New Releases

MOON AND ARIES – “THE ARRIVAL” is their most affecting and rewarding release to date!

The enigmatic and creative duo, made up of German composer & producer Tom Aries, and Canadian writer & singer, Jordana Moon, better known as MOON [more…]

New Releases

Doublehead: “Infinity Equals One” – designed to slowly seep into your sub-conscious

Shaun Oster AKA Doublehead is a Drummer, Singer, and Composer. Deeply studied in Jazz drumset, he weaves unique rhythms into his electronic funky music. Influenced by authentic singers such as [more…]


“Double Agent” – an electro revolution, prepare to experience the majesty that is Mooji!

Ex-Sony Music, Spanish-born DJ and Producer Kramnik, returns with a handful of live session musicians that provide guitars, harmonicas, trumpet solos, and  himself on drums, [more…]