is beautiful. Wiesinger is an amazing artist who puts all of his heart and soul into his songs. This song in particular is inspired by the struggles of a couple that Wiesinger knows.

The song contains some strong beats and thoughtful lyrics that will not only tempt you into moving a leg but will also hit you straight at the heart. Songs should be such that they leave an impact and hence, Wiesinger’s music is all about inspiring others to change their lives, motivating them through hard times, and making them thankful for what they have.

Thus, if you too have been forced to live apart from your significant other, or are waiting alone for someone, this song is for you! It is just beautiful, serene, and enjoyable because Wiesinger understands that sometimes all you need is a few words of motivation to pull you out of the darkness and see the light shining bright. After all, life is much more than the hard times which come with a force but are quick to leave if you stand firm!

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‘All My Friends’ By Wiesinger Out Now: zez.am/justinwiesinger

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