Ratios of Compression – ‘Stitches’ explores the themes of abandonment, regret, and loss

Ratios of Compression is the solo project of Joe Barton (lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Finding Parnell). Inspired by his personal experiences, including time [more…]

New Releases

dark passenger_ – ‘designed for objection’ manages to be deep and profoundly emotive, as it batters you relentlessly!

dark passenger_ is the solo project of producer Lewis Mander, who has spent the majority of his music career playing guitar. During the last three [more…]


Mahogany Jones – “Strong Friends/Weak Friends” is beautifully crafted and performed

Sublime good vibes and deeply moving, intelligently framed lyrics introduce this new single from rapper and artist Mahogany Jones in an unforgettable way. Leading with [more…]

New Releases

Zandrah Mereborg – ‘Again’ blends together everything that’s great about ethereal, otherworldly pop music

Released on the 11th March 2022, ‘Again’ is the latest single by Zandrah Mereborg, which was written in collaboration with Argentinian musician and producer Diego [more…]

New Releases

Madam OG – “Outta Darkness” & “Into The Light” – a vibrant personality and forceful attitude!

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and migrated to the Midwest, Madam OG is a seasoned lyricist and songwriter, who started her music career [more…]


speakeazie – ‘I’m Crushed in His Gaze’ delivers a darkly tinged and evocative mind-altering discourse

The dense, bombastic wall of sound that has settled over the indie landscape lately, burying everything under its raucous and strident sheen, has made appreciating [more…]


Through sheer concentration on her material, Jovan Marie keeps her confidence!

Pursuing a career in the music business is a courageous feat, with complications arising for both rookies and veterans. Yet in the case of Jovan [more…]