New Releases

Caellus & Camulus: ‘World of Caellus’ launches the first epic chapter – Genesis”

The word ‘epic’ has often been overused in describing many important music releases – from major movie soundtracks to massive concept albums, all more or [more…]

New Releases

Calle Ameln: “Revolution on the Rocks” – the art of putting heartfelt emotions into words!

Calle Ameln is a Swedish singer-songwriter with a background in hard-rock and metal, who mixes Americana, heartland and roots rock styles into his recently released [more…]

New Releases

‘Liberating Truth’ is unquestionably Sakis Gouzonis’ finest set of instrumental compositions

Sakis Gouzonis, whose extraordinary body of work has pioneered contemporary instrumental music, recently released his ninth studio album titled ‘Liberating Truth’. So far, Sakis Gouzonis [more…]

New Releases

Matrixx of Domination: “One Shot” (Rocked) – alternative rock infused with traces of hip-hop!

Comprised of sisters Crys and Chie, Matrixx of Domination have a musical background that spans 15 years, reaching styles as far afield as classical, jazz, hip [more…]

New Releases

Curtis Lee Putman: “#TallintheSaddle (When I Ride)” – gutsy, warm and robust blend of Country and Blues

Discovering Curtis Lee Putman is like stumbling on a diamond. Born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the home of the Gibson Guitar company and a [more…]



When recording stars Stonewall Jackson and Donny Richmond first had their “Jesus Is My Lifeline” Christian/Country duet released in 1996, it became the longest running [more…]

New Releases

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders: “Little Johnny” – so deceptively deep and yet so precisely elaborate

If there’s one thing you can say about Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders, it’s this: he’s got taste, style, and chops. Billy’s last album, [more…]