åMBe: “Enemy Of The People” – Undeniable Heartfelt Warmth And Refined Sophistication

Genius isn’t a word I often throw around when describing music, but genius is the only fitting word to describe åMBe’s music. The emotion that is poured into every one of her songs on the album “Enemy Of The People” is apparent to even the most naive of people. It’s clear that she’s doing something she loves, something she is undeniably good at. Her voice continually blows me away track after track. It’s so clear and pristine that it just grabs your attention.

She’s got range that very few singers incorporate into their music. Her lyrics are another thing that separates her from the rest of the pack. She has the ability to incorporate every emotion you could think of into her music. So it’s with all these amazing qualities that she introduces her much anticipated new album to the world.


The album starts out on a high point with “IDCNM (I Don’t Care No More)”, the lead single, done in both electronic and acoustic versions. This is a song that will keep you coming back for more, as åMBe runs her vocals through seemingly endless octaves on a bed of smoldering electro. “Under Waterskin” is a beautiful song which simmers with breathless sass and sexiness as åMBe sings: Dive so deep, Let your body sing / Meet me there, Under water skin / Let me stay, behind your eyelids / Hide in the, Shell of my pearl lips.” 

“Ache” picks up the rhythm in a waterbed of gentle, ever-building percussion and layered voice effects, which give the track a hypnotic and mesmerizing tone. åMBe’s sweet vocals wrap whisperingly close around the atmospheric and cinematic soundscape that is conjured up on “Peeler”. By this it is more than clear that åMBe has crafted an album with fierce beauty and passion. The result is a gorgeous opus with a strong sense of musical diversity.

But between all the gently swirling melodies lies the true conviction within myself that this album will grow on me more and more like a vine. I already feel stirred by the dizzying beauty that lasts for the entirety of “Little Grain” and when she wantonly croons: “You love my body / Contain me long / Contain me deep / Contain me tender – I’m your enormous all, in a little grain here,” I am ready to surrender my all – every single sense and emotion.

The experience of this latest work of art is nothing less than a walk through the garden of life in every season. Throughout this album åMBe never fails to inspire and surprise and encourage me with her intriguing use of metaphors.  She can take the simplest experience or circumstance and turn it into the most beautiful work of prose and verse, which then becomes a learning experience. And she can do it all in the space of one song, like on “Monster”“Truth’s like a teaser / here I am / such a monster / I’d rather be dumb as an oyster / but now you may kill me / even easier.”


I think it is a true testament to åMBe’s talent that she can compose, perform, and pull off such varied and complex material. She sheds the skin of each song and her ability to shape-shift, while still being completely herself, that’s true artistry. “Of Your Crimes” is another wonderfully addictive song, and one of my favorites. There are so many dynamics at play here that it’s impossible not to find something new every time you listen.

To put it in a nutshell “Enemy Of The People” is resonating yet mellow with lusciously layered soundscapes, where åMBe lyrically expresses questions, epiphanies, and musings about her external and internal world in a profound and poetic way. And above it all is her extraordinary voice and superlative vocal range. There is undeniable heartfelt warmth and the refined sophistication of an ever-evolving woman on all levels – mind, body, and soul.

MORE ABOUT: Born in a small village in Russia, åMBe discovered the violin and piano at the age of 4. By the age of 6, she was uprooted from her family to be trained as a prodigy in Ukraine. After a life of classical conservatories and academies, as well as international contests in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Denmark – she left everything in pursuit of her real passion. Armed with a one-way ticket to America, she started performing at different New York clubs and cafes – singing, playing the piano and violin. Then one day, she was noticed by Avant-Electro producer Brian Forbes. There was an instant connection, and they immediately began working on the EP that would be called, “Of Your Crimes.” åMBe even managed to record an album with the Grammy winning composer and pianist Fernando Otero, during which she appeared as a featured vocalist. The album got nominated for a Latin Grammy 2015 (best modern classical album of the year).


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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