New Releases

4k$NOW – “When The Times Right” (prod. 2001 x thisisebo) – an artist building from his own blueprint!

4k$NOW is an artist out of San Antonio, Texas. He creates hip hop and rap but I also like to indulge in alternative genres. Having [more…]


CHNGE Releases Infectious & Message-Heavy Afrobeat Single – ‘No Worry, Mama’


CHNGE releases her captivating single “No Worry, Mama.” The afrobeat track contains every element to get the listeners grooved and uplifted. “No Worry, Mama” takes [more…]

New Releases

Jordan Gamboa – “Taken for Granted” ropes in a whole ton of influences and delivers an earworm!


Singer-songwriter Jordan Gamboa, is an emerging alternative/indie-rock artist based in Austin, Texas. Jordan strives to push the envelope with his sound and bridge various elements [more…]


Styles – “Tape 0432” – This is a sincere, soulful project, brimming with honesty and humble perseverance

Styles is a multi-talented artist who sings, writes and produces his own music. The Texas native got started making music at an early age with [more…]

New Releases

Rebel Saints – “As The World Burns” – hitting with an onslaught of relentless aggression!

Rebel Saints is a new two-piece Goth hard rock band from Houston Texas, made up of Randy “VI” on Vocals and Sid “Music” on Guitar. [more…]